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Want to start Sandalwood Cultivation?? – ನಿವು ಶ್ರೀಗಂಧದ ಕೃಷಿ ಮಾಡಲು ಬಯಸುತ್ತಿದಿರಾ WATCH THIS VEDIO

November 4, 2019

Namaskara. I am Sharnayya swami. Welcome to Kisanvarte If farmers wanted to grow sandalwood then they come up with lot many doubts. Firstly Is there any need of getting permission from government to grow sandalwood? How to protect sandalwood from thief? Is there any market for sandalwood? To answer about all the doubts of farmers we again
uploaded an exclusive interview of Dr. shivanna sir. Dr.shivanna sir is currently
working as Den of forestry college in sirsi and also
cultivated Sandalwood He clarified that there are no varities in sandalwood. And even he said that there is no need getting permission from the government. Farmers should become aware and fearless about growing sandalwood. For this main reason again
we uploaded an exclusive interview of Dr. shivanna
sir regarding sandalwood. Welcome to Kisanvarte Sir, we already uploaded two interview of you in our channel. We got huge responses from farmers. Now many farmers are asking clarification. Sir ,from this channel can you please clarify their doubts? Yes, surely. Is there any varieties in sandalwood? No there is no varieties but we have 6 species. Among them Sandalwood is having scent smell. Sir, farmers are asking about varieties but not species. There are no varieties in Sandalwood. Sir, is there any separate male and female plants in Sandalwood? In plant itself there are male and female flowers. But there is no separate male and female plants. Sir, between what distance we need to grow Sandalwood? Distance depends on fertility of land. If there is more fertile land then they can cultivate between 6-9 feet distance. Sir, after how many years we can cut the trees? After 15- 16 years. Sir, which plant is more suitable with sandalwood as it is parasitic in nature? We can cultivate mostly leguminous species i.e. dicot plants. Here we cultivated rosewood plant with sandalwood. Sir, did you taken any permission from government? There is no need of getting permission to grow sandalwood. Government already granted permission in 2009 itself. Sir, farmers usually say that we need to take permission from government. Or else there is trouble from police or forest officers. For growing there is no need
of permission but for cutting wood and to transport there
is need of permission. But this rules is applicable to all forestry plants. Sir, can we grow Sandalwood in North Karnataka? Yes, we can grow. Sandalwood can be grown in any land. Which soil is more suitable for growing Sandalwood Red mixed loamy soil is more suitable. Even we can grow in black and sand soil. But its growth depends on feature of soil. Even there are many facilities from government. For initial 3 years government provide 30 rupees per plant. But I have not taken that facility. For growing plant there is no need of taking permission. Is there any problem of market? There is more demand in market. But there is no fulfilment of required amount of wood to that much demanded market. Many people ask about sandalwood majority from North Karnataka. Can we grow sandalwood in between mango or pomegranate trees? Yes, we can grow. Sandalwood is light demander. So by providing required amount of sandalwood we can cultivate sandalwood. Someone cultivated sandalwood even in arecanut farm. We have to see its growth and heart Wood formation. Sir, as I seen that sandalwood not grown healthily when there is no supporting plant. Near boundary sandalwood get roots of many plants which help in its growth. If we cultivate sandalwood alone then it doesn’t grow fastly. Sandalwood depend on other plants. So there is need of growing other plant as host. Can we grow curry leaves? We can grow any plants but better one is leguminous species. So rose wood also legume plant. Hence I cultivated it here. Sir, you cultivated here
to do some research regarding fast growth and
good yield of sandalwood. When you will start that research? I will start from this year. From your research how fastly you expect the growth of sandalwood? For me more than growth I want to increase the amount of oil. By this it would be more helpful to farmers. By giving more fertilizers
we can grow fastly but we cannot increase
the amount of oil. To increase the amount of oil I wanted to do this research. Can we bring changes in harmone? I studied plants physiology.
So I will tell the result after
completion of my research. You have solved many doubts of farmer. So again thank you so much, sir. Please Subscribe to our Channel


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    Hello sir, after cutting down the main trunk of Sandalwood by Forest officials wt about the branches left there, is it take as firewood?

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