Sirf 30 lac :) | Anum Jawed | Vlog 16 | sakran cattle Farm

February 25, 2020

I think this cow really likes me , it’s walking
with me , it’s not resisting too! I’ve learned to handle the cattle very well
in the brief time that I got to spend with them. So this is how you take the calf for a walk
guys….. So if you have one at your home , take down
some notes… to cow – oh come on now , wait up. Hello guys , I’m Anum Javed and I’m here at
the Sakran cattle farm right now and all the cattle to my left and right will be available
in the market about a week from today , but I’m here well in time so that I can show you
guys around … So all the cattle around me , what they are
fed , how they are bred , and how they are taken care of , what kind of treatment are
they subjected to , all these questions will be addressed by Khezir and Asif , so let’s
go … This is Khezir and this is Asif , and I will
be asking them all my queries So could you please tell me how many teeth
does the cow in front of me have ? asif – it has 6 teeth
And what price is it sold at ? *asif * – we plan to sell it for 12 lakhs
Is it negotiable? asif – yes , a little
oh so you might reduce its price a bit , that’s great , could you please untie the rope around
the cow and show me as you take it for a walk? Masha’Allah see how adorable the cow looks
while it walks around ! This is the first time that I’m touching an
animal …. it’s really huge so I’m a little hesitant …but it’s definitely cute .
okay so as I am walking , I can see all these animals tied up around me on both sides , left
and right. So could yku tell me which is the most expensive
one amongst the lot ? —– it’s at the further end , in the frontmost
section oh okay it’s in the front? —- yes
so what is the price of that cow? —- it could be 18 to 20 lakhs , the prices
vary from animal to animal no but which amongst these is the most expensive?
—-the one in red that you can see at the further end
oh okay okay so that’s the most expensive one.. and which is the least expensive? —- well there prices vary, like this one
is for 8 lakhs , this one for 10 lakhs and this one for 7 lakhs , so the small and big
ones are all priced differently so you mean they are priced according to their
health and fitness? –yes
so what do you feed them? — we feed them fodder , grass and peels
, broken wheat etc , and even milk so I’ll show you all what is fed to them once
I reach there … okay so how much is the white cow for?
—it’s for 15 lakhs oh it’s for 15 lakhs , looks good , may i
touch it?.. okay that’s enough touching for now
oh wow , this one is such a good , innocent cow but this one looks a little angry right
now. As you can see , a lot of animals are seen
too my left and right but I’ll ask them now which one is there personal favourite and
then we’ll see that one , cause I’ve seen all of my favourites and untied a few of them
too. —–okay I’ll show you my favourite ones
, 2-3 calves the adorable cow
the adorable cows are coming , oh here it comes , just look at it
—–it costs 15 lakhs oh this brown one also costs 15 lakhs you
said , right? —no it was that one
this white one is so cute and lovely… hope innocent! I’m not supposed to touch the head , right? —-no don’t worry it won’t resist
I’ve become confident now , I’m touching all of them , I’ve touched all the huge animals
today… see I can hold this to , it won’t do anything , it’s so harmless
oh it’s very dusty in here , I can sense the particles in my eyes too
— it’s really windy today yes the weather had been good today so I thought
why not go out and show you around — oh look ! The second one has come too
! So , Asif could you please tell me its price?
it’s white too — it’s 18 lakhs
oh 18 lakh? So this is the costliest one you said? —no there are some costlier than this too
oh…. and how many teeth does this one have? — it has 6 teeth
oh 6 teeth..see this innocent cute one , in touching it and it doesn’t seem to be bothered
but that at all and costs 18 lakhs , only 18 lakhs
Oops this one looks a little angry… I’m scared… this one has 4 teeth and costs
10 lakhs , u went touch it cause it’s angry and I don’t want to die this soon so … no
this one is angry , there were 2 angry cows today… anyway I’ll send this one away and
get a harmless one now. There’s a queue of their favourites behind…the
ones we saw were males, now all these are females , so could you show yoir favourites
among these? —- jameel? okay so jameel is getting the nice ones….looks
like this one doesn’t really want to come jameel has got this cute little one, and asif
could you tell me how many teeth this one has ?
— 4 teeth. and how much does it cost ?
—16 lakh rupees 16 lakhs …oh… it’s just a little irritated… —We just feed them what we get with the
ration card , broken wheat …peels…fodder , etc and also milk , butter
see how plump they are after all the milk and butter?
— we also feed them ghee in the winters and in summers we give them mustard oil and
that’s what makes them so healthy. okay now she’s relaxed…so now i can touch
it ..its adorable Asif could you please tell me which amongst
these is the costliest ? —it’s standing in the front , come I’ll
show you No could you just tell the figure ? the costliest
one? — around 18 lakhs
oh..the male one showed there was also of 18 lakhs …
— no but there’s a difference in the male and female species , females cost more..
oh , is it ? oh this white one looks so lovable !
—- pleass open that one and show her her eyelashes are also white ! okay here comes
the white one ! She’s so cute ! Masha’Allah Masha’Allah , it’s so pretty ! You’ve placed
the white and the black ones just adjacent to each other , okay…so this is the closest
I’ve ever been to any cow. This one is way too cute , its my favourite
one amongst all that I saw . Come… I’m a little scared of this one… I’m not able to touch it properly since I’m
scared , the black ones look fierce the balck one besides the white one , they
look so good together and both cost about 18 lakhs each… If you ask me my personal favourite , it definitely
has to be this white one…the black one is good too…but white is my favourite so I
found the white one prettier. Now we will have to tie them to their original
spots and move on to the others.. my feet are sinking in this sand and I’ve
not even worn my shoes.. this was the white one I was talking about,
the cute one , but I don’t know what is wrong with her suddenly , after she got tied she’s
different, maybe she can’t tolerate being away from me ..
There are a lot of animals in here , how many do yoy plan to sell in the market?
—we have around a hundred animals including both males and females …
so you plan to sell 100 animals overall? —yes
cause here they are a lot more than 100 —yes but we have sold some from.the farm
itself too oh so you sell directly from here too? —yes , but the ones going to the market
will be around 100 So in the market , the prices are higher? —-no no , it’s the same . Whatever I told
you now , I’ll sell them for the same in the market .
oh okay..and in the market , are they cared for the same way?
— even better . oh is it ? Because here you have all the fodder
and material , in the market , it might not be so? —- no we take all the required material
from here itself to the market . These are antique ones , the small ones , only a selected
few buy these. yes these are the small
[ okay this one seems to like me ….she is letting me tame her .
It’s very windy here …and I have a reallt healthy cow with me right now , now you’ll
see like they show in the market….see there it comes running ..
oh wow , this one is good , it stopped immediately too. I think this cow really likes me , it’s walking
with me , it’s not resisting too! I’ve learned to handle the cattle very well
in the brief time that I got to spend with them. So this is how you take the calf for a walk
guys….. So if you have one at your home , take down
some notes… to cow – oh come on now , wait up. So Asif tell me , this one really seems to
like me cause it readily walked with me too…so how much does this cost? — 30 lakh rupees
what ? 20 lakhs? —no 30
oh well , this is undeniably the costliest amongst the lot as you can see and it also
loves me , see how relaxed it is around me , it has walked with me too , without resisting
at all ! Okay so take this , it’s now your responsibility , take it for a walk…. so
moving on… all these animals tied outside, will they too go to the market ?
—-yes they all will also go to the market , now it’s evening so we got them outside
for a walk , otherwise we tie them inside too
oh , so this is the routine ? — yes we do this every day
so the ones at the other end are goats? —yes
okay now it’s time to bid goodbye to Asif and Khezir will guide us further on
so Khezir will show us the goats and other animals , thank you so much Asif for showing
us around and all the details that you gave us. So moving on….these are all goats , are
they all up for sale? —no , out of these the ones with 2 teeth
are for sale , others we plan to sell next year, until then we will take care of them. The two teethed one range from 30 , 60 , 70
,80 even 90 So they are priced differently ?
—yes they are differently prices This tiny one ?
— Yes we will hopefully sell it after 2 years , it’ll be a big goat by then
See I’ve touched the camel too now , I’m so brave . So for all of you who are interested
in going to farms and buying these animals directly , must come here , like we always
do… it’s easier too. Markets are always crowded , so coming here
beforehand will give you an advantage. You have goats , cows , even camels here , so
those of you who want to buy , please do visit here ! So on this note , I conclude my video
, please like , share and subscribe! Meet you in the next vlog ! Bye !

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