The Micro Gardener

October 2, 2019

Hi, I’m Anne Gibson – The Micro Gardener and I’m an Author Garden coach, Educator and Speaker and I love helping people grow nutrient-dense food in small spaces I launched in 2010 as a platform for people all over the world to learn how to grow food with easy tutorials, tips and video lessons. If you’d love to do what I do – Pick an abundant basket every day of fresh ingredients from your own balcony or ‘Backyard Supermarket’ Or maybe, it’s a windowsill garden. It really doesn’t matter how small the space is. You CAN do this. I basically create our daily menu with fresh ingredients right throughout the year, with what’s coming out of my garden. Whether that’s containers or even picking a little bit of fresh fruit like these delicious mulberries that are in season right now So much can grow in containers Even fruit trees … berries, herbs And of course loads of vegetables! Hippocrates once said “Let thy food be thy medicine and thy medicine be thy food” and really, that’s something we should all be living by. All of the goodness that we need to live a healthy life and have lots of energy Really comes from a beautiful rainbow of foods on our plate. The more colour, the more nutrition. But I take a very holistic view of growing food It’s not just organics It’s not just about growing food without chemicals but you have to use sustainable practices and Make sure you actually ADD the nutrition into the soil and make sure that the plants have all the minerals that they need, so that they’re not lacking. If the plants are suffering because they’re nutrient deficient Then the food that you eat will be nutrient deficient too. Ever tasted a bitter carrot? That’s simply because it didn’t have all the minerals when it was being grown. We simply can’t expect an abundance of nutrient-dense food to come from ‘dead dirt’! In 2004 I had a massive wake-up call in my life. I discovered I had cancer Now, I had a young family at the time and I’d really taken my health for granted. But that moment was really the catalyst to discovering what was wrong. What was I doing that was impacting my health and well-being? What was compromising my immune system? Sure, I was under stress – as a lot of people are these days, but it was MORE than that. What was in my trolley and my pantry were really NOT putting the nutrients on our plates. So I decided to really dig deep. Go starting asking questions. I was looking at WHERE my food was coming from. If I wasn’t growing it, who was? HOW was it being grown? And what I discovered, I really really didn’t like! I found out about genetically modified seeds. I discovered that farmers were spraying fungicides and pesticides herbicides everything, all over the food that I was eating and it wasn’t something I could wash off. Those were systemic pesticides that went right through the food, so my body and maybe yours, is also accumulating a huge amount of toxic chemicals and we reach an overload point where the body is not able to process that. So I wanted to put a stop to it. I wanted to return my health and I made a decision right then at that point in my life that I was going to have a healthy life from that point forward and I was going to do something proactive about it. So I decided to go and grow my own food. I wanted to learn how to do it. Not just organically, but I wanted to discover and join the dots between what was happening in the soil and how the plants became healthy and how I could get that beautiful nutrition in to support not only my own health but also that of my family. So then, that’s part of my story And why I was so excited, was what I discovered. So when you understand the links between how our soils have been depleted over time, with all those chemicals killing the life in the soil It’s no wonder poor farmers have to keep spraying and drenching their plants with chemicals Because they need to prop them up Now unfortunately we have the flow on affect of that – of absorbing all of that into our bodies. Now what I’m excited about is showing you how to do the exact opposite. Allowing plants to grow naturally without the need for chemicals – and not just organically But how do we get healthy leaves that don’t get bitten by insects? That aren’t attacked by pests? Pests are just “Nature’s Cleanup Crew”! They are there to destroy and eat weak plants. If you see a lot of pests in your garden, it’s a clue there’s something wrong that you need to work on and it’s likely in your soil. The great news is I’ve learned that you can rebuild your health. The body responds SO quickly to nourishing food. Research has shown in just a few weeks that your body can change and start healing IF you’re getting the right nutrition and the best way to do that, is with all the living nutrients that are in fresh whole foods that are grown in healthy soil. Because ALL of the compounds in those foods are working in synergy. To start healing from within the body and it gives you SO much energy too. So you can empower yourself to prevent illness or to heal yourself if you’re growing the right things and eating the right way. We all have excuses for why we don’t DO something but sometimes that’s the reason that illness catches up with us. Because maybe we put something else ahead of our health. I’ve been there. I’ve been through the pain I’ve walked in those shoes and I would love to be able to prevent other people from going through that experience. There’s nothing worse in life to realize how precious it is Until it’s almost too late and I really urge you to make a decision right now. To put yourself FIRST. To nurture your health so you can be the best you can be. To give your best in life to all those that you love and to really Set a GOAL to just start with one food. Right now, that you can grow this week and just FOCUS on that. Get good at it. Bring a new ‘plant baby’ home! Get to know how to grow it. Enjoy the nutrient-dense health benefits of eating that and you’ll be addicted! I guarantee it. It’s absolutely such a wonderful journey. It’s like being a ‘plant parent’ and having this amazing relationship to nurture some food and then it nurtures you back! and There’s this wonderful give-and-take relationship. It might be a seed or a little baby plant that grows up but what unfolds is … when you GIVE It’s the Law of Reciprocity … you RECEIVE in return And that’s the beautiful thing about growing an organic garden. I’d love to help you too. To live an abundant life for a long time and Doing the things that you love and really without good health It really limits our choices. I’m SO grateful That I’ve had a second chance in life and I can do something with my life that means something and that means helping others. So I’d love to show YOU how you can live more sustainably Rebuild your health and prevent illness and eat and utilize an incredible variety of nutrient dense foods That YOU can choose from your own ability to grow and have that amazing satisfaction of being self-reliant Empowering yourself to live the kind of life that YOU want. So come with me on this learning journey and I’ll share all the things that I’ve discovered and hopefully it will make a BIG difference to you and your confidence in understanding these little links. It’ll just be in a few minutes here and there. You can layer your learning and really have fun with it like I do! So I invite you to dig in and check out my website and enjoy the lessons that I have on offer for you to learn how to grow an abundance of healthy nutritious food in small spaces.

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