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The September Garden – Plenty Of Harvests & Fall Gardening Preps!

October 17, 2019

hello friends welcome to the California
Garden in the beautiful city of Irvine in Southern California in today’s
episode we will take a garden tour we look at what’s growing in the California
garden this month we look at some harvests we made and we look at some
things to do this month and then we’ll look at some cool gardening products for
you so let’s take a tour of the garden in the first bed we have the small
bulbing kind onions and these are grown for their greens so we will be
harvesting and using these greens as needed the bitter gourd plant has grown
pretty large and it has been one of our best producing plants this season and it
has produced a lot of bitter gourds this bed had the cluster beans growing and
now it’s time for this bed to be prepared for some winter vegetables next
to that we have the hyacinth beans we saw that in the previous month video
there were small plants and now they’re producing a lot of highs and beans as
you can see here right next to the hyacinth bean
we have the okra plant the okra plants have grown very well in these hot
temperatures we’ve had very hot days this September and now of course it’s
cool towards the end of September but we had a relatively hot month this
September so the okra plants grew really well and produced a lot of okra and
right next to that we had the summer vegetables growing we cleared this bed
we now planted cilantro at the back and we’re gonna be planting some brassicas
in this bed and maybe some garlic for the cool season right next to that bed
we have some more okra and these okras had also grown very well and as you can
see here are still producing some okras they will be producing a little bit
maybe for this month but I might plan to remove these plants this month and as
you can see here the chilies also have slowed down production now that we are
entering the cooler season the tomatoes grew very well I think it was a good
idea to plant them in July, June is actually better for the second crop and
as you can see here the celebrity tomato is loaded with tomatoes right now and
the inter planted basil as well has grown very well the other two tomato
varieties did produce tomatoes and we’ll look at that in the harvest section of
the video it’s again slow down a little bit
but we’ll see how it goes this month and this concludes the tour of the raised
beds and now let’s look at the containers we have the pineapple plant
growing as usual the pubescens pepper did produce the peppers but I’m not
very happy with what was produced so I might just remove this plant and plant
something else The Painted Hill corn is growing very well and hopefully I’ll get
to harvest some corn next month as you can see
they are producing some good ears this is the whiskey barrel container where I
planted some radish some white radishes and we’ll see how that goes this is the
Ivy gourd plant that I discussed in my previous video growing pretty well the
fruit production has slowed down so it will still produce some flowers but not
as abundantly as it did last month in the summer season you can still see a
few fruits here that are growing and doing well and this is the Bush hyacinth
bean once again growing in the whiskey barrel container looks like it towards
the end of its production so we’ll see what to do with this on the back
containers we have the lemongrass the curry leaf plant they are perennials
they grow pretty much around the year and then next to that you can see that
the chili plant is now slowed down production as well and next to that
the tomato plan that will be removed soon the mint plant has now taken off
after being trimmed and that’s the mulberry tree on the back the Malabar
spinach right next to that the tomatoes as you can see here still has the spider
mite issue the one at the back the container and the pineapple plant this
is the other one that we planted so this is also growing pretty well that’s the
Malabar spinach it’s trying to use the support that we provided the curry leaf
did produce a lot of seeds and right behind that is the Meyer lemon plant and
the strawberries are now not producing much because they produced in the spring
season and we also now have some plants on our shelf the Shelf that I discussed
in my previous monthly video it is a great quality shelf I’m using it for
starting my seeds and as you can see here I’ve used some aluminum trays where
I have my seed starter kits and I also have this seed starting greenhouse which
I will review in today’s video and as you can see here a lot of plants growing
we have the basil plants two varieties of perennial Basil and we have some
seeds that we started and I will talk more about this when we look at the
things to do in your garden for this month but overall this area of the
garden has a lot of these small plants and small containers that are much
better organized on the shelf rather than just laying around you know all
over the garden and now let’s at what’s growing in our garden this
month we have the Ivy gourd plant that is growing we reviewed this in detail in
our previous video and as I mentioned it’s still producing some good fruits
next we have our fruit trees we have the Dancy tangerine that have produced a lot
of fruits and right next to that we have the Mexican guava plant which is also
producing well and the tomato varieties that we are growing right now are the
Cherokee carbon and a couple more tomato varieties out of which I really like the
celebrity tomato that is growing pretty well and it’s the best producer so far
this month and then we also have the giant German Queen tomato producing very
well the Moringa plants are now towards the end of their season
but they have produced a lot of good leaves and pods that we will see in
the harvest section the Thai basil that was interplanted with the tomatoes is
growing well and finally the RajaPuri bananas the dwarf banana plant is
producing a lot of bananas and hopefully we’ll be harvesting them soon and now
let’s look at the harvest we made this month beginning with amaranth we did
harvest a lot of amaranth now I did not specifically plant amaranth but we did
get it from various parts of our garden in the raised beds and it grew from last
year seeds next we move on to the bitter gourd harvest now the bitter gourds are
a very healthy vegetable and you must read about the health benefits it’s
extremely healthy and our bitter gourd plant was one of the heaviest producers
for this month and we were able to harvest a lot of bitter gourds that we
ate and we also shared with our friends and neighbors so a lot of bitter gourds
that were harvested from this plant and moving on to the cantaloupe that we
harvested or the musk melon as it’s called in some parts of the world this
is a lovely fruit and they are extremely sweet now this cantaloupe variety
produces small-sized melons and as you can see homegrown cantaloupes
are just so amazing they look nice and they taste absolutely sweet and it’s a
pleasure to grow them in your home garden so do try out growing cantaloupes
if you haven’t already we now move on to harvesting our chilies now we had the
cayenne pepper growing for a while now and we have been harvesting all the
while from the late spring season to almost fall now and as you can see here
the cayenne pepper is producing really well and still has a lot of peppers now
after we harvest these peppers we will trim these plants down and prepare them
for the dormant season which is coming up and hopefully over went to them now
moving on to cucumbers now it wasn’t a great season for us for cucumbers but we
did harvest some white cucumbers that we were growing in our whiskey barrel
container this month and as you can see here most of the cucumbers that we grew
turn yellow pretty quickly which is kind of strange now if you look at this
cucumber this is how the cucumber should be but for some reason the cucumber
matured very quickly now if you wait till this stage as what you’re seeing
here that’s too late and moving on to grapes we did have some more grapes that
we harvested this month and some of the grapes even turn into these raisins on
the plant itself and the Sun just you know turned them into raisins and if you
look at the grapes here there are a lot of grapes and we even had some grapes
growing towards the top and I had to use a tall ladder to get on the top and when
I looked at the grapes it was just amazing there were a lot of grapes
growing on the top part of the plant and I was able to harvest most of it and I’m
slowly trimming the plant as I harvest the grapes and as you can see here these
are a lot of sweet grapes moving on the hyacinth beans we had the bush
hyacinth beans growing in this whiskey barrel container and they’ve produced
pretty well and they are still producing and the hyacinth bean variety that we’re
growing here is a bush variety not the vining or the climbing variety and is
the first time I’m growing this and it’s been an excellent experience and we are
also growing the same hyacinth bean variety in our raised bed and we were
able to harvest a lot of hyacinth beans all throughout this month and it
was a great month to harvest these hyacinth beans and as you can see here they
look beautiful and extremely healthy and very delicious
the Moringa plant is a miracle tree it’s a superfood and each part of the plant
is just loaded with nutrition and our Moringa plant was not only producing
excellent leaves green leaves loaded with vitamins and minerals
it was also producing pods so it was time to harvest the pods and as you can
see here the long moringa pods which you can see can be harvested and there are a
lot of uses for the pods and there are some excellent recipes you can make with
these pods the Moringa flowers are also absolutely delicious now Moringa flowers
are usually added to soups and here you can see the Moringa flowers they look
beautiful they taste amazing and it’s extremely healthy as well and you can
also use the Moringa leaves you can dry them you can add it to your smoothies or
you can just cook them raw they’re an excellent source of vitamins and
minerals and these are the pods that we harvested again extremely healthy very
delicious and they look gorgeous don’t they? now lets move onto okra we harvested a lot of
okra and they were harvesting okra almost every day throughout the month of
September and the reason for the excellent harvest for okra is the high
temperatures now whenever temperatures reach around 80 to 90 degrees Fahrenheit
the okra plants really take off and we did have temperatures around that range
almost throughout the month and it even reached around 95 for a few days and these
are the conditions that okra simply loves and we could harvest a lot of okra
pods as you can see here beautiful looking pods and they were growing very
well in our raised beds and here is one harvest beautiful harvest and the okra
plants produced like crazy and now let’s look at the sweet potatoes the sweet
potato bird was one of the birds that was occupied for a very long time by the
sweet potatoes and as you can see here we harvested some sweet potatoes some
really big ones it was an excellent harvest and here you can see giant sweet
potatoes now we did harvest some tomatoes the Cherokee carbon is one
variety that we tried for the first time this year and as you can see here a
beautiful looking tomato and this variety is
a cross between the Cherokee purple and a beefsteak followed by the German Queen
which is another excellent tomato that we harvested the German Queen is a
heirloom tomato and the heirloom tomatoes are one of the best tasting
tomatoes so overall both of these tomato varieties were excellent and pretty
large and give us a very good harvest and now let’s look at the things to do
in your garden this month you can plant your garlic and onion sets now the
garlic is a cool season crop and we’ve planted and fall you should be able to
get a good harvest sometime around spring so plant your garlic starts like
you are seeing here in this video and if you have onion sets or onion plants it’s
also a good time to plant them I haven’t started them yet and you can also sow
some cool season vegetable seeds so you can direct sow radish as you can see
here this is winter radish it produces pretty large sized radishes and you can
sow them either in containers or in your raised beds and I’m just going to be
covering this with some coco coir I already had some soil in this container
so all I had to do was really sow the seeds evenly and then cover them with
coco coir so that they germinate under that layer and you can also start some
cool season vegetables like kohlrabi cabbage cauliflower any Brassica
broccoli and this is a good time to do so
they will grow for the next four to six weeks in this seed starting kit and then
once they are ready to be transplanted you can transplant them in your raised
beds or in the ground and now let’s look at some gardening products this month we
have the Burpee self watering seed starting kit for review and this is
available on Amazon and in your local hardware stores your gardening
and what it has is 36 cells for growing your seed starts now it does come with
the seed starting blocks or peat moss where you will be starting your seeds
and it has some guidelines on what you can grow and how you can note down the
progress of your growth and what you’re growing and it also comes with this mat
as you can see here which actually wicks the water towards the the seed starting
peat pots the bottom reservoir is where the water goes so it’s a pretty simple
setup it’s just a reservoir with mat that actually helps wicking the water
and then all you do is just add the water to the top just so that they
expand to full size and once they expand to full size they will keep faking the
water from the bottom reservoir and then continue to expand and then the wicking
pad will actually allow the moisture to be taken up by the plants [music] if you’re starting seeds indoors you can
keep a track of what you’re growing and as you can see here we are growing some
kohlrabi some beets some onions overall this is a great solution to start seeds
indoors or before you have space in your garden and in just a few days you will
see that the seedlings have emerged and it’s a great way to start your seeds
separate from your raised beds of the ground so overall it’s a great product I
highly recommend that you use this product and you won’t be disappointed so
there we have it folks that was our episode on the California Garden in the
month of September if you like this video please do give us a thumbs up and
subscribe to our channel if you’re not already a subscriber so that you keep
getting regular updates I will see you again soon happy gardening


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