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September 12, 2019

I can’t get enough traction up here with that thing and I’m just digging holes Girl go There we go Praise Jesus that was stuck Let’s take a look at the ruts Oh, wow, there’s just a hole here We’re even up on elevated ground with low spots down here we left this Two weeks ago we were seeding just over here and we quit cuz it kept getting stuck. Like we’ll come back in two weeks. Well This is what happened in two weeks. Look at this. Oh wow, I mean it’s just My boots are getting stuck. That is amazing What a sloppy mask is your rear end drug across that Okay It’s always tricky lining this up One man. It’s near impossible you can do it, but it’s a lot of getting it out of the cab. Don’t 15 times. Oh What an ordeal If you want Scott I’ll give them the motions you can drop a pin in it. Where’s the pin? Okay There we go Okay, here we go Well guys that was pretty fun. I would say that’s officially probably our second worst stuck moment with a big bud Who’s just bizarre there how it just fell through he wasn’t even seating He had the air drill out of the ground was actually turning around to avoid the mud and I just started spinning the tires down and just stopped and when I tried to pull them to I think three times from the front I probably could have kept going but it was just dragging him right along the frame through the mud and I was starting to dig down as well And the last thing I wanted to do was get a second big butt stuck Because where I was parked or at least that hundred foot of cable We had put me in a spot that was still kind of muddy. So you could see the rains coming in the background There we were I was actually in a moment trying to get some sprain done while these guys recede and hopefully before that rain came through that rain actually did come through and shut us down which Has been on and off but we love rain beautiful clouds in that gorgeous So yeah over here you look here’s there’s the foeman’s and the 600 leg arms was here in the loader He took it 844 John Deere. He went ahead and drove that back. So I Went flying the drone it actually can see me standing right there to the right Here’s our tracks. You can see where I was pulling on the front there. See I dug some holes and then there’s his tracks It’s amazing how much How much mud can just stick you down? It’s like a vacuum once you’re in it It’s just it takes a lot of power to get you out But we didn’t break anything. That was what was so So nice about this We took the ladder off the side just so we didn’t peel it off because it was stuck down in the mud You know, it would have had a lot of force pulling on it. So that’s why the side of the ladder was gone We put it on later on his bud. But anyways, yeah quite some tracks. So there you go I hope you guys enjoyed the video. It’s kind of fun making this and I was sure exciting pulling it out. So yeah fun times

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