Top 7 Most Expensive Pets in WoW – And How to Farm Them!

October 6, 2019

Hey there guys! This is Reckles with WTBGold and today I’m
gonna show you how to farm up the 7 most expensive pets in WoW. I’m excluding TCG and Pet Battle rewards
here because I want to show that even if you hate pet battles, you don’t wanna do em, you
can still get rich off these guys. And rather than doing the typical YouTuber
top 10 list, I’m going to show you my daily routine so you can copy that, go out there
duplicate it, and make some gold. In a nutsell, this route is Antoran Wastes,
UBRS, Molten Front, and Pandaria Raid Finder. But before we do any of that, there’s one
thing you need to do. Use your Time-Lost Artifact trinket to teleport
out to Timeless Isle. The main goal here is to get Mogu runes of
Fate. They’re the bonus roll for ToT, and they cost
1000 timeless coins a piece. But there are 27 pets out here and they’re
suprprisingly expensive. Remember the tiny carps from MoP fishing? Well they’re 100k each now! Each color was initially tied to each Pandaria
zone but you can fish up all 4 here in the Timeless Isle. Most of the other pets are like, 30k mediocre,
but there are two to be aware of. The first thing I do whenever I enter timeless
isle is stop by the cave north of the celestial court. There’s a rare elite elemental in there
called the spirit of jadefire. He’s green, has 6 spawn points, and shows
up every 30 minutes to an hour. He also has a 2% chance to drop the Jadefire
spirit pet which sells for 100,000 – 350,000 gold each. Personally, I think it’s a waste of time
to camp him, but do what you want, definitely check by whenever you’re in the area. Next we’re going to the most expensive farmable
pet in the game, the Spineclaw Crab. This guy sells for 400,000 gold MINIMUM up
to 1.5 million in a pinch. Here’s how he works. There are 30 ancient spineclaw crabs in the
waterr between the horde camp and the gulp frog farm. They, when you kill them, have a 3% chance
to respawn as a Monstrous Spineclaw elite. Which in turn has a less than 2% chance to
drop the pet. Long story short, you’ll get this clawsome
little pet every 2000 krills, on average. Here’s the best way I know to farm him. Grab a stack of Feast of the Fishes. This is from Val’Sharah fisherfriends and
isn’t actually just for trolling your raid team. It turns you into a fish, lets you swim faster
than anything else in the game, you can still attack things. You can still kill things. And even though the buff only lasts 3 minutes,
with bacon you can extend that. So you just swim back and forth between the
horde camp and the gulp frogs, and because these do force spawn, you can do these as
a group. Just don’t be shellfish, call out when the
elite spawns. Honestly, it’s a massive grind but personally
I think it’s way more fun that farming dungeness. If you’re feeling lazy and just want to
be a hermit, an alternative is just hanging out at the jademist dancers. A third of the crabs spawn right there. You don’t have to side step all around. Alright, you’ve got your mogu runes, what’s
the actual route? Well, we’re gonna start off in the Antoran
Wastes. There’s a cave in the north with a bunch
of imp mothers. Do two laps of the cave killing all the imps. They drop imp meat. After you have 100 imp meat, click on the
stack in your bags and you’ll make a delicious imp meat feast. Place this in the lava pool with the fish
skeletons in it and you’ll summon Mother Rosula. She has a 1 in 15 chance to drop a rebellious
imp pet. This guy sells for 100,000 to 400,000 gold. If you do this every day, that’s 2 a month,
200k-800k for a 3 minute farm. Not much better than that. My only recommendation here though, is that
like all rares in Argus, she just has a ton of health, so use the lightforged warframe. It saves you a lot of time. Next we’re going to Blackrock Mountain for
another easy 5 minute farm. For alliance, portal back to stormwind fly
east, for horde, take the Karazhan portal and fly north. Once you’re inside the mountain there’s
a little ledge you can go into. Go up the stairs on your left and you’ll
see the entrance to the Upper Blackrock Spire. Make sure you’re set to heroic. It won’t work on normal or mythic. Kill everything in the first room. Kill the first boss. Kill the trash in the second room and just
to the right of the second boss, you will see that nothings there. Nothings ever there, like 90% of the time. But every once in a while, when you’re lucky,
you’ll see the rare elite spawn miniboss “The Lanticore.” If you see him, and you’re running this
solo, congratulations. It’s 100% drop rate for the pet, Lanticore
Spawnling. And this guy sells for 70-200,000 gold right
now. Personally, I’ve looted 2 in the past week. It’s been a good week. Next we’re taking the Mount Hyjal portal
to the Molten Front dailies and I love these. They’re the predecessor to Timeless Isle,
Broken Shore, Argus, and to me it’s really cool to see where Blizzard has come from. What they’ve kept. What they haven’t when it comes to these dynamic
end game quest hubs. Essentially, what we’re doing here is we’re
going to Ragnoros’ home town, his plane of fire and over the course of 2 weeks of
daily quests, we’re growing a world tree. Also lots of cool achievements and fun little
easter eggs. There is some work to unlock all this though. First, you need to do half of the normal mount
hyjal quest chain. See how the zone is divided into half? Like, half of it’s grass, half of it’s rock? You want to do all the quests where there’s
grass. Second you’ve got a really cool story that
actually made my friend Catherine cry. She’s a huge lore nerd. So, no spoilers. [sound of grilling steak]. Then you have 4 quests at the sanctuary of
malorne, and 4 quests actually inside the molten front. After a week of doing those, you’ll unlock
1 of 2 additional quest hubs, After two weeks of doing those dailies, you’ll be able to
get 31 Marks of the World Tree a day. Turn these in to Zen’Vorka underneath the
World Tree and buy Zen’vorka’s Cache. It has a 1 in 20 chance to contain, the goal
of all this, the Searing Scorchling battle pet. Little guy sells for 200k to 600k each, and
it’s a 1 in 20 drop chance. You’ll probably get 2 per month. So that’s 400k to 1 million gold a month. Per toon you do this with. Finally, we’re headed to panda portal palace
to put our mogu runes to good use. Go talk to Lorewalker Cho, there are 3 pandas
in front of him. There’s a guy on the right, Lorewalker Han,
who will queue you for mist of pandaria LFRs. Now there are actually 5 that have good pets,
50-100k each. and they’re all worth at least 50-100k but there are only two that I’d
recommend above all else. Halls of Flesh Shaping is one. It takes 5 minutes to run and drops the Living
Fluid battle pet. This only drops on LFR Primordius. And like, no one else is running it. It sells for 100,000 to 400,000 gold. You can also get the son of animus pet here. Another good instance is the downfall of garrosh. You’ve got the Blackfuse Bombling for 100k
off the first boss. Kovok off the second boss. And personally, I’ve heard Garrosh and Thrall
yelling at each other enough, I just leave instance before that fight. So, that is it! Takes about 30 minutes to do the route. With the LFR stuff it takes a little longer
but you only do that once a week. With some super rough napkin math, it’s about
1.3 to 1.8 million gold per month. Per toon you do this with. One final thing before I go. Y’all are gonna go out and y’all are gonna
try this. Some of y’all are gonna get lucky. If you do get a pet, come back and let me
know in the comments. I’ll give you a high five. If you haven’t sold pets before though,
please. They sell slowly. Dropping your price does not help them sell
faster, it just tanks the market. You undercut by 5%. Another person does. Rinse repeat for a month. It’s selling for a third of what it would
originally does. So please, do me a solid and only ever undercut
by one copper. But that is it. Subscribe if you wanna see more of my guides
in the future. There’s a little notification bell next to
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so if you liked it hit that thumbs up gurrrrl. Thanks for watching guys, have a great day. Good luck and happy gold making.

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