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WHAP Semester 2

November 6, 2019

Man, this is really hard.. Hey Zi Fong Dong, do you know how to do this? No, man, I don’t know that stuff.. Man, i wish somebody could help me with this… Do you need help with WHAP?? Follow us!!! Come follow us little WHAP-ers, this is where we keep our time machine. Come on! Come on, let’s go through time guys!!! I’m the Asian guy! Unit 1 here we come! I’m illegal! Sweater Weather by The Neighbourhood All I am is a man I want stone tools in my hands I love migrating, so here I stand In Mesopotamia the first civilized land Used Hammurabi’s law
to arrest some criminals create new writings like cuneiform we build ships and create iron Just like the people in Egypt, oh The Xia, Shang, Zhou dynasties Create patriarchies
Poetry, history
Philo-so-phy Mandate of heaven
Agriculture youll find out, The Yangtze is what its all about, ohhh Cause you’re not fit…. To live here in our lands So let me sacrifice…. All of you to our precious gods Well that as fun. Now let’s go to Unit 2 No Interruption by Hoodie Allen Achaemenid empire in Persia
They migrated there from central Asia.
But it fell after Xerxes, Persian Wars Ionian Greeks couldn’t take anymore.
Persia owned by Alexander the Great
Burned the city of Persepolis, lot of hate. Sadly, when Alex died, his empire split
Into the Parthian, Sasanid, uh, Seleucid In China there is the Period of
Warring States, helped the country to develop
All these philosophies which were Daoism, tell me what you know about the nature
Confucianism, best respect it.
Legalism, with codes that be strict Xiongnu, Yellow Turban Uprising, big conflicts
Now heading to India,
With chandragupta Maurya
and all about the Buddha. Chandragupta started the dynasty
All the way from Bactria to Ganges
Artha-shastra, ow Height of empire under Ashoka
Tightly organized bureaucracy
Revival of empire under Guptas. Sh-shut it up, sh-sh-shut it up
Jainism, Buddhism, and Hinduism. Ay Let’s go to Unit 3 cuh You See Me by Childish Gambino I’m on the Silk Roads each and every day
corpses everywhere, bubonic plague, bubonic plague!
bubonic plague?
Corpses everywhere, bubonic plague I’m on my Issssslaaamic
Spreading Allah’s faith to Eurasia and Africa
What is he wearing, somebody jack that fool’s silk If you’re a merchant do it right, I got some Mongol’s by my side
Trader you’re Islamic, he’s Christian, that’s Buddhist, I’mma spread ya’ll
Ibn Battuta, Mansa Musa All these guys moving round cause trade networks
And I’m trading all this silk, have i gotten too rich?
I don’t know who cares, I’ll grow new cities And I’m helping these cities get richer and prosper
And unfortunately that means spreading the plague
The plague is spreading round
Fast as religion The Trans-Saharan, Indian Ocean, and Silk Roads trade
Forget these Ottomans
I need some Safavids
Unless of course, you seem to be Mughal Don’t got a Mongol friend? Roll solo
Can we share the caravan? No hobo! Hashtag sorry not sorry for this
People are converting because they just want better lives Let’s take a journey to the East, and go to Unit 4 Loaded by G Eazy 2,3,4,5
I’m too drunk to find India
I’ve been exploring my whole life Portugal wouldn’t help but Spain would
I took 3 ships I spread disease, horses and guns
watching natives die as we get rich Magellan and Bartolomeu
Their voyages
Inspired my work This is not your land no more chief you must be mistook
I’m a very rich man
Im Columbus Got that cool exchange I’m trading horses for silver
Cause exploring here will get your homeland took when they show hospitality
In comes the area crook
Now we do what we want and take your land LaPointe kept saying Victor is her favorite WHAP-er Ay Unit 5 though.. how ’bout that? That Tree by Snoop Dogg Feat. KiD CuDi Revolution is what they say as if they knew me
Ideals all from the Enlightenment, my boy Voltaire,
That’s my philosopher, Call Napoleon up and get National Assembly
What your sovereignty like mine is kinda popular
Ending the slave trade, same equal rights Industrial, factories urbanizing
Assembly line, steam engine, trains, boats, corporations
Women want some equal rights, Seneca Falls, aight Poor working conditions such freedom,
Work till im gone
Women and children work in the factories
for low wage Imperialism, Nationalism, yeah those emerged
You see the sides, all they want is their homeland Imperialists just want too much land, taking too much land
Deforestation, exploitation of land Ay, my little WHAP-er where do you wanna go now?? How about Unit 6? Wow, huh, thats a good one!!! Wicked Games by The Weeknd My country’s capitalist
But I’m communist So I don’t support their wars
I don’t support their bourgeois wars
Can we end World War 2?
Look at all this death And I hate nuclear war too
Now I’m tryna start revolts Bring the weapons, fighters I’ll organize
Bring the weapons, fighters I’ll bring my books I got Marx right here
I got Lenin right here End oppression fighters we can free the people
Communism fighters end the profit motive Why should only some be rich?
Why are some people homeless?
Nuclear war, it’ll destroy the earth -Bomb Landing- Leave Japan alone, look at all the deformed babies
Ohh no ohh Thanks guys, i really did learn a lot!! I’m definitely gonna get that 5 on the AP test! Hey, but, can you teach us how to play basketball? Yeah.. WERE PLAYING BASKETBALL!!!!!!!!!! -BLOOPERS- -door gets stuck- I’m illegal! My knees… (Like always…)

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