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Why I Switched to Vermeer, Wyoming Edition | Vermeer Agriculture Equipment

September 12, 2019

We’re in northeast Wyoming right up in the corner — Rocky Point it’s called. In 2015 we probably put up somewhere around 5,000 bales. We definitely have put up quite a bit more
than that. We’re figuring probably two-thirds of a hay crop. We love to get a ton and a half to the acre, if we only get a ton we’ll hay it. If the conditions are just right
and everything we put up a lot of two-ton to the acre hay. For quite a few years I didn’t rake because I didn’t want to incorporate dirt into the hay. We always
wanted to have a good clean product. That was the main reason that we went to Vermeer. When I switched to R2800 the biggest difference was the capability and what it could do to perform. Night-and-day difference. We knew is a
good rake because we had the smaller rakes, you know the 2300 and stuff we use for a long time. Being all hydraulics where you can lift them up a little bit, set them right where you want to. If you’ve got different roughness of fields, mole hills and stuff, you can set that to where it isn’t hitting much. It will still pick it up just depends on how big and heavy windrow it is. The adjustment width, you can put it out there have that baby as wide as you want it. You can narrow it up to where it will throw a windrow this high in the air. We want to go from the 16-foot cut on our swathers to the 18. The extra size there on the R2800
would provide that. You can get over a lot more acres in
less time. With the other rakes you can’t have big heavy windrows with an 18-foot head. You’ve got to slow down so it will pick all that up, and not skip over it. With these rakes we can run 6-6.5 half miles an hour. That’s big. For the dollars that the Vermeer rake costs — it’s very well worth it. You know? It was just that much more. It’s so much bigger and heavier, and
it requires very little upkeep. You don’t have any maintenance to speak of. You’re not having to worry about putting that much more money back into it. The resale value is unbelievable — it’s as good as we’ve had. I’m Michael Kuhbacher
that’s why I switched the R2800. I’m Justin Kuhbacher and that’s why I switched the R2800. Jerry Kuhbacher and I switched the R2800.


  • Reply Martin Green April 30, 2019 at 1:09 pm

    You need to level up your rough hay field thats to much bouncing

  • Reply Rica May 26, 2019 at 4:31 pm

    You need to try twinstar g2/g3 rakes

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