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November 4, 2019

Let’s talk about where to farm today! Hi guys, welcome back to my channel! Many new and returning players have joined
us so I thought this Farming Locations video would be great to get you going. In this video, I will be coming up with various
farming schedules and templates for you to easily follow. And also talk about what you should do if
you are a casual player without much time on hand. I’ve also created a new FARMING playlist
for anyone who still isn’t clear about farming. And today’s Farming Location video will
be included as well! I will explain the following for each stage
so that it’s much clearer for you guys. 1. Is the map recommended for Hot-time? Hot-time basically is a 4hr period where there
is increased drop rate for a certain resource which you can check here. YOU decide when Hottime should be to make
the best use of the 4hrs of non-stop farming. 2. Is Boost Mode recommended for this map? 3. Who is the Best Farmer & what alternatives
are there? 4. Which formation is preferred? I will also talk about the Most Basic Equipment
and Recommend Skill Rotation but these will differ based on Players progress. And note, all the maps recommended are at
Easy Difficulty and will give you Soul Shards. Assuming you are still starting out, it is
very important for you to hit at least World 8-20 because 8-20 has the biggest gold drop
when Hot-time is turned on. So for World 8-20, some good farmers here
are Nia and Pallanus because you need to use two piercing skill for the 2 waves. With Nia your fodders won’t die and she
is the safest farmer in the whole game. I personally tried Yeonhee here but it was
very unstable due to a high chance of Fodder Death. I have put down what I had on my Nia when
she tackled this round at the side so you can see how minimal it is. I’m using the 4-1 formation here simply
due to laziness and convenience because this is my farming formation for the other maps. But if you feel that your Nia lacks power,
you can use the 1-4 formation, putting her at the back. Boost Mode is not my preference here due to
the huge key costs. But if you are in dire need of gold, you may
consider using Boost Mode here. Another good map to farm is World 6-10 WITH
Boost Mode. Some people choose to farm in 7-10 which is
also fine but I personally prefer World 6-10 because I do get a stable amount of fodder
variety from here. Fodder variety is very important in Farming
because you cannot have the same hero on the team. So if you constantly get the same fodder,
that’s not going to make your farming efficient at all. For 6-10 on Boost Mode, you get a very good
amount of Soul Shards so you should make this a go-to map every day. I personally save all my boost mode for 6-10
alone. Also, I run Yuri for this stage due to Yuri’s
fast animation which really shortens your farming runs and allow you to make the most
within Hot-time. I have already put the details of my Yuri
at the side with her skill rotation for you. To prevent Yuri from getting frozen, I gave
my Yuri a Freeze-resistant Accessory and PVE Debuff Resist jewel to kinda get her Freeze
resistance high so my farming can continue properly. You can also use Yeonhee for this round and
if Yeonhee has her Exclusive Item, then you dont have to worry about debuffs. You can see what my Yeonhee had when she did
her run and her skill rotation. Nia is also a great choice as she protects
all your fodder but will give you a longer run due to her awakened skill animation. Another thing to note here is that you do
NOT need to have Hottime on for this floor on weekdays. But during the weekend, having hottime will
help you greatly in getting lots of fodder to sustain your farming. Note that if you are farming in World 7-10,
you cannot use Yuri. To learn more about the BEST and MOST EFFICIENT
farmers for every map, you can refer to the video I linked above. While you are still on hot-time, World 13-5
is a possible map to farm at. I know new/returning players may take a while
to get here but the reason why I recommended this map is because it is the easiest map
in World 13 which can give you soul shards as well as fodder on Hot-time. Yeonhee is the most efficient farmer here
as illustrated by the video I linked above. Alternative farmers are also Pallanus and
Nia since you need 2 piercing skills for this stage as well. Boost Mode here will cost a lot but can also
give you a good amount of Soul Shards if you are desperate. Also, if you have maxed out your Soul Shards,
this stage will also drop Light Crystals! However, I personally feel that the hero drop
rate here isn’t as frequent as the next map I want to talk about and that is Map 4-5! Map 4-5 is one of my must-go-to maps daily
because I can farm for hours on this map. Even on weekdays, when hot-time here favours
gold, the drop rate for fodder is pretty decent as well and you will be able to sustain your
farming. On weekends, this map along with 6-10 mentioned
earlier are the best to just spend your whole weekend farming in. Why is 4-5 preferred over 5-5 you may ask? That is because the animation time in 4-5
is slightly shorter than 5-5 by about 2-3s. Every second counts when you are farming so
this is something to take note. But you can toggle between 4-5 and 5-5 to
generate fodder variety within your inventory to keep your farming going. With Yeonhee on this stage, you can easily
clear it without fodder death because she kills off the 1st Wave simply with basic attacks,
and enters the 2nd Wave using her skill. So let’s put it all together and come up
with an efficient farming schedule. For Weekdays, assuming you have time for the
whole duration of Hot-time, I came up with a few farming templates so to speak to help
you choose a routine you prefer. You can start your farming in World 13-5 first
to accumulate SOME fodder for 1-1.5hrs, before heading over to World 4-5 or 6-10 (whichever
you prefer). If you head to 4-5, you can farm there for
another 1-2 hours before going back to 13-5 or heading to 6-10 for Boost Runs. If you head to 6-10, you can choose to activate
Boost Mode and farm all the way till Boost Mode stops and then go to 4-5 or back to 13-5. This is a very basic guideline. You can even start with World 8-20 and insert
World 5-5 whenever you wish. The idea is simply to toggle between maps
for fodder variety to sustain your farming for hours. After hottime has ended, you can activate
Boost Mode and farm all the way in 6-10 till Boost mode ends. If you have already used up your Boost Mode
runs during Hot-time, then just continue your farming in 4-5 outside of Hot-time. On weekends, farm in 6-10 with Boost Mode
and once that ends, focus your time in 4-5. This is probably the most cost-efficient and
fastest way to maximize Weekend Hot-time, which will fill up your inventory with a lot
of fodder. But all that said, I know many players don’t
have the luxury of time to leave their phone on for 4 hours or don’t have a good PC to
run an emulator. So, if you really can only afford 1-2 hours
each day to farm, what should you take note of? Well, there is a rumour that Smart Adventure
MAY be launched in future (since KR server has that) but before that arrives, a few things
to note: Firstly, I’m assuming if you are a casual
farmer, keys should not be too big an issue for you so you should always use Boost Mode
to maximize your rewards for any stage you are fighting in. Secondly, turn on Hot-Time. I know Hot-time lasts for 4 hours but honestly
if you don’t have the luxury of time, it doesn’t matter if Hot-time is 4 hours or
8 hours, because all you have is 1-2 hours. So choose the map with the resource you want
to farm in within your limited available time and turn on Hot-Time to increase the drop
rate of that resource. Lastly, since you have a limited amount of
time and desperately want to farm something, make sure you actually have enough power supply
to sustain even for that short duration. Otherwise, nothing will end up being achieved. So I hope this video has guided you very well
as to WHERE to farm and HOW to farm in those places. If it did, do give it a Like and subscribe
to my channel for more of such tips and guides! We are gearing up for Mythical Awakening now
so make sure your resource bank is filled by July! I will see you very soon in my next guide. Thank you!


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