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Yeego Gardening! A Navajo Wellness Collaboration

November 18, 2019

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rodents mother earth will make you do diabetes is a huge issue out here within
the Navajo and several factors that play into it but essentially the area is at
the desert there’s a limited access to healthy foods people drive long
distances to get to shopping centers there’s like 13 about round 13 grocery
stores on the whole mountain reservation and so there’s a lot of people who are
not getting access to fruits and vegetables and so in that way we’re just
trying to address that for sure giving people more access to fruits and
vegetables another big concern is diabetes there’s a lot of statistics
going around but one a scene has been like one in three Navajo have diabetes
the Eco gardening is a community garden intervention and to increase fruit and
vegetable intake among two communities on the Navajo Nation trampling in
Shiprock we chose to do a gardening project because we wanted to increase
access to fruits and vegetables but we also chose that because we knew that
that was very much part of their culture and one of our traditional beliefs is
Mother Earth is sacred and that’s where we teach them to take care of everything
instead of telling them by oh you so fulfilled by it you can actually grow it
and take care of it yourself and that it can be done and that we’ve been doing it
for so many years before any any of this new technology came in you know we
adults are kind of set in our ways and it becomes a little more difficult to
change behavior that’s been set earlier you know early in life and so you know
targeting youth and family you know we hope that it will foster greater
adoption of healthy eating habits I’d love to get their hands dirty and with
any childhood that’s what they want that’s why we’re so fortunate oh we get
to have the opportunity with these clients and keep them that so that they
can take a home and teach the rest of their family it’s like a real good
ripple effect that it shows that the kids are eager to learn and it’s not
it’s not a fact that they don’t want to this project actually is is that is
being funded from the National Institutes of Health because of its
potential in cancer prevention and it’s fairly well known that at high rates of
obesity are associated with higher rates and certain cancers I guess I would just
like to see us having the awareness of where food is derived from and how
interconnected it is with health to where we could you know actually overall
be a healthier society really things have to be done more in an integrated
manner it’s not not just a matter of like identifying a problem and then
trying to come up with a single solution because there is no single solution to
it it’s multifaceted so how do you bring in multiple disciplines to approach a
problem you know from from multiple angles and that’s what I think we have
going here gardening for my family is a family activity when we do have a bigger
garden it seems like the whole group will go out and and just walk among the
plants whether we’re pulling leaves or just going through the cornfield I know
it’s the kids they love to play in the cornfield hide and seek and and they
just get to see the bugs that are out there and
learn about ecosystem I know it’s Brian Posehn yeah there’s a
big possibility that immediate parents was like the students at our facilities
do not know how to garden but then it creates connections to other members of
the family especially like grandparents that whomever growing up having a garden
hat working on farm and kind of creating that connection and maybe dialogue too
so consider gardening again and so that sense if it does it does on provide kind
of like a cross-generational on commercial because then up there you go
yeah we go hate well I’ll just put in Joe’s pretty nice kuda like a baby queen
develop community garden spot’s sexual pictures uncle to the community where
people started and then we also had a series of workshops for community
residents where they could learn basic gardening techniques how to plant when
to plant what’s a plan how to do reading the
right amount of watering and we hoped that people would participate in the
community garden but also take those skills and use them in their own home
gardens remember there’s that one picture of my
grandpa doing this what was he doing Halloween well you hold you all what it
being by hoeing we taking out we what’s this hold up hold up cancer is also a
prevalent disease on Melanie feet as well and so that’s another thing that
we’re trying to address in terms of providing preventative care and also
kind of taking advantage of some recent studies that show that having a more
healthier diet not only do you get the nutrients but the nutrients also kind of
become like medicine and so that helps as well to prevent but all
so maybe even help one manage if they have those diseases medicines diseases
as well get one of mine now by gardening on you do get access to fruits and
vegetables you also get some physical activity also
in a kind of mental health aspect there’s a lot of research that talks
about how Guardian is a way to relax and and of course the cultural aspect has
probably the most important in that by just kind of learning how the land works
again and how you interact with it and seeing what ways work to grow your
garden that’s another major link to Navajo beliefs and culture Here I am VA
he usually ate usual and face it being about two anymore here’s good yeah and
getting you may do and I am

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