Your Top 10 Gardening Questions Answered! Garden Questions & Answers Session 3

December 7, 2019

in today’s episode we look at the
answers to ten gardening questions asked by a viewers so the first question comes
from GyuuK and the question is whether BT and Spinosad are safe for you and are
they safer than chemicals well BT and Spinosad are approved for
organic gardening since they are natural and they have the OMRI symbol listed
which means it’s approved for organic gardening now if you want to be safer
you can use neem oil which is natural and it controls a broad range of insects
as well as fungal diseases on your plants now of course the best thing is
to not use any insecticide at all just handpick whatever you see and then use
preventive measures like these nets to keep most garden pests away
our next question comes from shtf West Coast prepper and the question is
whether hybrid and GMO are the same well it’s not the same hybrid crops are
created by natural selection so for example plants with great stems are
combined with plants with excellent fruits to create a plant that has
characteristics of both which has strong stems as well as great fruit so GMO is
not the same as hybrid GMO is something that’s not even available to home
gardeners they’re only available for commercial growers the next question
comes from cuddly bear and the question is how large is your garden and do you
grow enough to sustain your family without having to buy from the store now
my backyard is about 1,500 square feet you can see that I have some containers
here followed by the raised beds area which is pretty much most of the space
that I grew my vegetables in and it’s about 192 square feet
after I redesigned the beds and that’s the bulk of my growing area and this is
the fruit trees area it’s about 350 square feet of growing space and there’s
also an avocado tree on the side now do we grow enough to sustain our family not
really we are vegetarians and although we grow
a lot of fruits and vegetables at home we still have to supplement by buying
fresh produce from the grocery stores the next question comes from Juan de la
Cruz and the question is compost is hard to find where I live
can I just use some coconut coir in soil not really for any kind of potting mix
you should not be using soil because soil is gonna make your potting mix very
heavy so the ideal combination is to use peat moss perlite and compost if you
don’t have compost try using manure or try using worm castings by doing this
you look at a very lightweight potting mix
the next question comes from kumara Mack and the question is about how the
potting mix the recent potting mix that I posted compares with the 30 30 30 10
potting mix that I’ve used in other cases now I used to prepare a lot of
potting mix with the 30 30 30 10 which means one part of peat moss perlite
compost and then worm castings however the one that I posted in this video that
you see here the easy potting mix it uses three parts of peat moss and small
portions of perlite and manure or worm castings this is actually a very cheap
mix and it’s a lot cheaper than creating the 30 30 30 10 mix and it also gives
great results which is why I highly recommend that you try it out and in the
same video there’s a question by Linda Gray and the question is whether the
menu one has to be chicken and whether you can use any other kind of manure now
yes you can use different kinds of manure and some of the manures have
different characteristics chicken manure is very hot in the sense that you need
to use less of it compared to something like steer manure but I would recommend
limiting the amount of manure you add to your soil I have had some weird results
when I was trying to see how hot many or can be so as you can see here I’ve
planted a couple of plants and these are very similar plants one is growing up in
straight up steer manure and the other one is growing in a mix of steer manure
and perlite which just provides additional drainage but what you will
see is that by using a lot of manure or just pure manure in this case you will
have some weird results some plants might grow well but most of the plants
are gonna just burn and die and as you can see here you can see that one of
these plants has grown well and the other plant is pretty much dead so yes
you can use manure you like rabbit manure or horse manure I recommend that you go
with small quantities of chicken manure or horse and rabbit menu are generally
better the next question comes from Raghu and the question is that I’ve
started backyard gardening can you please make a video on what crop should
be grown during different months of the year and I do have a series of videos
which specify what you need to do during different parts of the year and if you
check out my monthly series I will have a link to the playlist at the end of
this video and you can pretty much know what to do each month of the year now
you might have to adjust according to the weather in your area but this is a
good guideline on what you do during different months of the year our next
question comes from Becky Zahid and the question is I have some plants in very
large containers and some plants in smaller containers how can I make sure
that the smaller plants don’t get too much water and the large plants just get
enough now this is a great question and I’ve covered this in my video of the
drip emitter systems for containers and pretty much what you do is depending on
the size of your container you choose your emitter so for smaller containers
you will choose an emitter that doesn’t let out a lot of water and for larger
containers you need to use emitters that spray out a lot of water you can even
use micro sprinklers which are used for raised beds you can use them in
containers as well so there are a lot of options and this is one way you can
ensure that your containers get the amount of water they need our next
question comes from emy yu and the question is after I prune the mint plant can I
use the unused roots as compost now you can put pretty much anything that you
want in your compost there are a lot of options dead leaves scraps from your
fruits and vegetables that you consume but something like mint is not something
that I would recommend putting in your compost bin so even after you prune your
mint plant it could be possible that when you put this in your compost the
remnants could come up as new plants since mint is a very invasive plant I
don’t recommend that you add chopped mint leaves into your compost bin and
our final question comes from joy mary prepper and the question is that I’m in
California and right now the whiteflies have had their way in my garden and I’ve
used all organic stuff but can’t get rid of them can you please advise now I’ve
covered getting rid of white flies in one of my previous videos there are a
lot of ways you can get rid of white flies the easiest way is to just use
water and spray them out of the plants and you can also use these yellow sticky
white fly traps which work great for white flies especially if you have a lot
of them now you can use them in tandem and that will give you the most
effective white fly control so there we have it folks that was our Q&A session
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soon happy gardening

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