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Shingeki flyff guide (Level & Penya farm) PART 1

November 5, 2019

Hello guys, and welcome to another video in this video i’ll be your guide in shingeki flyff server the guide will be about fast leveling and fast farming first i recommend that you
Create 5 accounts to be able to gain enough votepoints to buy Accessories set and parmil scrolls, you can vote twice a day, every 12 hours. if your computer is good enough, open 5 clients 1 for your main character and the other four for collecting at collect area. and make one of them your main characters couple so that way, you earn a lot at the same time you level up, you level your couple for the couple buffs and you are collecting at the collect area as well, now lets start you gonna stay at Flaris till level 60 and the first character i suggest you create is an Arcanist [I KNOW I PRONOUNCE ARCANIST WRONG, i am just used to Ar sa nist] because arcanist is easy to farm with and to level up with so after you kill the first Aibatt, you go to the lawolfs and we stay there till level 60 because lawolfs can drop a really good shield with good rarity, ill talk about the rarity later on. [I never did sorry] unfortunately i was really unlucky, in this video i didn’t get any good shield, i didn’t get any shield actually but that almost never happens, anyways. after this, we gonna go back to aibatt sorry if i am pronouncing that wrong, i don’t know. but yeah, you gonna go back to aibatt and farm red chips which is shingeki chips, here we gonna collect around 17 to 20 Red Chips so we can buy staff and pickup pet and then we gonna go to tower. so, right now i am also gonna show you [IGNORE THIS PART] Royal set: all stats 180+
Increase attack 90%
Increase hp 90% So, yeah just enjoy the video and watch how i do it, and ill be back with you later on. ok guys, so at this point, we should be lvl 120 and what we gonna do now is go to aibatt and farm red chips, which is shingeki chips in this server, once again. and we gonna sell them to be able to buy the azira ticket so, 100 red chips is equal to 5 milion ‘Penya’ so you need 200 to be able to buy the azira ticket in the video i farmed more than 100 i farmed around 350 or something, to be able to buy to buy the upcuts as well which costs 5 milion as well and yeah, so if you want you can just farm 200 then go right away and sell them and buy the azira ticket but if you want the upcut stone as well you can farm more than that like 200, euhhh what is it gonna be 300 and you gonna be able to buy the azira ticket and the upcut stone so.. after that we gonna go to azira we gonna farm a lot of mammoths so we have enough money for later on as well you need around 500 milion or something each mammoth, drops around 17 14 to 17 milion or something, i am not quite sure about this so yeah that is pretty much everything for the farming and how to farm money but just so you guys know this is my first try when i started at this server things was a bit different ,so… so this is not the fastest but this is a fast way to do these things to farm to level up and so on so yeah that is pretty much everything enjoy and i am gonna be back with you later on no need subtitle for this one, because music is low and its easy to hear me and understand me subtitle: by my self.
First time, so it might have not been the best! Hope you learned something! Thanks for watching!


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    mga bobo kayong gumawa

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