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Showing FFA Pigs for Auction : Pig Show Confirmation Judging

March 7, 2020

The second part of showing at the fair is
conformation. Conformation is simply the judge, judging the conformation of your market hog.
He is not watching any showmanship abilities that you have at this time. During conformation
the judge tends to look at the top line of the hog. The top line needs to be broad across
the top and the hog needs not pinch at the ham loin junction. The ham loin junction is
simply the place where the ham meets the loin. The judge also checks the hog to ensure that
the hog is deep sided and has spring of rib. This ensures that the hog will hang a high
quality carcass. The next thing that the judge looks for is the substance of bone on the
hog. Substance of bone is simply evaluated by looking at the leg of the hog. The hog
needs to have a stout leg and a high circumference to ensure that it can hold the weight of a
market hog. The next thing the judge looks for is indications of muscle. Indications
of muscle are simply shown by the dimple over the tail head and definition in the ham. The
broadness over the top also indicates the thickness of the loin eye. The loin eye is
the highest quality cut of a market hog. The next thing that the judge looks for is the
soundness and the ability of movement of your market hog. Granted this hog is not going
to be used for breeding, the judge wants to ensure that in confinement which hogs on a
production scale are usually housed, that the hog can and will be able to stay sound
through its feet in time. What exhibitors need to realize is that confirmation is simply
what that judge on that day believes to be the best hog in that show ring. Students should
not be discouraged by being told by other exhibitors that they have a nice hog and have
a chance at grand deserve driving and do not win. What I personally like as a market hog
is not what every judge likes as a market hog. But it is one man’s opinion on that day.


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    The word is spelled: CONFORMATION

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