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Uprawa w Carbomacie / Carbomat cultivation

October 3, 2019

Hello. Today I’ll show you how to plant
strawberry in a Carbohort mat, in response to many
questions, phonecalls, regarding how to plant
and water plants in Carbomat. We start from making a hole, through
which we will fill the mat with water. I have prepared a watering can
filled with approx. 5L of water. We pour the entire amount
directly into the Carbomat. We can lift it up a bit, to enable the water reaching
the other end of the mat. We leave such mat for at least 24h. After 24h we can start
planting our strawberries. I’ll make 5 holes. Next, I’ll use this handy tool, which
makes planting much more convenient, but you can make everything
with your hands, naturally. Let me try it with my hands first. I’m already used to this tool, however. Provided you have such tool, please
be wary not to pierce the mat through. I made 5 cuts, but you can
easily make 4, 6 or even 8. After we plant our strawberries,
we have to make drainage holes. I’ll make 2 holes. And that’s it. Now few words about our Carbomat. The bag we use for Carbomat is a UV bag,
that prevents the roots from overheating, as well as excessive water loss. The strawberries don’t
require immediate watering, We can leave them for 2-3 days, so that the
roots penetrate mat deeper in search for water. After 3 days, we can water them
through the holes we made initially. Please notice how little
water I distribute in here. Of course you don’t have to plant
only strawberries in our mat, and not necessarily the way I did it.
We can freely plant 6 or 8 pieces. We can also plant all sorts
of vegetables, flowers, fruits. Obviously, we place smaller vegetables
tighter, and bigger more loosely. That’s it from my side. Thank you very much for attention. I hope I’ve helped you
with this film a bit. Take care.

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