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Sussex Farm fs19 Seasons playthrough EP3 farming simulator 19 #fs19modreview

January 4, 2020

hello and welcome I’m ukgamer808 and
today we are looking at farming simulator 19 seasons mod and specifically we are
on episode number 3 day 2 of the seasons playthrough on console so let’s go and
have a look in this season’s menu first and look at the weather situation for
today so today the maximum temperature we’re going to get is around the 7
degrees and the minimum is 3 degrees so we’re not going to be able to put
anything in the ground as yet but it looks like tomorrow is going to be good
because we’ve got 6 degrees and above all the rest of the next few days out of
that so looking promising a for planting tomorrow so there we are 2nd day in and
as you see there’s nothing ready to go yet right so what have we got to do
we’ve got some Lyman to do now I’ve got all these fields we’re not going to do
every one of them but I want to do fields number 16 and number 15 put that
line back on and number 12 and just these ones around here basically we can
get all these denser today that’ll be cool and then I’ve also got the delivery
mission is actually pay an 8 now so we can collect that there 24,000 paint
thank you very much and we will go on and do the next one because the next one
was even more money that was 38 grand from a lemon farmer to the spa now
that’s an easy one so we’ll accept that and let’s get we need some lime actually
I’ve come all the way down here I’ve got loads of lime in the farm and we’re not
going to go back for a little bit of lime and I’m reckoning it in the wrong
section there we go you’d better have three bags because we
got quite a lot and hopefully that dish before we get to the farm hopefully so
I’m using the class I love this bit of kit it’s awesome
we’re on us gonna take a bit of time to fill up in that all right so we have our line and that
was slow filling that up and we ago down to we don’t do field number it is 16
isn’t it yet 16 get that one done first I did get the I didn’t put the extra the
width on that nevermind I think it does the same width anyway doesn’t it it’s 12
meters we got to go down this hill and this is all changed from FS 17 and he
made quite a nice little entrance tiny ma it was quite steep you struggle with
some vehicles getting up and Dana truck tractors or was alright and they used to
be a nice little house just up there there’s a nice little play scible area
or you can do something with it I might even put a cell station out there right
so this is one of the fields we want to have now currently I don’t own them so
that’s what we do own if we sell that that I generate us some money and then
we can buy buy that one boy that one was a moaning in it by him temporary that
one and I think the others were that one and that one and that and they can all
be aligned don’t have access I just bought it just
paid good money for it right let’s get a little bit better lined up so we’re
gonna do a better job because I want to put low make sure there’s lime in all
the fields from the start and then we know yep this is the thin one as well
isn’t it ah I got the wrong world nevermind then we know we’re going to
get maximum yield for it right I might have to do this field and
then go and change that because otherwise it might take a bit of time right well I think we will do a time
lapse on that because this is gonna take 10 20 minutes so I’ll see you in a moment all right then
Lyman is done next we’ve got we’ve got a little transported mission to do now I
was going to sort some pigs but let’s go and get the transporting mission because
then we can make some money now I got the Warriors because we can change the
backend on it which is pretty handy so I’ve set up the old flatbed we’re not
gonna have so many issues and I’m going to take the tele handler down there
because it was a bit of a pain in the ass with the faster lifter so the
delivery contract is at the lemon farm and we have to take the delivery down to
the spar so it’s not too far away and it’s 38 grand so you can’t complain
about that because we’re on what 226,000 at the moment but we need to get a load
more mininum because we’ve got a lot more fields to buy yet especially these
fields on the left-hand side but I’m gonna let the let the computer do the
work on them we’re just going to buy them as soon as they’ve got some crops
in and then we just do the couple of stages of fertilizer and jobs are good
at well forgot about that on the back it’s a bit wobbly and I do love these
these tele unders with the straps which are all the way down you never know into
it in FS 21 we might even be able to have them strapped down in the game
because it seems to be something what they keep leaving 8 so hopefully that
might change right so here we have and what we got here that we’ve got loads of
lemons so let’s get this I think with Park let’s just drop that off there
oh we better drop the rumps off first and take the straps off no that is yeah
ramps coming out yeah so I need to unfold yes I know I was thinking we’re
partners here and then we should be able to just do a quick pick it up load it up
and get out of here let’s jump in the telly Ambler I still have problems with
my controller it still keeps shooting up and down which causes a right pain in
the ass for loading my pallets because sometimes you do school to pick the
pallets up and it shoots up in the air so hopefully we won’t have any issues
yeah it’s staying or it needs to oh we just got that one on there I’ll put them all on the front
now I haven’t any problems with these faults these are the forks what the
pallet fall which are part of the strut Damon pack which have got straps on and
I’ve they seem to be working pretty well because we do have issues with some of
these pallet forks I don’t know if you’ve noticed but some of them you do
pick them out and they just don’t recognize the pallets that well nice so much easier than the faster lifter I
think the faster lift is fine as long as you’ve got a lot of space for the
maneuvering now see every with these this palette
it’s this palette for is I haven’t had any issues most the other ones I do have
issues but ever since I’ve started using in this one it works a treat when you straighten that up a bit not
quite like that come on just turn it around that’s all I
want to do lovely I’m Camrys we may as well stack them on
top of each other only we’ve got five so let’s put that one on the top and now I’ve said yeah I have not any
issues now I’m gonna have an issue come on get out of there and believable shouldn’t have said
anything should i all right let’s just try and put that one on the back then
there it seems to be moving get it flat seas are the wheels off the ground is on I was hoping for these greenhouses to
work bins the greenhouses all they need is it lights and heat and we can grow so
that’s why was bit shocked they they’re not working and then this little shed here actually
you’ve got the Chevron’s here and I was like oh what’s this with then and it’s
locked we can’t get in there whatsoever but if
you go in there’s nothing in there it is empty well there’s a couple of
them like that well I’m not just pushing straight off
yeah there we go and I was going to come in and just hook
this up to the trailer but no it will not attach alright so we’ve done with
that let’s get that loaded back up and get these deliveries down to the spa I think about do and all strapped yeah they’re not gonna go anywhere all right all my time now this is another nice ice field oh excuse me
it’s basically what we’re gonna do is try and go for all these larger fields
and then if we have time we will pick up the other field the smaller ones but I’m
just going in for the larger ones and I’ve nearly lost the telehandler it
should have strap that on first hopefully it’ll be all right maybe after watching come into traffic
it might help to put the ramps up as well all right let’s get down to the spa I’ll
see you at the spa in a moment all right so we’re at the spa I think
we’re probably better off leave that there and there is our loading point ohne
engine off all right I think we turn it that way unbelievable
there’s always one to fall off let’s drop that one there then oh no my as I think these pallets need to be
picked up not picked up I think they need to be flat and in the square for it
to you get your money or as the other one I just dropped it off and they
weren’t very happy about that all right well let’s sort this one out
first because I probably want to put it up the
right way Oh unbelievable yep and it’s not going to help me today
is it alright let’s just try it and do it
properly then shall we just pick it up let’s try it they might accept it it’s
gone right let’s just get these other ones off you might be able to do two at
a time no those pallets just aren’t wide enough I’ve got one of them I’ve got two of
them he’s on I don’t do all right now that one is on wrong I
wonder if we can just push it off nobody’s looking hopefully if I just put this one in the
box it will say finished probably well I bet I’ve got to turn it
up the right way and what the hell is that collided on alright let’s just get over a little bit and it’s not playing more today oh yeah
let’s just get it trapped in there a little bit more shall we or come up come on get in there so this is how you are not to use a
telehandler I always get one you think right oh don’t do this really quickly
and then you get one will get stuck and gives you grief come on get under that right I’ve got it on I’ve got it off transport finished cool that’s good I
was expected not to them may not be happy enough to put them all flap the
last cool so they’ve all got to be in that area for it to work properly then so that was a 38 grams like cheeks is up
to the 250 of days and they are more not well get up there alright that in the middle yep I’ve seen
them a lot that I do alright it’s cool and get the truck and get back to the
farm Wow let’s take the money transporting
complete collect lovely and as another transporting contract just came up is
that the only one yep there is because these are pretty good money and we’ve
got the kit to do it so Plumpton farm we may as well do it Plumpton somebody
tomato farm to the fruit and veg we love that 16 nearly 17 grand us a nice money yeah and I probably didn’t want to be
going away in this way strapped on get it unlocked the rump put
away and then we get Dana pump done and there would be let’s just go forwards
let’s try not to reverse eight on a main road right I will see you at Plimpton farm or
just taking out that sign in a moment there goes the sign we saw that later right jobs are good in we’re on a couple
of straps down and thinking about it I should have just probably stuck these on
top of each other and then I could have just picked out the whole stack and
dropped them off and instead of unloading one at a time all right let’s
put a few more straps on that and yet we’re going the wrong way we want to
toll that and then it was down to the fruit and veg lock that on we don’t know leaves it
this time all right then and I think the easiest way is just to
go straight down the main road well then again we could go up this way
and jump on that other bit of the road first let’s do that right I will see you at the fruit & veg
in a moment yeah trying to do it the easy way and
there isn’t an easy way is there just get them unloaded get them unloaded get the money in all right how are we looking yet that
looked pretty cool and yeah I should have just stuck them all up on top of
each other and then we could have just what a bloody nightmare try and save yourself some time and it
just doesn’t happen does it all right let’s get these last ones off and we can do that truck out the way so hopefully if I pick this one up and
put it in the box we should get some money yeah my controllers just started playing
up now no it’s not happy so we might have to
put that one in a little bit closer I think and get the forks in 80%
now I’m just thinking is it that one nice tucked up where it doesn’t
recognize it see my controllers it shoots up and
shoot stained so it makes it a bit of a pain in the ass with the telly on there
come on big it out transport finished yep so you can’t
stack them on top of each other no cool well let’s get the money for that one we
will collect that thank you very much and I think that’s it a full transport
in for a while it is we just got lots of cultivating
which we’re not going to do cultivating right so we’re up to two hundred and
eighty two thousand pains now now I am tempted to go and get some pigs in but I
know they’re just gonna eat up a lot of the money so when it was the best time
to buy it pigs let’s get this on the trailer and have a quick look because if
we can buy them a little bit cheaper because I don’t really want the hassle
of looking after them now I don’t mind this sheep which they’re they’re nearly
full up actually we need to go and sort the war light because that is gonna be
nearly full they were looking quite quick and I tell you what I haven’t put
the time on five times not hundred twenty there we go five times alright so
we’ve got that a lot done alright back to the farm and then we’ll sort the war
light because I’ve nearly got four pallets of wool or so far now I find the
with the wall if you left that out it didn’t deteriorate at all so it’s
probably not a good idea to leave light but just in case you do when I was doing
the sheep they’re seasoned sheep I didn’t find any deterioration whatsoever
they left out for quite a few days and they stayed at 100% let’s go across the
fields I think back to the farm now I’ve got one little bit of Lyman to
do weapon in top field between number one and number two now I was gonna
extend those fields but I thought well let’s leave it as it is and then get our
first crop off it and then next year we’ll extend it and I do need a bit of a bit better
trailer this trailer I think is a little bit too much for a 6-ton italian ‘la we do need some more food it’s in the
orange at the moment now I think we’ll drop that off their ramp a and that would be okay there probably
would it be easier to use a hook lift and then I can just drop it on the deck
and then we’re not wasting haven’t leaving a truck here so what they on
debt yeah they’re nearly there now that one had one bundle earlier so we go on
to the menu will it show us yet will on a thousand but it hasn’t said it’s full
so I’ll tell you what let’s go back to to let’s go and get a truck because we
do need I’ve got some more hay ready to go because we’ve got to keep them and
topped up I think we take the kipper because I’ve
got some hay in the solo this is the main thing I wanted to kept
before just to run a rain dropping stuff up it’s just easier where are you going
you don’t want that you want to fill up and hopefully we still got some hay in
it I’m sure this and hey yeah there we go 16000 I just got me
thinking I think it’s probably just easier to buy hay rather than cut it all
yourself but we’ll have to give Curtin the hey there it is
no space for new pallets great time in yeah and the cleanliness sheet needs to
be done all right so that can tip there let’s
get these pallets out of the way and yeah it should have brought a hook lift
I think that would have worked a treat now these pallets you can push these up
and pick up two at a time but those delivery pallets seem to be a little bit
bigger I’ll tell you I don’t have the steering
radiuses as good as the Manitou yeah see see this what up and see I’m
not doing that it just drifts off drifts forward halftime you just got to push
the button a few times and it’s annoying when you’re trying to do something and
the camera just starts shooting up in the air yeah see we can pick up two of
them no issues beautiful now hopefully we can do the same with
that one but this is why you need the finesse of italiano where are the faster
lifter if you want to go forward a little bit it won’t let you do it where
it is tele under you can just inch it inch it forward and there we go lovely I don’t know the ones popped out
straightaway probably should have loaded them on
either way we could probably get more on there but no mine cool
and the other thing I’d like to do is strap and danger the amount of times I
haven’t done and then I came in and over shot something in and just bang straight
into it not good right so let’s get that truck out the way there’s a little bit
left there as well and I think we really need to sort this
cleanliness qi8 but I haven’t got any straw at the moment so we’re gonna have
to do a few don’t get a bit of straw in and get a bit more hay and I think but I
think we will leave it there for today’s episode no one needs to get too long
otherwise their hours and hours and we’ll never end up being it watched so
there you go right up going off to get some straw
right well if you’ve enjoyed this episode then don’t forget to smash that
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  • Reply Steve Orozco January 3, 2020 at 8:34 am

    Liming pastures doesnt increase grass yield

  • Reply smokey 181285 January 3, 2020 at 10:55 am

    For the green houses to work they just need manure and water. Water is the trigger for the animation. With all 5 working you get 18k per in game hour. 😉

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