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Western Roots – Zajic Farms

November 4, 2019

(Ryan) I always loved being a farmer, and I knew it was gonna be one or the other – like a career with cars and automotive, or
farming. And then I got more involved in farming than I ever thought I would, and
started getting more enjoyment out of it. Just being able to smell the turned soil –
fresh turned soil. Every year it’s the same, the same smell that just reminds you…
every year. (Kathy) There was a point in time where Ryan had to decide, you know. His
dad sat him down and said, “Are you in or you out?” That was probably the moment
when you decided you were in, and if you’re gonna be in, you had to be all in! (Ryan) I’ve lived out on this farm my whole life. Currently on the farm is myself, my
wife, my three kids, and my mother in the the other house on the farm. It’s
busy. (Kathy) And then as they progress, certain parcels of land nearby that we rented
were up for sale. You have to be all in, and jump in, and go to the bank, and get
the loan. And we did that and then there was – two years ago – the original
homestead was up for sale, so we bought that, too. And that has a house and more land on it. (Ryan) And it’s a good feeling when something like that comes full-circle –
from four generations back to the first! And, we’re able to look after it and
bring it into our own way of doing things again. It feels pretty good.
Well being a farmer to me means having the ability to put a plan together
dealing with things that are so far beyond our control… with weather, market
risk… all the other associated risks with it, and being able to come up with a
perception of feeling successful at the end of the day.
Well you know there’s a significant number of events that kind of keep us in
touch with people when we’re farmers and you know one thing that we’re always at
the mercy of – number one is the weather… and the drought of ’02 when we didn’t
harvest a kernel of grain. you know I mean it was so disheartening so humbling, too, to just let you realize that you don’t – no matter what work you do – you’re not always going to get rewarded. So you know with environmental nature there’s
also nature to health, too. And, when dad became sick, we always thought it would be
someone else. You know, you never thought – because – you know, your leader… your idol… your icon… is your rock, and when he gets sick it’s really unexpected. And that
really turned us to focusing on things that need to be done, and looking after certain
aspects of the operation where we knew we wouldn’t have that hand anymore. We
talked – and we always did – we always did talk, and we had to. (Kathy) And we eat at the supper table. Every – EVERY – supper is right here at the table with the kids. You know as long as you’re home! and that’s when you get your conversations. That’s when you review the day. That’s when you talk about what’s happening
tomorrow. That’s where everybody gets their game. (Ryan) That’s right. I mean, it
helps to stay connected, you know. I have three teenage daughters and I take every
minute I can to stay connected with them. It’s good. You never know what
direction the kids are going to get involved in. They’re just at that age now
where they’re showing interest in who they’re going to be as a person, and where
they want to be. And, we want to make the farm an environment that they always
want to come back to. So, when they’re helping out here, we make sure that
they’re rewarded accordingly, and they don’t just want to leave and
do things. They always know that they can always come back to the farm…
because they’re the fourth generation, so that’s one thing that we talk about and
try to make sure that there’s something here for everybody. And if they want the
opportunity, then we’ll do the best that we can to provide it for them and be
there. (Kathy) Sometimes we don’t know why we continue to do it. But, I think it is a
lifestyle that’s the reason that keeps you going. You’re at the mercy of the weather,
and you’re at the mercy of everything else, and you need to work and work and
work to get your crop off, and you don’t know what you’ve made for the
rest of the year until this one minute in the year. And that’s kind of a high I
think that you get, but there’s a lot of lows. (Ryan) We want to be as open as possible on the grassroots level, and just share everything that we do. If anybody had
a question, we want to encourage them to come over. You know there’s a lot of jobs that you can go to and you
can say, “Gee, I feel like I didn’t get anything done today I just worked all day and went backwards.” You know, for most of the operations around
here, at the end of the day you can see what you’ve put into it and how it’s
turned out, and what you’ve accomplished. Sometimes the work turns out, sometimes it doesn’t turn out. But, when it really does turn out good, there’s a big sense
of pride there.


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    This was a great video because I'm gonna have to make that decision soon too, my dad is getting old and wants to retire soon and I'm still only 21, but part of me is stuck on the farm and the day is coming I'll have to decide.

    I also barely remember '02, my dad baled like 1500 acres and we were sure popular that year.

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