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The Last Tsar of Russia – Nicholas II I WHO DID WHAT IN WW1?

October 16, 2019

Tsar Nicholas II of Russia was not only the
final Romanov tsar, but the last tsar of Russia, and it’s fairly safe to say that as tsar
he failed in pretty much every way possible; not just in Russia, but also leading his armies
in the Great War as the head of the Imperial Russian army from 1915 onward, so he took
blame for the army’s failures. The wrath of his people was eventually insurmountable
and he abdicated in March 1917, was subsequently taken into custody with his entire family,
and executed in Ekaterinburg in 1918. My Name is Indy Neidell; welcome to another
biography episode of WHO DID WHAT in WW1. Nikolai Alexandrovitch Romanov was born May
18th, 1868 in what is today Puschkin, the eldest son of five children. His grandfather
Alexander I was tsar at the time and you can see how the Romanov blood line was spread
around Europe- George V of England and Kaiser Wilhelm II of Germany were his cousin and
cousin in law, and his mother was a former Princess of Denmark. His childhood was a quiet and isolated one
but life changed in 1881 when his grandfather was assassinated. His father became Tsar Alexander
III and Nicholas became heir to the throne at the age of 12. From the age of 16 he studied
law at the University of St. Petersburg and also attended military school, graduating
as a general. On November 1, 1894, life changed once again
as his father died of liver failure and Nicholas II became the new Tsar of Russia. In spite
of his education, he knew nothing of government affairs and was in every way in over his head;
his father had expected to live many more years and had not taught the son in affairs
of state. On November 26, Nicholas married Princess Alix von Hessen-Darmstadt, granddaughter
of Queen Victoria of England. She changed her name to the orthodox Alexandra Fjodorowna
and they had five children; the youngest, Alexei, heir to the throne, born in 1904. Nikolaus was an absolute ruler, very conservative,
and a strong believer in divine right. His rule was extremely non-progressive and Russia
was in desperate need of economic and agricultural reform. There was also no legal certainty
in Russia during that time, no Parliament or Constitution, and when the middle and working
classes rose up to assert any sort of rights, Nicholas cracked down on then brutally and
used the Ochana, the dreaded secret police, to hunt down his political opponents. Furthermore,
anti semitism was prominent among his ministers, which led to several hundred pogroms against
Jews between 1903 and 1906. This, combined with an unexpected loss on both land and sea
at war against Japan, shocked the nation, and sparked the 1905 revolution, a huge protest
movement, and general strikes which paralyzed Russia. The reaction was harsh: hundreds of
people were shot by soldiers at demonstrations; 60,000 in 1906 alone. Nicholas explained simply
to his mother “terror must be fought with terror.”, but eventually the revolution
forced him to establish basic civil rights and the Duma- a parliament chosen by universal
suffrage. However, Nicholas managed to constrain the Duma financially and eventually to limit
suffrage to the wealthy. This resulted in Parliaments loyal to his conservative policies. Russia was overwhelmed by the outbreak of
the First World War, and as the other countries one by one stumbled into the fight, Russia’s
military élite was on holiday. But as you know if you watched early episodes of our
show, Russia supported Serbia and had a strong alliance with France, so Nicholas went to
war against his cousin the Kaiser, whom he called Willy. The early weeks of the war were disastrous
for Russia, with the catastrophic losses at both Tannenberg and the Masurian Lakes, but
the Russian army fought far better in the winter and spring, crushing the Turks at Sarikamish
and nearly destroying the Austro-Hungarian forces before they were reinforced by Germany.
A late spring and summer offensive by Germany and Austria smashed the Russian army, though,
and huge swathes of Russian territory were overrun. All Russia was in shock, and against
the advice of his ministers, Nicholas took control of the Russian army September 5th,
1915; which may well have been the greatest mistake of his reign. He removed Grand Duke
Nikolai Nikolaevitch from command paralyzing the army, which was severely lacking both
weapons and ammunition anyhow, and though Nicholas allowed his chief of staff to plan
strategies, it was Nicholas that was blamed for every defeat and failure. As he held the line at his headquarters in
Belarus, he put government affairs into his wife’s hands. She was strongly influenced
by Rasputin, though, a charismatic mystic and faith healer. Under his influence, ministers
were dismissed seemingly willy nilly, destabilizing the government ever more until it finally
ground to a halt. The harsh winter of 1917 just made it worse. There were food shortages
everywhere, and the starving nation craved peace. Nicholas and Alexandra’s reputations
were abysmal with he considered a failure in the field and she- following Rasputin’s
terrible advice- even being called a German spy. Rasputin’s assassination at the end
of 1916 couldn’t help their image. Revolution was in the air and there were demonstrations
daily. On March 12th, 1917, soldiers put down their guns and joined the demonstrations,
it was the end of the empire. Three days later, Nicholas gave up his throne. His brother Mikhail
refused to take it and 300 years of Romanov rule were over. Tsar Nicholas II was now plain
old Nikolai Romanov once again. He and his family were taken into custody March 21st.
They were moved several times but once the Bolsheviks gained control of the country,
the Romanovs were assassinated and mutilated: 18 family members and friends died, though
the public was only informed about Nicholas. The other killings remained state secret until
1925. So… Tsar Nicholas II. In many ways an incompetent
and brutal emperor responsible for millions upon millions of deaths, and certainly at
least partly responsible for the ever rising social inequality in Russia that led to revolution.
And for our purposes, for this show, a flawed military leader who cost his country enormous
amounts of European territory, but which gave rise to independent nations like Latvia, Finland,
and Estonia. However, he and his reputation have seen a rehabilitation. In 2008 the Russian
court officially decided the family was victims of political murder, and in 2000 the entire
family was canonized by the Russian Orthodox Church and have been worshipped by many as
martyrs What do you think about the Nicky number two?
Should he maybe be looked on in a more forgiving light since he was a product of his times,
or did he deserve to be swept away by the revolution? Tell us your thoughts in the comments
section and if you want fo find out more about an important figure for the Bolsheviks, check
out the portrait of Karl Marx over at our Partner Channel IT’S HISTORY. If you like a view behind the scenes of our
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  • Reply Matir Manush February 8, 2019 at 3:16 am

    Nicholas II must be reinstalled and honored as as the last Tsar of Russia. He was not a bad ruler as depicted. He was the victim of wrong time and wrong decisions. But he was a great Tsar. He and his family should not have been executed like this. It was a great mistake of the Bolsheviks.

  • Reply Verdeflor Tin February 10, 2019 at 6:57 am

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    My country wouldn't exist today without Nicolas II Romanov!

  • Reply Zee Man February 13, 2019 at 3:28 am

    What goes around comes around

  • Reply Ryan Bailey February 14, 2019 at 1:57 pm

    As an American married to a Russian who attends Russian orthodox church with almost all Russians, I've observed an almost complete denial of reality amongst Russians when it comes to nicholas. They talk about how merciful and pious he was etc etc. When I point out the truth they argue with me and ignore me. I think there is a craving for nationalistic pride that they sooth with the rehabilitation of nicholas that was left empty by the Soviet years. Most Russians now despise the Soviet union, consider the bolsheviks traitors to Russia, and the Emperor is almost synonymous with Russia itself to them. My observations and opinions are only my own.

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    All of the information represented in the video is a lie. One hundred years have passed. Britans still hate and afraid of Romanovs.

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    The disgusting monsters who murdered a man and his entire family including the very young children, should be remembered for what they were. Just that. Long live the Tsar and may he and all other fallen European monarchies be restored to their rightful throne.

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  • Reply Terry R. April 6, 2019 at 10:10 am

    The brutality of the Tsarist regimes is/are the basis for the LITERALLY PERMANENT terroristic policies of the Communist Soviet Union that followed. Lesser known fact is that Lenin INTENDED for terrorism to be a TEMPORARY practice for the early Soviet state to compensate for the brutal terroristic practices of the previous Tsarists regimes; BUT (!!!) the long-LONG history of the Tsarist rule created a myriad of massive hate against the Tsarist regimes and subsequently the seemingly endless sought revenge of the early regional Soviets that resulted in the terror (equal to the post French revolution era of terrorism AND…) the execution of the ENTIRE Romanov family like that. Stalin then PERMATIZED terrorism as a REGULAR practise of the Communist government leading to REGULAR description of Communism as terroristic we know it today.

    This is NOT a justification of Communism or terrorism, …BUT (!!!!), a attempt to explain, Lenin;s BIGGEST MISTAKE was that with all the long-LONG history of hatred and brutality associated with the Tsarist regime(s), the use of terrorism COULD NOT BE TEMPORARY!!!! History has proven this to be true repeatedly. Once the use of terrorism starts, there's NO stopping it.

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    That Nicholas explained to hes mother terror must be fought with terror

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    I’ve wondered what would have happened had he survived, but being a fierce autocrat, much of the same

  • Reply indy_go_blue60 July 9, 2019 at 2:00 am

    It's historically tragic that both Kaiser Wilhelm and Tsar Nicholas II's fathers died young, early in their reigns, and leaving incompetent sons behind to assume the thrones. Meanwhile old Emperor Franz Joseph lives forever denying the throne to an heir that might've saved the world from this horrible war.

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    Tsar-Nicholas II was a terrible leader but Russia in general was a terribly backward-country. The-Russians were defeated by the-British and the-French in the Crimean-War of 1853, they lost against the-Japanese in 1905, and were constantly bested by the Germans and the Austrians during WWI. The only major-nation that was constantly bested by the-Russians were the Islamic Ottoman-Empire and Ottoman-Turkey itself was known as "the Sickman of Europe!" So basically Russia was a basket-case!!!….. 😀

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    Nicolas was forced to abdicate in March 1917, and it was partly in response to that event as well as other political and social pressures that 4 months later in July 1917 George changed the family from Saxe-Coburg and Gotha to Windsor, (it only then, already three years into WWI did he publicly renounce all his families German titles and land holdings.) George and the Royal family was in an extremely weakened position and not able to offer anyone asylum. The British Government of the time genuinely feared a full scale uprising if Nicolas was allowed to come to the UK.

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    It always amazes me just how much Nicholas and George looked, they looked like they could be brothers

  • Reply whaddyamean99 August 8, 2019 at 4:05 am

    I wrote a paper about Nicholas II in high school that said much of the same. He was a man who was never meant to rule, by that I mean he was never trained and never wanted the job in the first place. He was raised by a conservative fanatic who believed that the only way to rule was with an iron fist and that fire must be fought with a bigger fire. Nicholas was the absolute ruler of the world's largest country (not counting colonial empires) at a time when kingdoms were falling like flies. He should never have ruled, he should have been a family man, not an emperor.

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    This channel is either fully incompetent or biased and on the rails of propaganda against who ever they choose to be the victim.

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    Seeing how the orthodox church praised the Tsar family and how strong the russian people connected to it at the time, I believe the right way for Russia back then would’ve been to let the provisional government (from the February/March revolution) turn Russia into a constituational monarchy, changing the Tsars role to a ceremonial head of church and state, that would definitely calm the religious and nationalistic part of the population, and since Nicholas had a lot of blood on his account by that time, his brother could be asked to take the throne, then the choice for him would’ve been entirely different considering the responsibillity involved. That would make the Tsar not have any practical power, then having the prime minister and its government as the enacting power.
    If this would be possible, the Provisional government would not continue the WW1 campaign, then Lenin couldn’t use that against them, (which granted him the power in the case of our own history.)

    And ideally, Nicholas II should’ve never engaged in WW1 and genocide against his own people, but reform democratically and help his people out in the best way suited at that time, that way the Tsar family would’nt be opposed as much as they were by the end of the empire, that would make the constitutional monarchy outcome more likely.

    Rasputin on the other hand should’ve been chopped into bits no matter the outcome.

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