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The Milking Process at our Farm!

December 31, 2019

Chester! Mimi: Hey, look what I can do with my tongue! (Window peepers!) Hello! Siete! Hi, Siete! Oh, are you a happy little calf this morning? (I could never chew that fast!) Are you all tired out, Sylvia? Yeah. So first she takes a dry, clean towel, and puts it in the udder wash, and makes it all wet, and removes any excess dirt off her. Then she puts the Effercept pre-dip on her teats, to help kill bacteria and germs. Then, finally, she takes a dry, clean towel, and then she wipes all the water and wet off with all the dirt. And now, Korynne is ready to be milked! Her teats, in the back, instead of going like that, they go more like that, and they cross each other, so they’re kind of, I don’t know how to explain it. They’re forced to part when the milker goes on, so the milker can’t get on the teats fully. All the milk that is removed from the milker goes through this big hose right here, and into this silver pipe which runs along into the milkhouse, which I’ll show you in a minute. And then this hose is to that white pipe which is the vacuum, and that sucks the milker on either side- that’s why there are two different sections of this hose, one sucks one side, and one sucks the other at two different times, so it goes like that. Then all of the milk travels down this silver pipe and through a series of pipes into this receiver jar, and then when this gets full, it pumps it out and into the tank, but Korynne’s milk is bad right now because she’s been treated for dry cow, because she just had a calf. So actually what’s gonna happen is the milk’s gonna collect in here, then it’s gonna pump out this little hose right here, into these buckets for the calves to eat. This is Korynne’s calf. Her name is Sydney. Oh, Sydney! Oh, Sydney! We had to move Annie out of Korynne’s stall so we could bring Korynne in. Now Annie is living in Wendy’s stall, and she’s still gonna have to move! Poor cow. So when Wendy has her calf, hopefully we’ll have an empty stal by then that Annie can go into!

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