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The Differences Between THE NETHERLANDS and CANADA

September 12, 2019

Although Europe is very great at having countries that focus very much on Peacekeeping and have great systems in place that affords people there is another country across the pond that sometimes feels very much Like a European country with its semi social systems in its government and even having an attitude Towards peacekeeping and that is the country of Canada. What’s going on guys? My name is Dave Walpole and welcome to FTD facts the channel where I look at people cultures and places From all around the world now It’s your first time here and you like learning about different places you like to find out the differences about different countries Well, you want to hit that subscribe button because that’s what we do so today what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna look at the great country of the Netherlands and compare it with my Country the great awesome country as well known as Canada all so with that in mind guys before we get into the whole video if you guys liked this content and you want more well Just hit the like button because if I get a lot of likes, I’ll do either a part two Which might actually have to happen for this one because there’s so much Information or simply I’ll just do other stuff revolving around these two countries So let’s get right into it guys and with our first difference Let’s talk about the names of these countries because the Netherlands is also called Holland and it’s got a nickname where Canada really doesn’t although sometimes Canada is known as the great white north it’s not as common to many people around the world much like the Netherlands and Holland is to other countries and to dive further into the names of these countries Let’s take a look at the differences of why these countries Adopted their names because for the names of these two countries, they come from completely different sources for example in Canada Although historians are not a hundred percent sure of this They do say the word Canada comes from the Huron Iroquois word Kannada which for the Iroquois and hereon people meant village because it was back in 1535 when two aboriginal youths told jacket Katia who was a French explorer about a route to Canada Which was actually in reference to a village which in today’s world is pretty much Quebec City So the name was actually misinterpreted and they thought the whole land kind of meant Canada But for the country of the Netherlands it was named after what was initially a union now This was a union for the seven Low Countries who joined forces to to fight against the Spanish for independence And this was all during the 80 year war but when it comes to the name Holland that actually comes from the Provinces within the country and one thing that’s also a major difference Especially when I talk about the French is the languages between these two countries in Canada. We have two languages That is English and French seriously We have like DVDs and books and even ads they’ve got English and the French on it as well and as for French Canada it is known as Quebec and that province the main language is French however for the Netherlands They state that they only have one official main country language and that is Dutch But keep in mind the country has stated that it also has three official regional languages like Frisian Which is a West Germanic language that is mainly in the province of Friesland papiamento Which is a language that is located in the Caribbean and of course English and of course when it comes to the major differences I do want to talk about the Caribbean very shortly But first let’s continue to talk about population and people because for these two nations the population size is actually quite different Canada has a population of 37 million 67,000 11 people as of a 2018 estimate making it the 38th largest country in terms of population in the world the Netherlands population sits at 17 million two hundred seventy two thousand nine hundred and ninety as of a 2018 estimate which makes this country ranked 66th and within these two countries the Demographics are also quite different when it comes to people’s origins for example in the Netherlands they say approximately 77% of the people are Dutch while nine point eight eight percent are other Europeans two point three four percent are turks two point two nine percent are people from Morocco as well as two point one three percent are Indonesian and as well as two point zero five percent are Surinamese of course when it comes to these demographics There are a lot of other people that are from other parts of the world as well but for Canada when it comes to its Demographics thirty two point three two percent of the people are Canadian eighteen point three four percent are English Thirteen point nine three percent are Scottish thirteen point five five percent are French and thirteen point four three percent are Irish Of course a little over nine percent are German and about 5% are Chinese as well as many more so both are very multicultural sort of countries But you can see that Canada’s just got a lot more diversity Within it as well when it comes to these people we should also look at religion because for about 50% of the people in the Netherlands, they identify as irreligious while 43.8% identify as Christians and although there are other religions within the country 4.9 percent of that also identify as Islam Canada however has approximately 39 percent of its people who identify as Catholic while twenty eight point nine percent identify as Christian and four ear religious or non-religious people in Canada that comes to about 23 percent while approximately 3.2 percent of the people follow Islam. Also, let’s jump back to their Caribbean one thing That’s a major difference between these two countries is that the Netherlands has Caribbean islands in Canada does not Although Canada does have multiple islands The Netherlands has stretched out further with its islands way across the pond and these are islands like Saint Maarten Aruba curaçao, Bonaire and many more however, when it comes to the land size This is where there is a major difference because Canada is big Canada is listed as the second largest country in the world with a land size of approximately nine million nine hundred and eighty four thousand six hundred and seventy kilometers Square and of that their water percentage equals eight point twelve percent the Netherlands However has a land size of forty one thousand five hundred and thirty four kilometres square Which makes it ranked one hundred and thirty first with a water percentage of eighteen point one Also when it comes to water that’s another really interesting fact, Canada. They say has approximately 20 percent of the world’s fresh water, but that’s not actually true the reason for this is because further studies have been done and they’ve discovered that Canada actually has about seven percent of the Renewable fresh water that is in the entire world So let’s move on and let’s take a look at government because the government although is very similar in these two nations It is also very different as well both do classify as what is known as a parliamentary constitutional monarchy However, the Netherlands is a unitary parliamentary constitute monarchy. And Canada is a federal parliamentary constitutional monarchy Which means that both countries do have kings and queens believe it or not my fellow Canadians out there You may be surprised to actually know this fact Canada has what is known as a governor-general and a prime minister? while the Netherlands also has a prime minister and a handful of deputy prime ministers as well as a Vice-president of Council of states but back to monarchy when it comes to the Netherlands They have King William Alexander who serves as king of the Netherlands but for Canada? It’s a little bit different when it comes to our monarchy because although we do recognize queen elizabeth ii as our queen The difference is that in Canada the Queen remains. What is known as the nation’s? head of state but does not actually have any powers within Canada and therefore she’s more or less kind of symbolic because Canada was formed pretty much out of the Commonwealth but as for King William Alexander of the Netherlands He is also the head of state but has control of the government also The major difference between King William is he doesn’t actually have control of the military and that actually goes to the government of Netherlands Which is his cabinet, which is basically the deputy Prime Minister’s in Canada, however, Queen Elizabeth is actually listed as the commander-in-chief of the military, but however, Her choices are represented by the governor-general now This is one that I didn’t even know believe it or not in Canada when it comes to the Prime Minister There is no set cutoff time of how long somebody can actually be Prime Minister for to give you an example William Lyon Mackenzie Was prime minister for 21 years? But however to keep this in check Prime Minister elections are held every fourth year on the third Monday of October however within the Netherlands the maximum parliamentary term within the country is five years and therefore every four years the elections begin Okay, so we got government out of the way we’re gonna talk about one of my favorite things and this is food Now Canada is obviously very North American in its diet. Of course. We love our burgers We love barbecues in the summertime. We will eat McDonald’s. We will eat fast food. We will eat Mexican food We have Indian food. We got a diversity when it comes to our diet but one of the biggest things that Canada is known for is poutine which by the way guys is Absolutely amazing. It stems from like French Canada. I think it comes from Montreal It’s basically french fries with cheese and a lot of gravy and actually some people go crazy They put stuff like pulled pork and other meats and stuff like that in we’re kind of nuts with our poutine Now jumping over to the Netherlands They of course have adopted some american-style foods, of course guys, cuz you can still go and buy a McDonald’s there It’s really not hard to find however in the Netherlands traditionally they have what is known as three different regional cuisines such as Western Southern and northeastern cuisine, but one of my favorite things that actually comes from the Netherlands It is a Dutch food and it is just a great delicacy. That is Throop waffle and basically it is a baked waffle with syrup in between and it is Fantastically delicious, but that’s not the only thing that they’re famous for believe it or not Cheese is one of their biggest things and if you’ve ever had Gouda cheese Yo that comes from the Dutch because for the dets they’ve actually been making cheese since approximately 800 BC and as well They are considered the largest cheese exporter of any country in the world and some of the cheese’s like Gouda or Adam are Cheeses that are named after the cities that they originated from which by the way guys, I’ve never actually had a damn I think that’s how you pronounce it cheese. So if you guys are killing me down there in the comment section below I’m totally fine with you guys ripping me apart on how to pronounce that. I do know here in Canada We pronounce it Gouda, but damn maybe it’s Edom Edom raw. Yeah Also, you know if we’re on the same sort of topic of food We got to talk about one of the biggest food times a year if that makes any sense, and that is Christmas Yo, everybody loves to eat at Christmas. Am I right now in Canada for Christmas dinner? you will have a turkey usually with mashed potatoes and stuffing and other vegetables and that is just a very Common North American thing. We also do it during Thanksgiving as well as well One thing that we do have that’s not too common it used to be a big thing and that is fruitcake and that obviously also comes from the UK as well at least their style of fruitcake however in the Netherlands for what they called cursed fast Which is Christmas it is common to see seafood meats, like eel shrimp and salmon, which is also a big one Of course turkey is big there as well as well as duck and wild boar but one thing that I found that was a little different is Some houses will have deep-fried ice cream for dessert Wondering why we don’t do this at my house. Yeah and speaking of Christmas when it comes to the Netherlands They have a major difference compared to Canada. First of all during Christmas They kind of actually have to Santa Clauses. It’s very very weird And I’m gonna get into that known as sinter Claus here Ives on the fifth and that is the day where you have a big feast and then on the 6th you open gifts also within the Netherlands believe it or not doing blackface on the holiday is actually a widely accepted thing and before anybody goes crazy in the comments section below because you know people will Let’s just understand the origins and why they do it Because for this thing people dress up as the elves known as black Petes who are Santa Clauses little helpers in the Netherlands also known as wart Pete and before anybody gets really upset about it just understand the reason they say that they do the blackface is because The character goes down the chimney and he gets soot all over him. So it’s not really a racist thing But as for the second santa claus who they call cursed man, he’s very much like the santa claus in north. America He comes on the 24th and the 25th is Christmas Day So I’ve actually heard that sinter Claus is actually more popular within the country I don’t know if you guys are from that country and you guys celebrate Sinterklaas over this Cursed man or Santa Claus. Let me know down there in the comment section below either way guys That is just a look at some of the differences between these two Amazing great nations. I really loved the Netherlands and First of all for all you guys who are my viewers out there that are from the Netherlands all you Dutch folk really gotta love You guys taking the time and learning stuff with me about different countries and cultures. It’s been great You guys have been awesome and for all you new Canadian viewers, we don’t do a lot of videos on Canada I don’t really know why I just we don’t get a lot of people who really watch them But thank you guys for taking the time and tuning in also If it’s your first time here hit that subscribe button And if you guys want a part two to this because I just feel there’s so much more information about the differences between this these two nations that we could just keep on going and Going and going and going we didn’t get in the militaries or you know Schooling or Hospital in or anything like that. There’s so many differences that we could talk about So let me know down there by hitting those like buttons or just let us know down there in the comment section below Also, let me know where you’re from down there in the comments section below and of course I will see you guys in the next one. Okay. Bye. Bye. Thanks for watching What? So you made it to the end of my difference between Canada and the Netherlands video? Well, first of all, check out our most recent video I think you guys will really like this one and on top of that Why don’t you check out our countries playlist and learn about different countries around the world? It’s really great to expand your mind, and I think you guys will like it. Okay. We’ll see you later. Bye


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    I think overall Sinterklaas is more popular among families with small children, and the older the family gets the more popular Christmas becomes.

    In my family we always elaborately decorate for Christmas and have Christmas music playlists on all day, but we only get presents with Sinterklaas.

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    Santa is real, or at least was. He didn't fly in a reindeer pulled sled, however.

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    The Netherlands is the country with the most different cultures a square meter in the world! Isn't that awesome!!!

  • Reply De Bacon Mannen June 3, 2019 at 8:05 pm

    Ik from the Netherlands when you here TRY HAGELSLAG! (Iets t
    So sweet

  • Reply tick tock tamash June 6, 2019 at 8:56 pm

    Love you Canada from India

  • Reply Ronald de Rooij June 19, 2019 at 10:08 am

    The King has no political power in the Netherlands. You need to correct that. He is only formally part of government because he signs the laws. He is not commander in chief of the armed forces anymore (as you say), but the military still swear allegiance to the King and the laws.

  • Reply RAJAT Sharma June 19, 2019 at 7:47 pm

    White color is background suddenly makes the screen too bright out of context of rest of the videos, Kind of making it uncomfortable for eyes.

  • Reply Burning Diamond July 23, 2019 at 8:37 pm

    There’s a big difference between our “Christmases”

    The Dutch one is racist

    The Canadian one isn’t racist

  • Reply あらんあらん August 17, 2019 at 5:16 am

    This is absolutely for me cuz I'm now thinkig about if I should go to Netherelands instead of Canad for studying abroad

  • Reply FC George August 23, 2019 at 12:22 pm

    Wie vindt t ook zo grappig hoe andere landen over ons land denken?😂

  • Reply CaptainAta September 2, 2019 at 4:29 pm

    I expected like 50% Indian from Canada. Literally, there are 3 white people on my bus.

  • Reply CaptainAta September 2, 2019 at 4:38 pm

    Lol, it's like belsnickle and Zwarte Piet.

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