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Working in the Netherlands

August 25, 2019

(traditional Dutch music) (modern-day dance music) Working in the Netherlands:
sounds interesting? every European citizen has the liberty
to get any job in the Netherlands… …although some jobs offer more
possibilities than others! promising sectors might be… AGRICULTURE: different crops different seasons temporary work preferably for at least six weeks physically demanding motivation is important no qualifications needed no specific language skills required housing is often arranged an unforgettable experience! HEALTHCARE: larger cities… and regional hospitals temporary housing is often arranged various qualifications recognized in Europe opportunities for studying dutch language skills required vacancies in medical care, nursing and paramedical professions TRANSPORT:
certificates required road traffic and maritime traffic national and international working in the Netherlands:
they have led the way! I really like living here.
– I like it very much. It’s a better lifestyle here. My standard
of living has increased a great deal. Of course I’m homesick now and then.
– I’ve got a nice detached house. I couldn’t afford that in England.
I’ve got a nice car and a motorbike. There are not many differences
between Sweden and Holland. I can earn more money here. You have to be motivated
and you have to have a target. Then you get all the support you need. My work opportunities are better.
In England I would have to start all over. The differences that exist are
either funny or just good. I’ve been working here
for ten years now. Because of my motivation
I’ve been able to get further. Moving here is a great experience. Maybe it’s just for two years.
You never know. I’ve been promoted to a foreman. I hope that in the coming years
I’ll come even higher. It’s a rich experience. I wouldn’t like to go back.
If I did, it would be when I retire. I want to stay for sure. But I think I’ll stay here
for the rest of my life. The positive things
of leaving your country are: In your own country,
you have all your cosy comforts… and you’re used to everything around you
in the world you live in. I like the experience
to be away from home. I’ve always wanted to travel
and see other countries. You improve your foreign language skills. Eating new food, meeting new people,
learning a new language. It’s rewarding, because you learn
many things from your work. You learn new things all the time. I was very naive before I came here… thinking on what it would be like
in another country. (music is building to climax) It’s really easy to get a job these days
inside the EU, because there’s EURES. Now that I have the chance to do it,
I go for it. Moving every two months isn’t something
I would do for the rest of my life. But now it’s perfect for me.
– It’s an exciting life. You never know what you’re going
to see in a different place. You meet different people.
Then you meet someone you like… you get shared memories and all that. Very nice. We’ve already talked about next year.
We’re coming back. It’s been lovely. (music is building to climax) For me it’s more like a lifestyle.
I’m living my dream now. (music reaches climax) working in the Netherlands:
they have led the way! working in the Netherlands:
be prepared for a great experience!

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