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What If: World Without the US – Part 1

October 16, 2019

When you’re popular, everyone loves to hate
you- and if you’re American, then you should be able to admit that throughout history the
US has done things that deserve being hated for. And if you’re not an American, then you should
be able to admit that throughout history the US has done things it deserves being loved
for. Yet as the world’s sole superpower, the US’s
influence spreads around the world, in both good and bad ways. What would happen though if the US didn’t
exist anymore, or at least if its influence across the world stage disappeared overnight? World War II Ends In A Stalemate Armchair historians love to point out that
the moment Hitler invaded Russia, he was doomed to failure and thus, World War II would have
been won by the allies, even without the US. Yet historical truth is not quite that simple. Invading Russia was a critical mistake made
by Hitler, and one worsened when the US joined the war and reopened the Western front in
Europe. Yet what if the US had simply shrugged its
shoulders when Russia and Britain begged it to join the war effort? Despite a superior fleet, Britain’s war material
supply was running dangerously low even with constant American resupply efforts. Without the US to ship war goods to Britain,
the best that the United Kingdom could have done is stave off a German invasion. In war games carried out in the early 2000s
by a British think tank, it was discovered that Hitler could never have successfully
overcome Britain’s fleets, the RAF, or the Home Guard in an cross-channel invasion- yet
this war game was undertaken with constant US resupply efforts underway. Without those resupply efforts a cross-channel
invasion would probably still have been disastrous for Germany, but then again Germany would
have had little need to invade Britain without the US supplying it. A token defensive force could have been left
behind in France in order to discourage a British invasion, and the full might of the
Wehrmacht could have been dispatched to the eastern front. Not just reviled as a madman and mass murderer,
Stalin was also famously a very poor strategic thinker. He was so surprised by Hitler’s invasion that
in the years leading up to it he had taken almost zero precautions against German hostility. To make matters worse, his political purges
prior to World War II had decimated the ranks of the Red Army, and eliminated most of its
experienced commanders. Despite having exponentially greater numbers
and firepower advantage in the Winter War of 1939 against Finland, the smaller and much
more poorly equipped Finnish army managed to absolutely decimate the Red Army before
overwhelming numbers alone forced a defeat. By the time of Hitler’s invasion of the Soviet
Union, little had improved in the Red Army in the way of command and control, logistical
support, or even training. When Hitler invaded, his troops quickly seized
many of the Soviet Union’s agricultural regions, leaving the nation to face mass starvation-
if it hadn’t been for the US’s lend-lease aid program to the wartime allies. Providing food, raw materials, tanks, planes,
ammunition, clothing, and everything in between, the United States provided critical aid to
the Soviet Union in its most desperate hour. American raw materials fueled Soviet factories
that churned out tanks, and thousands of Studebaker trucks helped move goods around the nation
and its troops to the front lines. Warm winter clothing kept Soviet soldiers
from freezing to death, and American rations fed both soldiers and civilians alike. As Soviet General Georgy Zhukov said after
World War II: “We didn’t have explosives, gunpowder. We didn’t have anything to charge our rifle
cartridges with. The Americans really saved us with their gunpowder
and explosives. And how much sheet steel they gave us! How could we have produced our tanks without
American steel? But now they make it seem as if we had an
abundance of all that. Without American trucks we wouldn’t have
had anything to pull our artillery with.” Immediately after the invasion of the Soviet
Union, the United States gave the nation an interest-free loan of $1billion – or about
$17.5 billion in today’s dollars- worth of supplies and raw materials. The United Kingdom was also given an initial
lease of between 40 and 50 destroyers. Per the terms of Lend-Lease, the materials
were lent for the duration of the war, and expected to be returned or reimbursed only
upon war’s end if they were kept for civilian use. Any combat losses would not be expected to
be repaid. Basically, the US lent the allies surplus
military equipment under condition that it didn’t have to be repaid for that equipment
unless it was kept after the war was over. In total the US gave the Soviet Union 44,000
jeeps, 375,883 trucks, 8,071 tractors, 12,700 tanks, 1,541,590 blankets, 331,066 liters
of alcohol, 15,417,000 pairs of military boots, 106,893 tons of cotton, 2,670,000 tons of
petroleum products and fuel, and 4,478,000 tons of food. It’s clear that without the US, the best the
allies could have hoped for would have been a stalemate, with Germany holding on to the
richest parts of the Soviet Union and expelling Britain off the mainland. No European Union Immediately after the end of the second world
war, Europe found itself in shambles. Nearly all of its financial and industrial
networks had been destroyed in the fierce fighting, and entire national economies had
collapsed. The war had been the most devastating in human
history, and the fate of entire nations hung by a thread. Two and a half years after the end of fighting,
there was very little sign of recovery from the European mainland, with millions homeless
and out of work. Then in 1948 US Secretary of State George
C. Marshall drafted up a four-year plan meant to reinvigorate the European economy. The plan would rely on $15 billion dollars
of financial aid- or a quarter of a trillion dollars in today’s dollars- and would be completely
financed by the American taxpayer. The first target of the Marshall Plan as it
came to be known, would be feeding the European population, as a massive famine was threatening
the mainland. Thus food aid was immediately dispatched to
16 European nations- the Soviet Union and its satellite states had been offered assistance
as well but had turned it down due to fears of meddling by the US in internal affairs. The main focus of the Marshall Plan was on
the recovery of Europe’s largest industrial powers, such as West Germany, France, and
Great Britain, as it was believed that if these great economies were jump-started then
the effects would spread to other nations. Attempts to rebuild national shipping fleets,
road and railway infrastructure, and reconstruct devastated cities were bolstered by American
aid money- though the effect of the Marshall Plan is likely less economic, and more political. Due to the Soviet Union’s refusal to partake
in any reconstruction efforts, the Marshall Plan and the 16 nations it aided helped establish
the political framework for what post-WWII Europe would look like, with the West firmly
aligned in solidarity against the Communist east. The Marshall Plan seeded the idea of European
unity, and fostered an intertwining of European interests which was President Truman’s greatest
goals- as only a unified Europe could stand against the Soviet Union, but also only a
unified Europe could avert another world war. Without the Marshall Plan European economies
would have taken longer to recover than they did, which would have made them more vulnerable
to political revolutions fostered by the Soviet Union, who’s agents were constantly at work
attempting to make the ideology of Soviet ‘revolution abroad’- or of spreading communist
revolutions around the world- a reality. The Marshall Plan however also laid down the
political and economic roots for what would become the European Union, and without it
it’s very likely that Europe would have returned to the ‘old power’ way of thinking that had
dominated European politics for centuries. European Colonialism Prevails Prior to World War II European powers retained
colonies across the world, and upon entering the second world war, President Roosevelt
made it extremely clear to the Allies that America’s help was dependent on the eventual
liberation of the majority of these colonial holdings. With their feet to the fire, Britain and France
were forced to agree, and after the end of the war President Truman made it a top priority
to ensure that Britain and France, as well as other European powers, held true to their
promises to begin liberating their colonies. Though the process was slow, the end of colonialism
was as much the result of the economic collapse of Europe’s great powers as it was the sheer
determination of American presidents to see Europe relinquish its old ways. Without the United States, European colonialism
would have continued- and may in fact have worsened. With their economies in shambles, European
powers would have leaned even harder on their colonial states, bleeding their economies
dry in an effort to rebuild themselves. This would have sparked violent insurgencies
around the world, which would have brought with them harsh crackdowns by the colonial
powers. In the end the death of European colonialism
would have taken decades more to arrive, and the world today may in fact look a lot more
like it did during the age of the great powers. Korea Unified Under The North and Japan Rises
As An Imperial Power Once More Today South Korea is a vibrant and prosperous
nation, while its neighbor to the north is facing mass starvation and economic desolation. Yet the entire Korean Peninsula would look
very different today were it not for the US. Two days after the start of the war, the UN
published Resolution 83 urging UN members to lend military aid to the South. A UN coalition force would ultimately formed,
but it was the US that would do the heavy lifting. The war would end three years later after
China’s involvement, with the US not desiring to see the situation evolve into another major
war that would now include China. If the US had not been available to defend
the south, the war would have been won by the north far too quickly for the UN to marshal
a sizable military response, and the entire peninsula would have been reunited under the
North. Communism would have overtaken the south,
and while we may be tempted to compare the fate of a communist peninsula with that shared
by the North today, it’s important to remember that the state of the North’s economy is largely
the result of US-led sanctions efforts against the Kim regime. Without the US to lead these sanctions, and
under the protection of a growing China, the unified Korean peninsula would be in a stronger
economic state than the North is today. If it would have been more prosperous than
South Korea is today is debatable, but what isn’t is that a Communist Korea wouldn’t necessarily
be as impoverished as the North is today. A communist Korea would have naturally gravitated
towards China, and become a satellite state. This would have upended Asian politics as
we understand them today. Japan, for one, would have been quick to ditch
its pacifistic ideologies, which were only ever truly possible as a result of Japan enjoying
the protection of the United States. Faced with a hostile China, Japanese nationalistic
hardliners would have upended the constitution and rewritten it to allow Japan to once more
field a military capable of both offensive and defensive operations. Even today Japan’s Prime Minister Shinzo Abe
is a member of a right-wing nationalistic party which in the past advocated a return
to Imperial power. Japan would have risen as a military power
once more, and conflict in Asia would be all but unavoidable. The second half of the twentieth century would
have been dramatically different without US intervention, and it’s likely that Communism
would have dominated the global stage both militarily and politically. Whereas today we live in a world of mostly
strong, democratic states, we could in fact have seen a reverse of this, with the world
as we know it being made up of a collection of communist states where the democracies
are the minority. What would that have meant for global civil
rights movements? We can only guess, but in part two we’ll take
a look at how the world may have looked as it entered the 21st century in a world without
the US. What do you think would have happened to post-war
Europe without the US? What would the world look like today? Let us know in the comments! And if you enjoyed this video then don’t forget
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