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Summary of Andrea Rossi’s E cat The Mother Of All Black Swan Events

August 8, 2019

Hi I’m Mike Phalen, thanks for watching.
On January 31st 2019 a very unexpected product was introduced called the E-cat
SK by a company called Leonardo corporation the E-cat is so unexpected
and controversial that most likely you won’t believe that it’s real. This video
is a summary of the evidence that suggests that it could actually exist.
We’ll meet the scientists who have extensively tested the E-cat and view
their reports. One of the reports was used as evidence in an $89 million dollar
federal lawsuit. The scientists who have first-hand experience with the E-cat
have stated that its performance is remarkable. In this video I’m not trying
to convince anyone of anything I’m just presenting the facts. So what is the
E-cat. The E-cat is claimed to be a new source of energy. It creates a reaction
that the scientists who have studied it believed to be a previously undiscovered
type of nuclear reaction. The reactor doesn’t emit any radiation or anything
harmful to the environment. The fuel is not radioactive, it’s abundant and it’s
inexpensive. The product that was just introduced is a 1 megawatt unit which is
enough to power hundreds of homes. No pictures were released of this version
of the E-cat plant. Here is a picture of an earlier pre-commercial one megawatt
reactor. Established businesses that currently consumes steam energy can
order and install a 1 megawatt plant with no upfront investment paying only
for the cost of installation. The plant is not being sold. E-cat customers will be
billed monthly for steam produced at a rate of at least 20 percent less than
the fuel they are currently using to produce steam.
Scientists with first-hand experience of the E-cat feel that it is creating a
previously unknown nuclear reaction. This reaction has been called cold fusion,
LENR are which stands for low energy nuclear reaction and it’s also been
called the Rossi effect after the E-cat inventor Andrea Rossi. The term cold
fusion was first popularized in 1989 when two scientists Stanley Pons and
Martin Fleischmann created a reaction in a test tube that produced a small amount
of heat that shouldn’t have occurred according to known physics laws. It’s a
long story but in the end after other laboratories were unable to reproduce
the experiment it was pronounced to be a mistake and cold fusion became known as
junk science. In the 30 years since then a small number of researchers have
continued to explore the reaction and several have claimed to produce excess
heat over the years. Today there are at least four companies
claiming to be working on products that generate energy from previously unknown
reactions. There have been several versions of the
E-cat in the years since it was first made public. The prototypes, the e-cat HT
which stands for high-temperature, the hot cat, the E-cat Quark which was the
first plasma-based E-cat and the e-cat SK which is the current version that was
announced as a product. Each version reached higher temperatures and COPs. The E-cat SK is reported to have a COP of 57. Meaning that the output
energy is 57 times greater than the input energy. This video is the only
image released of the E-cat SK during the product introduction. The one
megawatt plant contains multiple SKs to achieve one megawatt. Okay, so for those of you who are still
with us, I did warn you that you are not going to believe this. So far it has just
been a restatement of the inventors incredible claims without backing any of
it up with evidence. It really does seem like something that is too good to be
true. The rest of this video is a quick summary of five significant events in
the e-cat story timeline between 2011 and 2018. We’ll meet the third party
scientists who have first-hand experience with the e-cat and view their
reports. We’ll start out with the first public demonstrations of the E-cat in
2011. Next we’ll go to the 32 day test in 2014. Then the 1 year test in 2015. In
2017 will visit the $89 million dollar lawsuit and in November of 2017 we’ll
cover the Stockholm presentation. After that we’ll talk about two great books
about the E-cat. Then we’ll talk a little about and the community that is following the e-cat story. We’ll talk about the title of this video, The Mother
Of All Black Swan Events and then I’ll throw in my opinion. The first event, the
E-cat introduction 2011. The following video clips are part of larger videos
that are full of interesting information. You can see the links at the bottom of
the YouTube page. The story starts in early 2011 the inventor of the E-cat Dr.
Andrea Rossi seen here on the Left contacted the Royal Swedish Academy of
Sciences and invited the chairman of the Energy Committee Sven Kullander to attend a demonstration of the E-cat. He also invited the
president of the Swedish Skeptic Society Hanno Essen. Both scientists
observed at the demonstration for six hours. After the demonstration Dr.
Kullander was asked about what he had observed. “Were you impressed by the test
conducted in Bologna? Yes because you produce something, you produce power that cannot be explained according to my opinion by chemical processes”. In my
opinion this was a significant statement coming from a physicist in his position.
Dr. Kullander remained a supporter of the E-cat from that moment forward.
Sadly in 2014 Dr. Kullander passed away. In his life he had established
himself as a well respected scientist. He had over 200 published physics papers.
His impressive career included working at CERN. The newest version of the E-cat
the E-cat SK is named after Dr. Kullander. Dr. Essen also made a statement
after viewing the initial demonstration. “We have here some source of energy that
that seems to be radically new and very stable and reliable. Also as opposed to
many other cold fusion experiments they have been very vague and difficult to
reproduce. These two scientists risked their reputations by making these
statements about something so controversial. In the following years Dr.
Essen was a co-author on three studies that evaluated the performance of the
E-cat. Dr. Sergi Focardi met Rossi in 2007 and became his advisor during the
early development of the E-cat. Dr. Focardi was a distinguished and
respected Italian physicist. His long career included several years as the
Dean of Faculty of mathematical physical and natural sciences at the University
of Bologna. Prior to being Dean he ran the Bologna branch of Italy’s National
Institute of nuclear physics where he researched cold fusion during the 1990s.
He is considered the father of the nickel hydrogen reaction.
During the 2nd 2011 demonstration he made this statement. “Did you understand
what type of process is behind the phenomenon? Yes I did. The first thing
I realized giving the energy that was developed was that the process had to be
nuclear and not chemical. dr. Focardi was very much involved in the early
testing of the E-cat. Over the years he had conducted thousands of measurements
on the device. After the 2011 demonstration Dr. Focardi made this
statement. “I think very well. I think is very
interesting invention and the problems, the energy problems of humanity
will be solvated by the system. Yes, and most people have not understood this
fact. Sadly Dr. Focardi passed away in 2013. Giuseppe Levi worked with Dr. Focardi at the University of Bologna and was also involved in many of the demonstrations and tests. At the time
he was assistant professor at the department of physics and astronomy. “We
conducted our measurements, we repeated them we checked that there were no
hidden wires and batteries. Now, all the experimental evidence points out
the device is working. Giuseppe was also a co-author on future scientific
evaluations conducted on the E-cat. Mats Lewan also attended the 2011
demonstrations. Mats holds a master’s degree in physics from the Royal
Institute of Technology in Stockholm Sweden. At the time he was a technology
reporter for NY technic a leading Swedish technology magazine. “We had a
very long test today. After a couple of hours when we had input electrical
energy we cut away the input energy and the machine run for three and a half
almost four hours in self-sustained mode with no energy input and still after
three hours and a half you could put your hand on the E-cat and and
you know it was 85 centigrades on the top. Between 60 and 85 degrees on top and you feel the water boiling inside after three hours. And also made another
measurement seeing how much water came out of their primary circuit to to have
a rough calculation of the energy in that way. And it all sums up to, you know, an energy
production, a power of average two to three or four even maybe five kilowatts
after three hours with no electrical power input and that’s impressive, I have
to say”. Today Mats is a key figure in the E-cat story. He’s written an
excellent book titled The Impossible Invention. He was also the host at the Stockholm meeting in 2017. Dr. Roland Pattersson was
another attendee at the 2011 demonstrations. At the time dr. Pettersson
was a senior lecturer at the Department of Chemistry at Uppsala University. After
the demonstration he had this to say. “My name is Roland Pettersson. I come from
Uppsala University as an analytical chemist and physical chemistry. Oh a very
good energy source, no radioactive waste that’s the main point and quite cheap
run. It depends on how you count to pick up the Nickel inside the reactor. How
do you regard that. Dr. Pettersson later was a co-author on the Lugano report
which is what we are going to discuss next. The second event, the 32 day test
2014. Beginning in March of 2014 a 32 day test took place at an independent
laboratory in Lugano Switzerland. The test was funded by the Royal Swedish
Academy of Sciences and by Elforsk, a Swedish Energy Research Consortium. The
process started by measuring a dummy reactor to create a baseline and confirm
that the energy in and energy out measurements were what they expected. The conclusion of the Lugano reports states: In summary the performance of the E-cat
is remarkable. We have a device giving heat energy compatible with nuclear
transformations, but it operates at low energy and gives neither nuclear
radioactive waste nor emits radiation. After the test the spent fuel analysis
revealed that the nickel and lithium had undergone an isotope shift.
Something that should only happen in a nuclear reaction. The third event, the
one-year test 2015. Between March of 2015 and February of 2016 a one-year
validation test of a one megawatt E-cat plant was conducted to satisfy the terms
of a licensing agreement. The agreement was between Rossi and a company called
Industrial Heat. Upon successful completion of the test Industrial Heat
would pay Andre Rossi $89 million dollars. Rossi was paid $11 million dollars prior
to the start of the test. The agreement required the E-cat to output at least
six times more energy than the energy that was put into it, a COP of greater than six, in the form of steam heat for 350 out of 400 days. Both
parties agreed to assign nuclear engineer and product certification
specialist Fabio Penan as test validation engineer to monitor the input
and output energies for one year and to report the results. The test was
completed and the report was signed on March 28 2016. On the day after the
payment deadline Rossi sued Industrial Heat for $89 million dollars for
non-payment. He requested a jury trial. For the next year and a half both sides
prepared for the trial. The fourth event the $89 million dollar
lawsuit 2017. A few months before the trial Fabio Penon’s report on the one-year test was submitted to the courts docket. If
you’d like to confirm this you can look Penon’s and report on PACER which stands
for public access to court electronic records. The report includes 12 pages of
daily evaluations, one for each month. This page that we’re looking at is for
March 2015. You can see right here on the right the actual COP is around 80. The
plant produced 80 times more energy than it consumed. In conclusion Penon states
in his report the plant consistently produced energy that is at least six
times greater than the energy consumed by the plant. This is a significant
statement considering that presenting a false report to a federal court is a
felony. On July 5th of 2017 the trial began and ended. The trial lasted 48
minutes. Industrial Heat settled right after the opening statements. Certainly
pennons one-year test report that we just viewed was a key piece of evidence
in the trial. The details of the settlement were not released but Rossi
has said he was given the choice of the money or terminating his contract with
Industrial Heat. He chose to terminate the contract. The fifth event, the
Stockholm presentation 2017. In November of 2017 Rossi invited around 70
industrialists and physicists from around the world
to attend a demonstration of the e-cat. During the test the e-cat produced
several hundred times the energy that was put into it. This was considered more
of a demonstration than a strictly controlled scientific tests like the
Lugano test. Mats Lewan hosted the event. Rossi has
stated that this event marks the end of the R&D research period and the beginning
of the industrialization period. His goal at the time was to ship the first 1
megawatt industrial plant by January of 2019. Books about the e-cat. This has been a
quick glimpse of the E-cat story. There’s quite a bit more to it. If you’d like to
research the story further and keep up to date on E-cat developments there are
two great books about the development of the E-cat and Andrea Rossi’s life.
The first one is titled E-cat The New Fire by Vessela Nikolova. Don’t confuse this with a documentary video titled The New Fire.
That’s not the same thing. The second book is by Mats Lewan who
we’ve just met titled The Impossible Invention. Both books are available in
Italian and English. And, to keep up with developments as the
story continues to evolve has accurately followed the story since
the beginning and is considered by many to be the primary source of up-to-date
information and discussions about the E-cat. The administrator, Frank Acland,
does an excellent job at maintaining an online community with a lively and
professional atmosphere. The mother of all Black Swan events: The title of this
video Andrea Rossi’s E-cat The Mother Of All Black Swans was first used in
reference to the E-cat by Tom Whipple at, tom is one of the few
mainstream reporters who has accurately reported on the E-cat over the years. In his
2014 article The Mother Of All Black Swans, Tom concludes that: When widely
deployed will constitute a revolution in the history of mankind fully equivalent
to the discovery of fire, the wheel, the Agricultural Revolution and the
Industrial Revolution. Virtually unlimited amounts of energy at very low
cost and without any harmful pollution. My observations: I’ve never seen anything
like this story. Here are a couple thoughts that I consider when evaluating
whether this thing could really exist. While following the E-cat story almost
daily for eight years I personally haven’t picked up any sense that Rossi
or any of the third party scientists are trying to trick anyone. Now that a
commercial E-cat has been released Rossi’s business plan is known. It
doesn’t require an investment from the customer and the plan relies on repeat
monthly payments. These don’t seem like the characteristics of a scam plan
to me. As far as accuracy of the third party test measurements is concerned, the
scientists are measuring in energy production in the kilowatt to megawatt
range. It doesn’t seem likely that all of these scientists with decades of
experience with energy measurement would make a mistake of that magnitude. Even if
their measurements were very inaccurate and the energy production was only 20
watts it would still be considered impossible by mainstream science, but
mainstream science has been wrong before. Then there’s the fact that the E-cat
story is a part of the larger LENR story. Several diverse groups of
respected scientists worldwide have reported excess heat for decades. This
video has focused on third party scientists and events if you are
planning to continue to research the E-cat I recommend that you read about
Rossi’s life on this page or better yet read the books. Andrea Rossi has
dedicated decades of his life to figure out a solution to humanity’s energy
problem. Although the low key product introduction of the E-cat was ignored by
the media, Rossi has stated that he is very satisfied with the responses he has
received since the January 2019 demonstration. According to Rossi
automated production plants capable of putting out thousands of E-cats a month
are being built in Sweden’ Japan and the United States. In my opinion this is just
the beginning of a truly amazing energy revolution. I plan to do more videos as
the story continues to unfold. Please subscribe to this channel if you’d like
me to keep you up to date on the e-cat story. Thanks for watching. you

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