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November 7, 2019

Let’s talk about Farming from the basics
again! Hi guys! Welcome back to my channel! There are many new viewers so I would like
to introduce my series Aragon Always Assists. This series will cover all the random tips
which can help you improve your gameplay experience so be sure to check out new guides in future! In this episode of Aragon Always Assists,
we will revisit farming. This is going to be The ultimate farming guide
so do share this with your friends! We will answer many many questions in this
video. Why do you need to farm? Where to farm? How to farm? What if I do not have time to farm? This video can be a little long so I have
timestamps provided in the description to make it easier for you to refer to anything
you are unsure about. So why do you need to farm? It’s so time consuming. Well yes it is but through farming, you obtain
2 very important currencies. Rubies and Soul Shards. Rubies are currently used for Gacha as well
as Upgrading Special Traits and Polishing Mythical Awakened Items. Soul Shards are used to unlock Soul Skills
in your Fighter’s Soul skill book. You earn rubies by leveling up heroes to Level
40. Each hero which hits Level 40 will give you
3 rubies. Soul Shards are randomly dropped as you farm
and only those boss maps with a bright glow will drop Soul Shards. You can only farm up to 1000 Soul Shards per
week and take note that activating Boost Mode will increase Soul Shard drop rate. Not only do you get those 2 main currencies. Different maps also offer different resources
when you turn on Hot Time. Hot Time is a 4 hour duration which increases
the drop rate of these resources and even if you pause the game, the timer will still
run so while on Hot Time, it is best to only focus on farming. World 1-7 offer increased gold drop rates
on Weekdays while on weekends, offer increased Fodder drop rates. World 8 is known as the Gold world. World 9 for jewels, World 10 for accessories,
World 11 for items, World 12 for pets and World 13 for heroes. So this brings me to the question Where to
farm. There are 4 to 5 main maps which you should
farm in. I will split them into 2 groups. Group A are maps with only 2 stages. These maps are 4-5, 5-5, 8-20, and 13-5. Group B which actually only consists of 1
map – 6-10. Using Hot Time in these maps is entirely up
to your preference because it ultimately depends on what resource you need the most. However I would strongly recommend Hot Time
for Maps 4-5, 5-5 and 6-10 during the weekends because there is a very good drop-rate of
fodder which also means more ruby income for you. Let me first breakdown the maps in the first
group. For maps 4-5 and 5-5, these maps are found
in Asgar and offer very good fodder variety which is important to help you sustain your
farming for a long duration. Because the game doesn’t allow you to place
identical units in the same team so imagine if you have a huge number of Hamsters and
Cats for example. Then at any one time, you will only be farming
1-2 units instead of 4 different units and this will greatly decrease your farming efficiency
and ruby profits. Hence, you must remember to have a variety
of fodder in your inventory at all times. Map 8-20 in Aisha is the map where the gold
drop is the best. So if you run out of gold, simply turn on
Hot Time and farm here. An hour of farming in 8-20 should earn you
an average of 1 million gold. Map 13-5 is the map which has a higher frequency
of Soul Shard drops however, I would like to say that the fodder variety here is slightly
more limited than 4-5 and 5-5. Map 6-10 is particularly meant to be used
with Boost Mode because there is a very good droprate of Soul Shards here. 100 Boost Mode runs will give you about 100-130
Soul Shards DAILY. So it is strongly recommended to farm in 6-10
with Boost Mode every day. This will take about an hour or so. Should you then only stick to one map for
farming? My personal recommendation is No. For example, if you do need gold, you should
farm in 8-20. However, the fodder variety in 8-20 is not
very ideal which means you may not be able to efficiently farm on this map for beyond
2-3 hours. In that case, you need to change to another
map to get more fodder variety and then come back again. Ultimately, you would still want to earn rubies
while farming am I right? So it is always a good thing to change maps
once in a while to get different types of fodder so that your farming duration can be
prolonged. So if you stick to the 5 maps mentioned above,
I’m very sure you will not have a lack of fodder. Now that you know where to farm? How do you get started? Ideally, with a team of 5, you should get
15 rubies each round because each fodder, dead or alive, will still grow in level at
the end of each round. However, is this the best way? Take note that if you actually enter Adventure
with an entire team of fodder units, it will take a significant amount of time to clear
each stage because these units have low stats. So instead of taking 2-3 minutes to earn 15
rubies, you should instead be using a Farming unit to make this process much faster so you
can actually earn 12 rubies in just 20-40 seconds depending on the map. I will recommend the two most efficient farmers
here. Awakened Yeonhee and Awakened Yuri. I will include all the recommended builds
at the side and skill rotation so you can follow accordingly. Let’s start with Yeonhee. Yeonhee will be the main farming unit for
Group A maps. This is because for Group A maps, the 1st
stage of the battle only consists of 3 enemies. Yeonhee has the ability to hit 2 targets with
her basic attack so she can efficiently kill all 3 enemies with just 2 basic attacks. You will then proceed to Round 2 WHERE YOU DO NOT NEED HER 5-MAN AOE. IGNORE MY VOICE. LET THE ENEMY HIT HER AND SHE WILL COUNTER AND PROC WITH HER 3RD ATTACK DAMAGE. The key thing here is ensuring she does 2
speed attacks in the first round, hence it is important to give her 2 speed weapons to ensure the smoothness in your runs. Likewise, this is also the same for Yuri who
the farmer for Map 6-10. Map 6-10 has a total of 3 rounds and Yuri
is the hero with the fastest animations for all 3 skills. However as one of her skills only targets
3 heroes, you must equip her with 2 speed weapons as well so that she can effectively
kill 2 units in Round 1 and then use her 3-target skill. Beyond weapons, you could try to get them
some status effect resistance jewels for both Yeonhee and Yuri or specific resistance accessories
depending on the enemies. So now that you know who to use and how to
gear them, you need to set your Auto-farming skill queues. The easiest way is to set 1 team for Yeonhee
and 1 team for Yuri. Click on Auto-Settings and under Skill Settings,
you can set the Skill Queue for both their teams. For the Yeonhee team, do not set any skill
in Round 1. For Round 2, DON’T SET ANYTHING ALSO. IGNORE ME! For Yuri, Round 1 would be her bottom skill,
Round 2 her top skill and Round 3 her Awakened Skill. With these settings in place, the next thing
would be set your Auto Replacement. Remember to Enable Auto Replacement and select
the 4 boxes which your fodders will be swapping in to. Do NOT click on the box with Yeonhee and Yuri
positioned. For the Auto Settings on the left, these are
entirely up to your preference. For myself, I chose to activate all. The more important ones I feel are the bottom
3. For the 2nd option, many players often feel
that it isn’t worth purchasing keys with rubies because you are farming to earn rubies
and not to use them for keys to farm for rubies again. So this feels ironic but the reality is that,
if you constantly maintain a good flow of fodder and always have 3-4 fodders leveling
up, you WILL actually still profit. I think you can look at my ruby amount as
the biggest testament for this so you can totally trust me. But let me emphasize good fodder flow again. The 3rd option is very very important to click. Otherwise, your auto-repeat will still carry
on even if you have no fodder or even a full inventory. And in those cases, you will definitely be
losing rubies because there’s no point being in Adventure if you have a full inventory. So by clicking this, farming will stop the
instance you have 0 fodder left to level up. The 4th option is mainly to make your life
easier so you do not have to manually transfer fodder from your temp storage to the main
inventory and let the system do it automatically. So I think that is beneficial. Next let’s look at Auto-Sell and Auto-Power
Up. Again, these settings are entirely dependent
on your preference. Auto-Sell helps to prevent your inventories
from clogging up and these are my personal settings. I mainly sell pathetic pets, and low rank
items, accessories and jewels which I do not need. I do not sell heroes because they should be
used to power-up others. Currently these are the Auto Power-up settings
which I am using. Note that in such a situation, powering up
of my 4*s will be the priority and not my 3*s. I do have some advice for Auto-Power Up settings
as I feel that it is very important to set it right to ensure more efficient farming. You need to be flexible with the settings
here. Sometimes you may set it this way, sometimes
you may want to power up 5*s and the key to this is to observe your inventory composition. If you find yourself having an abundant amount
of Level 40 3*s and lesser 4*s, you could decide to feed these 3*s to 5*s to clear up
some inventory space to make way for even more fodder so that your farming can go on. Otherwise, at some point, you may end up just
accumulating too many 3*s and your inventory will get full. Of course, you can also unselect any of the
settings whenever you want so that you will also keep a good amount of fusion pairs for
a future new hero. Make sure to use only Level 40 heroes as materials
otherwise say goodbye to your ruby income. So that was A LOT of detail about Auto-repeat
and auto-farming settings. But all those won’t make sense to a player
who doesn’t have the time to farm at all isn’t it? So if you are a player who can’t afford
the time or do not have the devices to farm long hours there are some tips for you to
still be able to progress. The first is to turn to Auto-Adventure. I covered this in very good detail in my video
I linked above so I will talk about this briefly. Basically Auto-Adventure lets you farm and
get resources from a map of your choice automatically with 1 click. You typically only have 100 attempts to auto-complete
adventure daily unless there are events like in this case. So the key cost varies for the different maps
depending on what difficulty level you have cleared. For World 7-10, it costs 1 key while for World
8 onwards, if you only cleared Easy difficulty, it will cost 2 keys per run and 3 keys if
you cleared Normal difficulty. You have to make sure that you have sufficient
inventory space so that Auto-clear can happen. In this case, I can only Auto-clear 31 times
so after clicking it, I will make space in my inventories and continue auto-clearing
until I hit the limit for the day. And that is basically how you can still progress,
get rubies, get soul shards on a day-to-day basis without doing actual farming. You can also see what each map offers on the
left so choose the map which gives you the resources you want. If you are someone who only has maybe 1-2
hours to farm instead of 4 hours or more. That’s fine too. You should then prioritize your farming in
6-10 with Boost Mode using Yuri and at least get a good amount of Soul Shards daily. You can even turn on Hot Time since it will
just go to waste if you don’t use it anyway during that short duration. Also there’s one more thing I forgot to
mention so far and that is how to even accumulate fodder daily! Apart from getting fodder while you are farming,
you also get 22 free heroes every day from Unknown Area and the free 10+1 ticket every
24 hours. Also you get 3 heroes from Chessboard daily
if you remember to do it. Daily Quests also gives you 3 heroes. So that’s guaranteed 99 guaranteed rubies
for you daily. You can also buy fodder and elements with
Castle Rush points as these are additional things to level up and earn you rubies. You can also do fusions to not only make space
in your inventory but also get a fresh set of heroes to level up for even more rubies. And of course, you can also head to the Normal
gacha and spend 250 Honor to get 11 fodder. Another important tip is to use the Bulk Rank
Up for your elements. Ranking up 2* elements for example will give
you brand new 3* ones which will also give you rubies after you have leveled them up. So just repeat the process for all Level 40
elements and rank them up for more ruby-earning opportunities. So that is all I have for farming in Seven
Knights. I hope it has answered some of your questions
you have had for farming and if not, leave your question in the comments and I will get
to them. More guides are still gonna come so do Subscribe
to my channel! Thank you so much and see you!


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