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urban-gro’s J. Chandler on Cultivation Technologies and Integrated Pest Management

September 6, 2019

I went to Texas A&M University for
horticulture I thought I wanted to be a landscaper an organic landscaper of
large fine homes in Texas. I took a vegetable production course and
fell in love with producing food producing it organically. From there I
started managing food farms from about 2003 to 2013 I was managing large scale
certified organic food production. I’m extremely passionate about making
large-scale horticultural facilities extremely efficient. For 15 years I grew
large scale certified organic produce outside in fields pivot irrigator
subsurface drip in a greenhouse precision drip like what we do. I’m extremely passionate about creating
sustainable large-scale horticultural production facilities. My role at Urban Gro is to help
large clients deal with pests legally and effectively. Also designing
irrigation systems helping customers get the nutrient solution that they want
out to the plants when they want it. Everything is custom
designed integrated pest management programs irrigation systems we don’t have a
one-size-fits-all approach and Urban Gro I formed it to help license cultivators deal with
the looming regulations that have been coming down from the state and states all
over the country so that people can focus on cultivating the plant and I can help them with the integrated pest
management. there’s no reason for me i love
managing pests it’s it’s incredibly interesting. The cultivation facility that you spent
millions of dollars on to be able to create the perfect environment for
growing cannabis is also a very nice environment for all those pests who like to eat cannabis. It’s very important to start early and
plan ahead to prevent pest infestations. At Urban Gro we monitor the constantly shifting regulatory environment in every state so that you stay in
compliance with pesticide issues there’s no reason that pest
management should be that big of a challenge for anybody in this industry. I know that they’re greatly restricting
pesticides and it’s different in each state but there are products that
work there are systems that work it’s all about finding what works right
for you and that’s what we do at Urban Gro There’s really nothing less efficient
then a pump up sprayer or a sprayer that you can buy at Home Depot. When i go into
grows and I see whole fleets of backpack sprayers on the wall my eyes roll because this can replace
ten of those sprayers if not more. If you’re growing large scale cannabis
you want the right tool for the job. When it comes to spraying our sprayers
are the heaviest duty and the finest in the industry. This is all American made a cat pump
a Baldor motor heavy-duty dense welds. What I’ve noticed in the cannabis
industry is that people are not that nice to their equipment.
Having a heavy-duty machine that will work for you day in and day out is
extremely crucial. This tank holds 35 gallons but we have them that go down
to as small as 25 gallons as large as 100 to 200 gallons with multiple reels. These are fully customizable just like
everything in Urban Gro we come out we evaluate your grow and we figure out
what the best fit is. If we need to make it custom for you if you need something
special not a problem.

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