Urban smart farm starting at Sangdo station

October 11, 2019

now urban smart farms have been popping
up all over Seoul in recent years these days you can find them in the most
unlikely of places even in and around some of the capital subway stations our
Kim bo-kyung ventured out to get us better acquainted with these so-called
Metro farms there is something curious happening at a Seoul metro station where
you can see an indoor vertical farm the Seoul Metropolitan Government and farm
ate an agriculture firm recently opened the first Metro farm in South Korea at
xango station on seoul subway line 7 they are promoting this Metro farm as a
way to effectively utilize a new spaces and carry out urban farming saengil
Metro farm is an urban smart farm which uses information and communication
technology to control the farms conditions making it easier to grow
crops exotic vegetable breeds are cultivated with the help of an automated
system which manages temperature humidity acidity and provides them with
nutrients it also allows partial access to people passing by and a viewing
window where they can look at how smart farms operate while also providing clean
air if we conduct smart farming in metro stations plants can use carbon dioxide
which people breathe out for photosynthesis and people can breathe in
the oxygen that plants produce there’s also a facility called Auto Farm in
which a robot manages the entire farming process this container sized
indoor farm cultivates young leaves for harvest when they are fully grown people
can enjoy the vegetables that are harvested from these facilities at a
cafe located right next to the farms in the form of salads and juices I came in
here for the first time after just passing by for several days I think it
is very nice that it provides us with oxygen and fresh vegetables within the
city another urban smart farm has also opened at optional
station and they will open in three other subway locations including
toodle-oo station within this year the city government and farm eight are
looking forward to creating more urban smart farmers in the long term so the
people can enjoy crops at lower prices and become more aware of the latest in
agricultural technology Kim bo-gyung arirang news

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