Visit The Huntington Museum & Gardens For Free!

October 3, 2019

Hey, what’s up guys? Its The Frugal Man LA and today I’m at a Southern California institution, The Huntington to check out their Free Day. Let’s see what they got! The Huntington Free Day is the first Thursday of every month. By taking advantage of free admission, you can save up to $25 per person. A ticket is required and must be obtained from their website. A limited number of tickets become available on the first day of each month at 9am preceding the month you wish to visit. For example, if you wish to visit on November Free Day, the tickets will become available at 9am on October 1st. You can set an alert on your phone to remind you to reserve the tickets because they will sell out quickly. Print out your tickets and take them to the Admissions Counter at the entrance and you’re good to go. My first stop is the Brody Botanical Center. Living plants fill a sixteen thousand-square-foot greenhouse with three different habitats. A tropical rainforest, a cloud forest, and a carnivorous plant bog. This lush garden is filled with interactive exhibits for youngsters and the young at heart. The extensive gardens found here at the Huntington is probably their most well-known feature, it’s imperative that you wear comfortable walking shoes for this part of the adventure. The historic Japanese Garden is arguably the most popular spot at the Huntington. This iconic landscape is a must see. There are 12 principal gardens to explore that cover a hundred and twenty acres of land. The gardens here are amazing I could easily get lost wandering these grounds. The desert garden is nearly a hundred years old and is one of the largest assemblages of cacti and other succulents in the world. Before checking out the museums here at the Huntington, it’s a good idea to download their app for a self-guided tour. Simply type in the number associated with an object to listen to the related audio track. “Field workers returned home wearily at the end of the day in this painting by French artist Jules Breton. They’re gleaners and they are among the poorest peasants.” The Huntington art galleries function is twofold. To display the Beaux Arts Mansion as a period home invoking the lifestyle of the Huntingtons, and to provide high-quality displays of the European art collection. The Virginia Steele Scott galleries of American Art, showcases the evolution of art in the United States from the colonial era into the second half of the 20th century. Paintings, sculpture, and works on paper are placed beside representative examples of the decorative arts. Including furniture, glass, metals, and ceramics. I’m truly blown away by all there is to see and do here at The Huntington. You can check it out for free the first Thursday of every month, so there’s no excuse. If you like what I’m doing here subscribe to my YouTube channel, you can also follow me on Twitter and find me on Facebook and Instagram for more great ways to save money here in LA. Until next time, stay frosty! He did a backflip when Jason walked by. Look at him go, hey buddy! Protecting your nuts? Hey, if you haven’t done so yet check, out my Shopkick video for a great way to earn free gift cards. And if you want a delicious, healthy, and cheap breakfast. Check out my breakfast pizza recipe.

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