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Will Essex Farmer George Sow The Seeds Of Love? | First Dates Hotel

February 25, 2020

In room 107…. we’re all sorted for the Catalan she stayed we got a bit more till Monday a six farmer George I don’t think I’ve ever used the word called to describe myself maybe if I lived in the 1920s this would be pretty cool single for five years he’s been plowing a lonely for oh no no no this is completely blind a day when I was at school everyone’s astute muscly and I’m this scrawny beanpole who didn’t grow or break their voice until they’re 16 or 17 he’s kind of unsurprising that there weren’t too many girls who fancied me since then I’ve dated but getting past the three or four month mark always seems quite a tricky thing for me farming is reasonably easy you just put them in a field together and hope the bull makes the right one Georgia’s date his agricultural surveyor and farmer file Louise it’s like they see not slaughter alley IT like farmers my friends 19 fake guys depending on what kit they’re in they’re in a Land Rover they kind of increased by like 10% put them in a tractor maybe 20% put them in a combine like a pig farmer I don’t know anything about pigs I don’t think I’ve ever really been in love I mean I loved my horses I’ve never been like in love with anyone I don’t think I do you wonder what’s wrong with me I like googled questions first date do you think cats have any regrets I’m not particularly girly I’m pretty much allergic to makeup it’s kind of like a little bit above the knee like a couple of inches above the knee sometimes I do look at the girls who think they look so good and then oh I look the same as out I always do luckily it slightly longer at the back to hide my big bum I’ve got to ask it is a boat I work for the ladies some girls think it’s great others are just like what the fuck the really sexy things about a girl at glinting eyes and like I like a nice bottom bottoms are nice they’re fun the main thing is a bit of eccentricity definitely is really really sexy in a girl thank you very good thanks yeah I’m having a severe in I don’t know would you like to try it I would like to try some entities I thought being in Italy Italy we should probably have yeah it’s very nice I was gonna go for a pint I think so where you from I’m from Hartford sure okay whereabouts you from Essex oh very typical Essex I thought so boat I gave away say what do you do I’m a farmer oh good talk about make sure you subscribe to get a regular serving of love and romance you

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    :17 Look at those beautiful shoes! Oh, wow.

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