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[VLOG]シャインマスカットの誘引作業でした。 -Farm in JAPAN-

October 9, 2019

Hello everyone.
It is YUBILOG. Let’s see the field again today. I will continue to work on attracting grapes today. It was raining yesterday, the wind was getting stronger, and I was interrupted on the way, On the contrary, it is a fine day today and it is very sunny. Today is 27 during the day? No. Will it rise to nearly 30 degrees?
Because it is a forecast that it will go up to that extent, It will be quite hot, today.
But after all the field of fruit Aren’t we under the shelf? So, as you see, it is a shade. Just under the leaves of the fruit trees, I think I might feel a bit cool. I still have to do a lot, I will do it. By the way, the grapes in the field here are
“Long-tailed tailoring” is it. Pruning is “long tree pruning”.
If you grow Shine Muscat I have an image of “short shoots” in me. If you look at the trees, it feels like “long treetop” makes more sense. “Short treetop” is more efficient. I have finished attracting. I know if I see it for the person who is doing the farming work, You can not understand if you look at it. Is it really something different? Toe. After entering the field, you can see, “Oh, I’m not attracted here,” or “I’m not attracted.” You know exactly because you are doing it. Next to this, I think that it will be “to make a bottle” or “to make a tuft”. Farmers around me already do “making a bunch” already this time, everyone, I’m late, yes. So I will do my best. Yes it’s over.

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