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Short Animated Film About a Rice Harvest Tradition called the Derep Tradition in Malang, Indonesia

November 6, 2019

Many of us don’t know the procedures for the rice harvest still follow the tradition of hereditary behind a grain of rice that we usually see there is something unique in the process I will share this story with you.. My grandma still cling to the tradition of derep Derep’s traditions take place before harvest day by performing a ceremony to burn the merang Merang is the hilt yellow paddy dry merang burned with incense, frangipani, chicken eggs and a few other supplies That was done to get a bountiful harvest prize Before the harvest began, of course, my grandma asked the neighbors for help Usually, such request is conveyed when they meeting their corners or visiting their homes one at a time They were kind enough to help my grandmother with the rice harvest The partnership tradition is still very good. We provide only a simple lunch for those who helped with the rice harvest How to separate the rice of the stalks? Let’s see … as a thank you for helping the harvest they can take home “damen” “Damen” is a rice stalks and leaves that have been separated from the paddy grain. “Dame” could be used to feed their livestock Life will be so amazing when we can work together

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