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Smashing Concrete and A Gift From Case IH – Welker Farms Inc

November 15, 2019

so what happens when you never the when
you ignore this some okay well it’s the crap rocket here I’m sure he’s how did
he even survive in that I don’t know rod sir just know he threw an extra leg all
right guys we’re over at what we call the quad set quad set be in that
building right there this was really our a grain storage yard with a bunch of
other stuff our plan is to put those hopper bins let me use Bob’s big butt
bin boom the move right here along with these hopper bins over here you can see
the top so but those are going in lighting it too these are old rings old
bin floors cover cracking they were thin and we had to replace them so we moved
all the bins there’s a whole line of like 10 grain bins here actually 9 and
we moved them with Bob’s big butt been moved back in the day over to our other
farmyard where was our main yard so what we’re doing now is over the years we’ve
kept piling iron on top of these big concrete slabs cuz this great place put
tucking in one sinking into the ground well it looks terrible like ours wants
it cleaned up he wants hopper bins right here
I agree so we’re gonna clean this up so that’s what we’re doing right now it’s
cold and the wind is blowing and leg arms is pushing concrete slabs with the
loader another day it’s raining a little bit of snow it’s cold but we still can
get some work done we’re moving more of that scrap iron off those concrete slabs
those old bin rings and then the plan it’s a safe day 44 loaders and break up
the concrete it was just back in the day they formed those together with chicken
wire there was any rebar inside that’s why we could use those rings and move
the bins in the first place so we’re gonna break up that concrete
haul it off to a spot reef Paulo Rock and old concrete and stuff clean up that
line there and then that’s why we can get prep to start great put those hopper
bottoms there so I’m over here walk into the International I’m gonna start this
girl up and we’ll see if we can get her fired it’s cold but uh fire up get it
over there and that way we can use this to haul that concrete I’m not sure this
might need some ether I’m gonna try starting without ether I like to try to
start things without ether but it doesn’t work I’ll give it a shot go off
good engine it’s actually really good running truck it’s swarf but it
that ain’t has been gone through and it’s pretty solid solid solid follow
that inside one there yeah okay yep got a little errand it’s almost took
fuel yeah it’s good looking closer I see you got a tire off the bead I gotta grab
it grab a jack jack that axle Oh get the weight off the tire then I got you the
bead blaster to take air it’s gonna grab a lot of air into that tire real fast
cause and expand while I’ve got an air line on it and then hopefully get
de-seed and if it seats then we’ll be a business you got a jack underneath I’m
gonna go ahead sir put some air to it oughta lift the fire up not off the
ground that’s what I want to do is I want to try to get the gap between the
tire bead and the rim equal around the whole rim and when the till all the way
the truck sit down has a big gap at the top and on the bottom so by lifting the
rim up the axle up it’ll even that out and then when I use the bead blaster or
throw air to this tire will hopefully inflate and seat will find out you’re
not gonna believe it hey you have to use a bead blaster I
just put air to it that’s taking air remember this this doesn’t happen often
just when I thought it was taking air wasn’t that’s the bead blaster so what
I’m doing here is I’m gonna go ahead and fill this tank up with air go run up
about 100 psi I’m gonna take this tank with the big valve right there I’m gonna
put the nozzle up against the gap between the bead the tire bead and the
rim I’m gonna open the valve quickly and simple assed a bunch of air in the tire
causing to expand which then hopefully seeped its edges to the edge of the rim
here okay let’s try to do this three two one I popped up here to put Solano we get took that took longer than I
wanted we’re out here going to the tire so we’re gonna now I’m gonna top off one
more tire and I’ll head over to our Quonset area see what leg arms is up to
after I just got done putting all the tools away the other side was off the
beat as well didn’t seem like when I kicked it I need
coffee yeah that’s what I’m talking about so
phone in one hand coffee and steering wheel on the other safe driving guys
let’s see what leg arms been up to there’s a pin ring right there see
there’s no rebar in that that was a big mistake we’re fixing that and there was
rings all the way up this way and we’re taking out seven of them because two old
members little bins on them back there sure Peter dump it in the bed it does
you want to make sure you go real slow it’s that way you don’t drop these large
chunks of concrete on the bed denting it hello ders awesome
for those that are wondering if leg arms and the Hollywood play with Tonka trucks
growing up yes we did and yes it does make us better offer you today no doubt
let’s take it the reason we bought this international
dump truck but still we can move rock lines you know for the years fields have
expanded and all the rock lines because this land add glacier rock scattered
throughout it farmers have had to pick that put it in piles those piles keep
get moved this fields keep getting fine into bigger fields and so we had no way
in a really all that rock none of our brain trucks have beds that could handle
that so we found this dump truck pretty cheap ran really good you know it’s been
doing doing it what we wanted to do it’s definitely not pretty but we’re out
driving more than a couple miles at a time and if it dies it dies for the hair
but it’s all a lot of rock for us so far we’re just gonna keep running it fix it
when we can is that big PM 400 in here it’s probably tuned about 400 horse and
then these dual stacks with the Jake’s it’s big it’s fun to run and it’s got a
sweet horn too I mean listen these Jakes it’s pretty
sweet dump this thing gonna drop the airbags it’s that way it’s stable when
you’re when you’re raising the bed up you just back up to where you want it as
close you can get to the previous pile of rock and concrete and watch her lift
up may not seem like it here we go okay we’re up all the way so I got to
drive the truck forward the rest this is gonna slide out Yogi’s drop bed down
airbags up back on the road dad’s dropping down there’s our file you
can see all the previous concrete that we’ve moved from different structures or
ant farm that we’ve been consolidating I guess stuffs in the way so we went
ranking up bringing it over here it’s a scab land when I say scab land
that’s the term we use for land that doesn’t grow hardly anything
it’s pretty much just pure clay got a little rain on the other night but
there’s no topsoil here for at least 150 acres here maybe and so it’s a really
good purpose for a put rock on that’s about as good as land for so that’s
we’re using it for oh that was nice of them gotta load
ready for me and everything not just line her up just like only hauling about
a mile from the bedside short hauls make for speedy work all right got pops
loading the bucket of the loader last of the concrete slabs their leg arms got
the grader he’s leveling out the pad here this is where the bins are gonna go
I still gotta finish cleaning all this iron off this flap break this one I’ll
put in the truck as well yeah it does it put this in the truck all that load it’s
raining and it looks like it’s moving it more so I think I’m gonna shut down
after this my garms is taking all the old gravel
that was underneath those bin rings and he’s graded to the side and then we’ll
load in a truck and use it for the approach from the entrance into this
area because I get sloppy there we don’t need growlithe what we’re doing that’s up to try to break that slab up
see we get to come out I drove back with that like
oh well well I got kind of rainy the last two days a little bit of snow rain
makes cold so we went ahead and got the truck this is our Volvo the white GMC we
use it typically to haul water for our sprain but it’s a pretty well road
certified and all the lights work on everything’s good it’s actually in
better road condition for being legal than our Peterbilt are and walk in Farms
is gonna go ahead and let us borrow what they call the rocket now this rocket is
a trailer that they had custom built a number of years ago to haul 88 series
Columbine and now that they’ve gone to the flagship series columbines they
can’t fit them on this trailer so this trailer just doesn’t really use very
much I don’t know how long it is it’s gotta pee Oh
over 45 50 feet long it’s it’s pretty heavy bill I mean these i-beams are
massive they were supposed to be two columbines one in the front one in the
back and they haul two at a time on this this baby
it’s at least 14 feet wide and then when you flip out these extensions it adds
another foot on each side so you’re looking at a good at 16 plus feet wide
pretty cool trailer really is a little tight right here we even had the fifth
lip light scooted all way back and it’s still tight we had to take the mud flaps
off one of them unfortunately was ripped off but we got them off it’s gonna work
and the purposes trailer is so that we can haul those hopper bottoms on each
hopper bottom is wider than 16 feet so we’re gonna go ahead and try to put both
of them on here find a way to boom them down bolt them down whatever it takes on
this trailer because of the rain the roads are pretty muddy our plan is to
take a lot of back roads try to stay off the highway as much as possible and
we’re hauling this stuff we’re gonna have to get a permit for part of the
drive and have some pilot cars run back but we’d like to be on the gravel roads
through a lot of it that way it’s just simple up deal with traffic and bridges
and I like good stuff but being muddy like it is I already got this baby
pretty muddy bringing it from Milan kid farms over to our place we’re gonna hold
off probably till next week next week looks like the weather’s gonna be really
nice we’ll get the stuff hauled and then get ready to put those hoppers down and
that way we can get imprint where the legs are each going to
be we can drill the holes pour concrete so I could cures set the bins on top
drill through the concrete bolt them down tight and then move those bins and
then Bob’s big bud bin boom which is hanging out right here still will get
used I’m in the shop office here you guys I don’t know if you seen this room
very often but this is our office and I want to show you guys something that
came in the mail today was hot my doorstep I had no idea what it was I
could tell who it was from because as as I started to open the
package I realized I should probably just do a box opening video so let’s
just go ahead and open this thing up and see what it is I think you guys are
gonna enjoy this see as you can see I already open the box up I got a letter
here that says Nick Welker on what’s uh so I one-handed your guys Case IH
Agriculture says from your friends at Case IH keep up the great work that is
interesting there’s no name on it let’s go see here in this is a pretty heavy
box and then I got this and I only opened the first one let’s see here it
says red four-wheel drive tractors 1957 to 2017 the collector’s edition see
what’s inside here got a nice box it’s a nice leather book and it has looks like
the history of Case IH tractors from what was that 19th this say yeah 1957 of
2017 that is amazing Wow OOP there’s one of the first quad tracks this is pretty
cool I got a lot of reading material ahead of me Wow
oh yeah well awesome let’s what’s the other one in there’s another box and
yours put that right here whoo this one’s gonna be good one I can tell
already since red combines I like red combines you guys haven’t noticed we
like red combines red combines okay let’s open this one up
flip it over here this one’s wrapped in plastic oh boy plastic off here okay tab on they’re all
very nice red combines nineteen fifteen to twenty fifth Wow well this is cool
oh yeah it’s like the history detailed history from way back I think I’ve seen
one just like that out in one of our fields obviously not in that good of
condition oh this is this is pretty neat I got I
got it I gotta sit down to read this is this is
gonna be a fun journey all I can say is thanks Case IH you guys are awesome I’m
sure this is a gratitude gesture towards uh doing a live stream and the 250
series column I in a while back you guys probably saw that fully automated
machine pretty impressive there might be more of that coming by the way but this
is really cool I just I don’t want to say case I expect to get a gift from you
guys it’s pretty awesome to get a letter from case international it just says
keep up the great work Nick we love it well I just I’m glad you guys are
enjoying what’s going on I’m gonna be loving this this is really cool my my
dad my brother already pretty excited about it
so yeah thank you so much whoever you are that said all that I appreciate it
we’re gonna we’re definitely going to be using these books and looking into my
there’s a lot of neat neat history in this so and I guess on a side note
especially appreciation of the case guys and ladies the case team there is some
new red paint coming into the farm we just just inked a deal and so expect to
see some changes on some of our machinery just some of it but I think
you guys are gonna like what’s coming so yeah hang tight on that one and guys we
just passed ninety four thousand subscribers we’re getting close to that
100 thousand mark I am we’re you know on the video that’s gonna be
our celebration video for that I think you guys gonna like it right here I’m
not pointing the camera or whatever right here it’s something pretty cool in
the shop it’s a park here for a couple days oh I said Park me and I said that
it’s been here for a couple days and it’s gonna be in the video there’s a
couple of things too I think you guys gonna get a kick out what’s coming but
anyways I can’t believe we have ninety-four thousand subscribers the
fact that we’re about to break 100 is just absolutely unbelievable you guys
are awesome thanks for being so loyal to our videos and watching everything and
buying hats and shirts you guys are great I have a suspicion that in the
next week or so we should get close to the break of a 100k barrier especially
if I do a couple more videos I’ve been debating whether to do videos on and off
in between this time because every time I do a video I get a big bump and
subscribers so I got to be ready for and I don’t have the video ready yet for the
hundred K so I’ve done some cool things I think it’s gonna be fun I think you
guys gonna get a kick out of it it’ll be short and sweet but again just really
appreciate it guys also as far as the the hopper mans go
we’re gonna wait till next week to get those hopper bins or any more videos
coming on that and putting that up there’s some ball work and be doing
there’s a lot of projects coming up here I got a lot of video editing to do too
because I have all kinds of videos that I’m making that are just basically files
on my computer that need edited so that’s going down too but if you guys
want hats and shirts check out our website Welker farms comm bunker Farms
Inc comm a lot of cool things are all coming up here I got a lot of a lot of
neat things that might be taking place in the next year I think you guys are
gonna appreciate so take care god bless have a good day
oh and on a side note expect more leg arms videos I’m I he’s gonna be making
more so it’ll be fun alright take care guys you


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    Amazing!  I watched this vid for the first time and you talking about getting "to" 100,000 subscribers and now, 11 months later you are at 250K!  Congrats!  Love your wide open spaces out there in Big Sky country.  I live in the woods of northern Michigan–love that too.

  • Reply Johndeerejoey September 11, 2019 at 3:05 am

    God bless you too brother

  • Reply Thatguybrad September 12, 2019 at 1:27 am

    that land is flatter than my GF

  • Reply Gerald Penn September 12, 2019 at 9:27 pm

    "Big Bud Bin Booms"? Is that the technical name

  • Reply jw '46 September 30, 2019 at 12:42 am

    If that dumper does what you want it to do, it's a beautiful truck.

  • Reply Phil Hosier October 5, 2019 at 12:58 am

    Perfect material for widening that land between the moats. Wider road for big combines to move from field to field. I'll make it much safer ! Turning a negative into a positive !

  • Reply Cleetus MacFarland October 12, 2019 at 11:46 pm

    there use to be another "red combine" that wasn't case or IH, ours when we still farmed a little when I was a kid was an all weather model, it had the canvas umbrella! a 21a Massey Harris, we had a whole 21 acres, divided into 4 fields, it grew the grain, straw and hay needed for our use and a few old milk cows, a couple pigs and ~40 chickens, but in 1971 everything went but the chickens, and the fields were rented to larger scale cash croppers.

  • Reply rorybz October 15, 2019 at 11:21 pm

    It's mighty decent of you not to pronounce the other farm's name "Wank"-en. I don't know if I could resist the temptation.

  • Reply gotdeeres October 16, 2019 at 3:59 pm

    Hey Nick, Did Zack leave his jacket for you? JD?

  • Reply ChiefAUS October 20, 2019 at 10:31 pm

    I'm doing some catching up on your older videos. They are lots of fun to watch. I'm form your neighboring state on the other side of the divide, Southwestern Idaho.

  • Reply K R October 29, 2019 at 1:01 am

    94k subs, now 259.k

  • Reply Lee Prim October 30, 2019 at 9:02 pm

    Any plans for a redo on the Dump Truck or are you happy with a working truck ?

  • Reply Deep River November 11, 2019 at 4:23 am

    You should fix it and paint it like the other truck ! You’ll have a fleet in no time of them

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