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The Highest Environmental Standards: Langdon Farms Shows We Care

January 3, 2020

I’m John Langdon, this is my family farm. For three generations, this land has gifted
my family with the opportunity to raise pigs. Being a pig farmer teaches you many important
lessons. Among those is that if you mistreat this land
your farm won’t last a generation, much less three. On my farm, I push myself and my family to
perpetually look for ways to make this farm more sustainable while also being more efficient. As the populations grows, so does the strain
on the food supply. But we don’t have to pass the strain onto
the land. Done the right way, pig farming results in
big food production with less land use. Each day, solutions are being invented and
embraced to help us meet the demands of today while preparing for a sustainable future. I want you to know that on the Langdon Family
Farm, no one has a higher standard for safeguarding our natural resources than me. I am proud of the fact that our family farm
is a national Environmental Stewardship award recipient and this recognition pushes me to
make more and more advancements to ensure our environment is better than ever for future
generations. Currently, an entirely new residential neighborhood
is being developed next to my pig farm. That couldn’t happen without the great care
we take to tend to the environment our farm sits on and that surrounds our farm. I’m John Langdon, this is my farm and that’s
my We Care commitment. (Music)

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