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TIGER-Brüder 🐯 in der ZOOM Erlebniswelt Gelsenkirchen 🐅 |

March 7, 2020

Hello, today we visit ZOOM Adventure World in Gelsenkirchen. We are here in front of our two Siberian tigers. We have two male tigers, more precisely two brothers: Manu and Trax. The both are now almost eight and a half years old, have been here since 2013 when the installation was opened. Just a few moments ago we placed an enrichment meal for Manu and Trax. In that case we have put the daily portions of beef they get in a challenging packaging: these two boxes. Manu is always a bit more innovative and motivated to participate in enrichmet activities like these ones. Trax still needs a little jump start or has to always look at his brother wondering how does it work or how does he do it? Trax doesn’t like to make a big effort. It is very important that we enrich these animals that usually hunt their prey in nature that they can behave as natural as the German animal protection law allows it, and the beef portion for each tiger is, of course, large enough that they have to work properly to bite or tear off the meat they want, and have got a fair chance to do so. We can usually take material that is a bit more expendable like old think that we can then dispose of afterward, such as the cardboard or just paper sack, so they have something to do – similar to freshly hunted prey, where they also tear open the abdominal wall or fight their way through the fur and pull it apart. That’s the idea behind it. Every now and then we also hang the meat up so that it’s just tied up but not immediately relocatable. Mostly, it’s Manu who starts interacting with that, Trax is more likely to eat when the meat hangs down. He can do that but Manu is rather the one who is energetic and pulls until it tears off at some point and then it drags it away. Things like that go just fine. But there are also a few methods that can be used to enrich these tigers, which are not connected to food: most of the time odorants. We always place alternately and in irregular frequency different odorants like fragrances from other animal species like ungulates or other predators from which we then borrow some bedding or place urine or feces or blankets in the enclosure or whatever the animals like. They also like spices or perfume traces. You can sometimes take advantage of these enrichment to in areas or corners where the animals don’t go as often. Then they promptly mark intensively there because they smelled something they never smelled before in the corner. The Siberian tigers don’t occur often in nature. There is an intensive area, especially Eastern Russia, Siberia the Ussuri valley and also North Korea and China. All in all, there are only about 500 to 550 animals left. So, almost more Siberian tigers live in zoos worldwide than in nature. The habitats there are already heavily populated in some places, the protected areas are not so lush and large, then there is the fact that traditional Asian medicine is keen on using certain parts of the tiger, so poaching is still a big problem and therefore the zoo population is, of course, an important one to save these animals from extinction. In animal keeper talks, as we do once a week here in front of our Siberian tigers, people get at least a little more intense feeling of the tigers. In tigers, of course. it’s not really easy to do but we have a few different materials. These are often things that, like mustache hair, fall off the animals. Then we collect them. For example, in spring and summer, now there is not much left, we collect the undercoat, the winter fur, so that visitors can then safely stroke a Siberian tiger or can touch the fur, at least. It is always very popular, especially with the children, but also with the adults. In order to give them an idea of ​​the paws – close to the enclosure, we also have a board, where we show and represent such prints so that everyone can put their foot or hand next to it – we poured out a paw print. The tigers were three years old when we did it. In the meantime, the foot should also be significantly larger. I always say: these are just the paw prints. Ultimately, if you add muscle tissue and fur et cetera, then the paw is really as big as my face. That is impressive and with this print, the visitors also have a feeling of closeness – in quote marks of course – and sometimes understand things better than just spoken with spoken words. Write your questions in the comment section below and don’t forget to like the video if you enjoyed watching it. In order to never miss a new video, you can subscribe to the channel for free.


  • Reply March 3, 2020 at 3:36 pm

    👉 Noch ein Video aus der Asien-Themenwelt: 👈 here you can find another video about residents of the theme world Asia 😍

  • Reply J B March 3, 2020 at 6:25 pm

    Wie kommt es das die beiden sich so gut vertragen? Tiger sind doch eigentlich Einzelgänger und besonders Männchen bekämpfen sich doch eher auch wenn es Brüder sind.

  • Reply Ara Chen March 4, 2020 at 3:48 am

    Danke fur dieses Video.

  • Reply No Name March 6, 2020 at 8:55 am

    Parfum? Er meint jetzt aber kein Chanel 😉

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