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The Horrifying Unsolved Slaughter At Hinterkaifeck Farm

November 16, 2019

– [Voiceover] So what’s
the name of this one? – [Voiceover] This story,
in my opinion, may actually be creepier than the last one. On the evening of March 31st, 1922 six residents of the Hinterkaifeck Farm in Bavaria, Germany were murdered with a pickaxe. Husband and wife Andreas
and Cazilia Gruber, their widowed daughter Viktoria, and Victoria’s two
children Cazilia and Josef, as well as the Gruber family,
maid Maria Baumgartner. I couldn’t find like a
super credible news source that covered this, but there are so many accounts of it online,
it obviously happened. – [Voiceover] So this is just
fucking, fan fiction someone– – [Voiceover] No! This isn’t– – [Voiceover] Someone just
wrote, haha, of like– – [Voiceover] There’s
picture, there’s pictures And then there’s like
records of it in Germany. – [Voiceover] You work at BuzzFeed! And you don’t know that
you can doctor pictures? – [Voiceover] These aren’t doctored. – [Voiceover] Dude,
okay, let’s get into it. – [Voiceover] Just to give you
a little picture of the scene two year old Josef was
murdered in his crib, the family maid Maria
was murdered in her bed, the rest of the family though had been slaughtered in the family barn. – [Voiceover] So four of the
family’s killed in the barn and then the baby, two year old, and maid are left killed in their beds. – [Voiceover] Exactly. So for some reason the rest of the family was killed in the barn. And they were found stacked
on top of each other. – [Voiceover] Safe to assume
they weren’t already stacked on top of each other
(wheezing) and then killed.
(laughter) but they were killed and then
stacked on top of each other. – [Voiceover] (laughing)
And then he killed them all in one fatal strike. – [Voiceover] (laughing) Okay. – [Voiceover] Yeah, no,
it didn’t happen that way. This is where shit starts
to get fucking creepy. – [Voiceover] Okay – [Voiceover] Whoever did this, and this is actually just disgusting, actually stayed in the house for several days after he
murdered the entire family. And we know that he did
this because in the week that followed the murders
cattle were still being fed, meals were still being
eaten in the kitchen, neighbors reported seeing
smoke rising from the chimney, and then the family dog was
tied up outside the barn when the post man came on Saturday. The bodies were discovered by the way, the next day, on Sunday. – [Voiceover] So that’s why
he moved them to the barn so he could
(laughing) continue living in the house. – [Voiceover] I just feel like,
you murder an entire family you wanna get away from there.
(laughing) This guy felt the need to
make himself a sandwich. Anyways, another creepy detail of this is that Maria, the family maid
that was murdered in her bed, she’d just been hired that day, that was her first day on the job. To replace the previous maid
who quit six months earlier due to the house being haunted. You want to know some of
the things that caused the other maid to quit? – [Voiceover] No. – [Voiceover] The other
maid claimed she heard footsteps in the attic,
voices, things like that. You know, classic ghost story shit. So she quit and the family dismissed her as just another wacky
lady with wacky thoughts. You know, see you later. But surprise six months later now the family starts hearing footsteps in the attic and then Mr. Gruber, you know the head of the household, he finds an unfamiliar newspaper in the house that he’d never seen before. A set of housekeys go missing. – [Voiceover] Hmm – [Voiceover] He also finds
that the family toolshed has been scratched up like
someone tried to pick the lock. – [Voiceover] That where
they kept the pickaxe? – [Voiceover] Exactly. – [Voiceover] Noooooo! Really? They kept the pickaxe in a tool shed? – [Voiceover] Where else were
you gonna keep a pickaxe? And finally footprints are discovered by Mr. Gruber, in the snow, leading to the back of the house coming from the woods, but
there’s no return footsteps. They just go straight to the house. Whoever walked into the
house didn’t walk back. There was no money taken. Because there was large sums
of cash found on the farm. So, they were pretty sure that
this was a crime of passion. For suspects they really
only had one legitimate guy. and it was their neighbor
Lorenz Schlittenbauer. – [Voiceover] It can’t be the neighbor, think about it practically
if he’s running his own farm when does he have time – [Voiceover] Huhuh – [Voiceover] to live
in someone else’s house and like wake up in the
morning and feed his cows? – [Voiceover] Hahuh. – [Voiceover] That’s a six man job that one person was doing.
(laughing) – [Voiceover] Mr. Schlittenbauer believed that Viktoria’s son Josef. – [Voiceover] The two year old. – [Voiceover] Yeah, the two year old. He thought it was his son. He’d been intimate with Viktoria. – [Voiceover] hmm. – [Voiceover] However the
son was later discovered to belong to Andreas Gruber. – [Voiceover] What!? – [Voiceover] Josef was
the product of incest. Meaning Andreas Gruber
played the horrifying role of father and grandfather. Also another little
factoid to round off this week of serious bad luck for this family. When the families heads were removed to be studied in the autopsy, they lost the heads. So that meant the family
had to be buried headless. – [Voiceover] Dude it’s 1922 – [Voiceover] How do you lose? – [Voiceover] Things get lost – [Voiceover] That’s six
heads! That’s so many heads! How do you lose that many heads? – [Voiceover] I, government, man. – [Voiceover] (laughing) The
government (laughing) what? – [Voiceover] What happened
to the house after, did anyone move in? – [Voiceover] They
demolished it a year after the crime had happened. Just so there’s not this
terrible monument of murder in their neighborhood. And they but a, actually
just a monument now, like a literal monument. – [Voiceover] That’s nice. – [Voiceover] To commemorate the family. – [Voiceover] I’m just trying
to find out who did it? Who done it? That’s the question. – [Voiceover] Yeah. I mean still unsolved and I don’t think it ever will be solved.


  • Reply Jurnee Taylor June 20, 2019 at 1:49 am

    The house keys went missing and the tool shed had scratches

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  • Reply blinchik June 24, 2019 at 5:39 am

    yea its simple it was a crazy homeless man that found a place to live he was scared that if they find him they would kick him out and arrest him, so he came to the simple answer of just killing them and his original goal was to find a place to live so he stayed their and moved the bodies that smelled and the other bodies that he didnt move probobly had doors that he closed in rooms he didnt need, the bodies that he moved were probobly killed in places that used so he made himself comfy.

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  • Reply Mikie Mouse June 26, 2019 at 10:01 pm

    All of these pictures look sooo creepy because of how old they are. It gives me chills.

    But imagine how these types videos are going to in some years. Just pictures of everyone's duck face on Instagram or silly filters on snapchat😂

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  • Reply Ri-Ri D July 2, 2019 at 4:54 am

    I listen to a great true crime/paranormal podcast called "and that's why we drink," and they covered this in one of their episodes. i don't have the sources from where they got their info, but i remember hearing from their research that one of the children (could have been viktoria) lasted through the attacks and was stacked underneath. so this child was crying out for mom and dad (who were on top of them, dead, bleeding) because they were so mortally wounded. the poor child succumbed to their wounds eventually (i'm not sure how long after, maybe like 2 hours??).

    another part covered was a theory as to why the killer stayed in the house: they didn't want anything to seem out of the ordinary; they went about living there to dissuade people from thinking something was wrong.

    whatever really happened is still equally tragic and i hope that family is now at rest (except for maybe the dad because i think he was abusive?? which would sort of explain where josef came from). side note: i really love that podcast and you should go check 'em out!!

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  • Reply isabel July 18, 2019 at 7:17 pm

    theory 3 years too late:
    the old maid had found the guy in the attic, and he threatened to kill her if she didn't quit/ or told people. he was thinking he was in the clear for 6 months, but when he realized they hired another maid, he knew it was only a matter of time before he was found again, so he killed everyone.

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    I personally hold the father who's the head of household responsible for this! It was his duty to keep his family safe, he had all the evidence he needed to tear that house apart looking for the intruder long before the murders were committed. I had 4 scumbags try to rob my house on August 29th of 2018 with my girlfriend and daughter inside and I sent one of those motherfuckers straight to hell with my trusty peacemaker! I sleep quite well at night knowing I protected my family which is my duty as the male head of household. I would have torn my property apart piece by piece if I'd come home one day to find footsteps leading from the woods to my home. Wtf was Mr Gruber thinking?

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    Investigators discovered young Cäzilia had clumps of hair in her hands and bald patches all over her head, causing them to conclude she had ripped out her own hair. The authorities theorize that the little girl probably didn't die right away from her injuries. Cäzilia might have torn out her hair, as she laid, terrified and dying, next to the corpses of her mother and grandparents in the barn for several hours. According to the police, as the 7 year old girl who was alive but fatally injured was dying in the barn, surrounded the dead bodies of her family, the killer or killers went inside the house and murdered the housekeeper and two year old Josef. Then, instead of fleeing the grisly scene, the authorities based on testimony from neighbors and evidence found inside the home concluded the perpetrator or perpetrators didn't leave the Hinterkaifeck farm right away.

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    I’m from Germany and I read a book about this case when I was 10/11 years old. It was partially written from the murders perspective though you never got to know who they were. I actually read the whole book, though I had to take a lot of breaks because it was really intense…

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