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The 2020 Code for Canada Fellowship – Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food & Rural Affairs

December 6, 2019

Ag and food is a really exciting
business. It’s a big deal in Ontario. It employs over 825,000 people, adds $40 billion to the Ontario economy. We have over 45,000 farmers
growing a diversity of crops. This puts food on the
table of people in Ontario, throughout Canada and
exports around the world. At the Ontario ministry of
agriculture, food, rural affairs, we are focused on optimizing our
economic development opportunities, making sure that our food systems are
safe and that we’re employing the best practices possible to ensure
environmental sustainability. One of the top risks that farmers in the
industry are continually managing are pests, and that can include everything from
diseases like fire blight in apples and pears to insects like pepper weevil
that can affect greenhouses and fields. Without the effective management of risks, the consequences are quite significant. Farmers can lose all
or parts of their crop. The quality can be greatly effected.
The entire value chain is also impacted, right to the consumers’ table. Good
pest management requires good data, and today the information that
farmers need is all over the place. It’s with laboratories. It’s with
academia, it is with government, it is with farmers and a
slew of other businesses. We are so excited to have the code
for Canada fellows join us here at the ministry to help us tackle this problem. You will work alongside our teams of
experts to make sure that farmers have the information they need when they
need it. So with this data, farmers are going to be able to manage
pests more effectively and efficiently and get ahead of problems even before
they start. And more than that, this will give farmers the technologies
of the future to better manage their crops, their livelihood,
and protect the environment. For Ontario to be successful, we
need to stay ahead of the curve. We need people who can think out
of the box, who can be innovative, who can challenge the
status quo. In short, we need people like you to join our team.

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