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Use This and See The Magic in Gardening | Uses of Alum on Plants – Soil Amendment

September 12, 2019

Alum Uses In Gardens: Aluminum Soil Amendment
Tips Alum or Potash Alum chemically called Potassium
Aluminum Sulfate is a chemical compound commonly used in water purification, leather tanning,
dyeing, etc. Alum is available in powder form and also
in crystal form and is easily available at any grocery store or supermarkets and even
in some garden stores. But How is it useful in gardening and what
are the benefits of Alum in garden or on plants? To start with the uses of Alum in garden,
you must know that Alum is not a fertilizer. Its First and Main Use in garden is to improve
soil pH that is Soil Amendment Purpose. For beginners, A pH level of 7.0 is neutral
and soil with a pH below 7.0 is acidic, while soil with a pH above 7.0 is alkaline. People living in Dry climates often have alkaline
soil, while climates with higher rainfall typically have acidic soil. Soil pH is very important in the gardening,
because unbalanced soil makes it more difficult for plants to absorb nutrients in the soil. Most plants do well with soil pH between 6.0
and 7.2 – either slightly acidic or slightly alkaline. However, some plants, including hydrangeas,
grapes, strawberries, blueberries, and even our hibiscus love acidic soil. This is where the role of alum comes in – which
can be used to lower soil pH, thus making the soil suitable for acid-loving plants. If you want to test your soil using a gadget
called Soil PH Tester, you can purchase it online – the link is given in description. Other Alternative to Alum what is use is Diluted
Vinegar (Acetic Acid), but it’s a liquid and you need to add frequently like once a
week or so to maintain PH. But mixing alum powder in soil keeps the soil
acidic for a longer time. The other use of Alum is it can used in Water
plants to settle down dirty water and prevent formation of larvae within water and it is
infact a larvicide. It also makes the water look crystal clear
and also controls mosquito growth by killing them at the larval stage in water. Then, it is also believed to keep slugs and
snails away and also certain other insects like cockroaches. So there we have it folks, that was our episode
of Benefits of Alum in Gardening. If you like the video, please give a thumbs
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    It is an indirect source of potassium and sulphur to plant . Alum in soil in ions form it act as fertilizer . It also kill Fungs as fungicide . Use alum with mgso4 and kmno4 for removing stress from plant and able to take more nutrition from soil .. it boost plant growth…. With this components ..kmno4 provide oxygen by help of oxidation in soil it also act super fungicide and kill all fungus and break fungus from it genetic level …

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