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Sydney’s Botanical Gardens a inner-city oasis – Places to see in Sydney – NSW – Australia

October 18, 2019

today Shona had to go to a photo shoot
in the city over at Vaucluse so we decided to come to the Botanical Gardens
and have a picnic using Shonas new picnic bag you can have some of those if you like hibiscus is quite a large species with
several hundred types most known for its beautiful 30 centimeter wide flower a
massive attention seeker to all including insects that go straight to
the flowers central stalk they gorge on the yellow pollen on the male antlers
then covered in the remains from their meal they rub against the female stalk
and there you have it pollination let’s go see the bug plants the plants
that eat the bugs what do you reckon look they’re orchids rock orchids
they will have pretty white flowers so pretty a really cool exhibit at the Royal
Botanical Gardens is plants with a bite entries by donation it’s located near
the mosshead fountain gate Shakespeare place corner of Macquarie Street since nepenthes and pitcher plants live in such low nutrient soil they get their nutrients
through bugs and sometimes even mice or frogs that fall into their pitchers koala im not a bear at all

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