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Top 10 Fastest Rides & Roller Coasters at Knott’s Berry Farm

November 18, 2019

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find us @TPMvideos. Over in Buena Park, California sits Knott’s
Berry Farm which just happens to be California’s first theme park. Back in the early 1940’s way before Disneyland
was built, Walter Knott decided to build an old western Ghost Town. This was to keep eggar visitors occupied while
they waited for the family’s famous chicken dinners. Over time, Ghost Town expanded and eventually
popular rides like the Calico Mine Ride and the Timber Mountain Log Ride were added. These rides have become Knott’s Berry Farm
classics along with the other offerings of Ghost Town. Its a true theme park experience- Oh that makes more sense! -and even though thrill wasn’t the major
focus in the beginning, more and more thrill rides have been added to the 57 acre park. This has been especially true since Cedar
Fair purchased Knott’s Berry Farm in 1997. Today the park is home to some pretty fast
rides but which one is actually the fastest? Well get ready to find out! So today in order of speed, we’re gonna
be counting down the Top 10 Fastest Thrill Rides and Roller Coasters at Knott’s Berry
Farm. Number 10
We’re gonna start the list off in Fiesta Village where this Mayan Temple acts as the
centre piece of Jaguar. The ride opened on June 17th, 1995 and your
ride experience begins as you enter the temple and find yourself in this indoor queue. For an exposed steel coaster, the queue is
quite detailed which includes Mayan sculptures and paintings on the walls. Then once you board your train, you’ll soon
find yourself heading up one of two lift hills traveling along the 2600 feet of coaster track. With a series of turns, small bunny hills,
many straight sections and an interactive element through the loop of Montezooma’s
Revenge, Jaguar creates a thrilling experience that’s not too intense. Its a really fun coaster for the entire two
minute ride! With drops of just 45 feet, Jaguar has a top
speed of only 30 miles or 48 km an hour, so its the perfect family style coaster to get
riders ready for more thrilling coasters at the park. Number 9
Next we’ll make our way into Camp Snoopy where you can find Sierra Sidewinder. This roller coaster manufactured by Mack Rides
opened on May 26th 2007, and what really makes it unique are the ride vehicles. As you ascend up the 62 foot lift tall hill
and drop only 39 feet, you’ll soar across the coaster track dipping, diving and turning
as you reach a top speed of 37miles or 59.5km per hour. So whats so special about these ride vehicles? Well they are constantly spinning. This was the first model of this coaster that
used free spinning vehicles and not a motor, so the amount of spinning will always depend
on factors like the weight in the vehicle. It definitely adds to the thrill but you may
wanna pass on this one if you aren’t as fan of spinning rides; it can be a little
much at times. Sierra SideWinder might be in the kids section
of the park, but don’t mistake this ride for a kiddie coaster because its much more
intense than it looks. Number 8
At the back of the park you’ll find the boardwalk and it’s home to the next ride
on the list. Coast Rider which is also manufactured by
Mack Rides opened on May 25th, 2013 replacing Perilous Plunge. Coast Rider is your typical wild mouse model
roller coaster which can be found in many other amusement parks across the world. After your train ascends up the 52 foot lift
hill, you’ll drop 50 feet reaching top speeds of 37 miles or 59.5km an hour. Before you know it, you’ll find yourself
passing through many sharp turns, more drops and even more twists and turns. With these wild mouse coasters they do give
you the feeling that you’re gonna fall off the edge as you approach each turn which does
add to the overall thrill. The entire ride lasts 1 minute and 50 seconds
and since it isn’t too intense and is definitely on the milder side, Coast Rider is another
great family coaster option at Knott’s Berry Farm. Number 7
Next we’ll head off into Ghost Town to check out Pony Express. This launch coaster manufactured by the Italian
company Zamperla opened on May 22, 2008 and is named after the historic Pony Express mail
service. Now launch coasters have been around for a
couple decades, but what really makes this launch coaster unique are the seat restraints. Pony Express is a motorbike style coaster
where you straddle the seats like you would a bike or in this case a pony or horse. Pony Express was one of the first motorbike
coasters to be built in the United States and it takes you from 0 to 38 miles or 61km
in a matter of 3 seconds. The one downfall is the short ride time of
only about 40 seconds but its still an extremely smooth coaster that definitely gives you a
dose of thrill and is a lot of fun! Number 6
Soaring 312 feet over the park its hard to miss Supreme Scream. Located in the Boardwalk, this free fall ride
opened on July 3, 1998 as the world’s tallest vertical drop ride. Unfortunately It was not able to hold the
record for too long, but today it’s still the tallest structure at Knotts Berry Farm. Once you’re secured in your seat, get ready
for the anticipation to build as you’re lifted 30 stories above the ground. After briefly stopping at the top which in
the moment feels like forever, you’ll then find yourself traveling faster than free-fall
speeds. In a mere 3 seconds, you’re dropped to the
bottom reaching a top speed of 50 miles or 80.5km per hour. Supreme Scream has a ride time of only 45
seconds but its more than enough time to get your adrenaline pumping and make you scream. Number 5
Back in Fiesta Village, you’ll find Montezooma’s Revenge which just happens to be the oldest
ride on the list. Montezooma’s Revenge opened on May 21st
1978 and was the 2nd roller coaster built at Knott’s Berry Farm. Now make sure to keep your head back, because
before you know it you’re launched from 0 to 55 miles or 88.5km per hour in a matter
of 3 seconds. You travel right into a vertical loop, make
your way up the 148 foot tower, then immediately travel backwards through the entire circuit
passing through the load station. This shuttle loop coaster was only one of
12 manufactured. To this day, its the oldest shuttle loop coaster
still in operation in its original park and out of the 6 coasters still operating, it’s
the only one in the United States. Montezooma’s Revenge is another short coaster
with a ride time of only 35 seconds, but with its launch, vertical loop and backwards motion
it never fails to thrill! Number 4
Making our way back to Ghost Town, we’ll find Silver Bullet, the B&M Inverted coaster. Silver Bullet opened on December 7th 2004
and is one of the first things you see before you even enter the park. Themed to the old west, Silver Bullet takes
you through 3125 feet of coaster track and the experience is nothing short of exhilarating. As you make your way up the 146 foot lift
hill with your feet dangling below, you’ll get a great birds eye view of Fiesta Village,
then find yourself heading down the 109 foot drop reaching a top speed of 55miles or 88.5
km per hour. You’ll fly across the track going through
a total of 6 inversions. This includes a vertical loop, a cobra roll,
a zero g roll, and two corkscrews. Now Silver Bullet is a pretty smooth coaster
and not only does it offer some scenic views of the park during the 2 minute and 10 second
ride, it also has the most inversions on any coaster at Knott’s Berry Farm. So, if you’re looking for the ultimate thrill
that will bring you upside down, look no further than Silver Bullet! Number 3
Staying in Ghost Town, we’ll head over to the other end of the land where GhostRider
sends you speeding through 4500 feet of lumber. Considered to be one of the best wooden coasters
in the world, Ghost Rider opened on December 8th 1998 and its beautifully designed. Each click up the 118 foot lift hill leads
to a plunge down a 108 foot drop where you reach a top speed of 56 miles or 90 km an
hour. With a total of 14 hills, you’ll get tons
of airtime as you fly across the coaster track of this double out and back design. With a ride time of 2 minutes and 40s seconds,
you won’t be disappointed with this wooden coaster experience. In Sept of 2015, Ghost Rider was closed to
replace the track and add new trains, and when it reopened in June of 2016 it was as
smooth as it was on opening day in 1998. With this recent refurbishment, GhostRider
is a really enjoyable wooden coaster and it’s sure to satisfy any thrill seeker! Number 2
Next we’ll head into the Boardwalk to take a look at the newest ride on the list. Holding the title as the first dive coaster
in California, Hang Time opened on May 18th, 2018 replacing Boomerang. Towering 150 feet over the park, your train
will make its way up the 90 degree lift hill. Before you head down the drop, your train
comes to halt and hangs off the edge before it traveling down at 96 degree angle; this
might just be one of the best parts of the ride. Reaching top speeds of 57 miles or 92 km an
hour, HangTime makes you feel like you’re riding the ocean waves, and features a total
of 5 inversions including a corkscrew and a cobra roll. The now defunct Boomerang also had a cobra
roll so this inversion on HangTime does act as a little tribute to past wether it was
intentional or not. For the entire 2 minute and 10 second experience,
you’re guaranteed a smooth and exhilarating as each trains maneuvers the twists and turns
of the turquoise track. If you want the ultimate thrilling experience,
be sure to sit in the front row as it really heightens every element on HangTime. Number 1- Xcelerator 82mph
Now its time to speed across the Boardwalk where we’ll find the fastest ride at Knott’s
Berry Farm. Xcelerator opened on June 22, 2002 and compared
to the other rides on the list, this one is incredibly fast. Once you board your 57 Chevy, make sure you
really keep your head back because within 2.3 seconds, you’re launched at 82 miles
or 132 km an hour. It’s just enough acceleration to travel
up the 205 foot top hat element. Once you come straight down, you’ll go around
two over banked turns before the ride quickly comes to an end. Now this coaster looks fast but you really
don’t realize the magnitude of it’s speed until you’re actually on the ride. Xcelerator was manufactured by Intamin and
was the company’s first hydraulic launch coaster installed. The entire ride only lasts about 40 seconds,
but from beginning to end, its nothing short of an intense thrilling experience. You’ll definitely feel the wind in your
hair on this one. So if you’re looking for the ultimate thrill
at Knotts Berry Farm then look no further than Xcelerator. So whats your favourite ride at Knott’s
Berry Farm, either from this list or maybe one I didn’t mention. I’d love to know! Leave a comment down below to start a conversion
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