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Seven Knights – Farming Lu Bu 9-15 with Auto Repeat!!!! EASY *3

September 10, 2019

Hi! I am Repure!
In this video i wanna share how to Auto Repeat in 9-15 This is the Mastery that i use. And don’t forget to take “Inn” buff in Guild Castle.
That Inn will give you attack/ def buff (Random) Let’s go to 9-15!
This is hero that i use This is the Set Skills that i use for auto
In Wave 1, use Silence (Dellon’s Skills) then use Yu Shin 2nd Skill. In Wave 2.
Use Xiao’s skill AOE for giving more cooldown to enemies. After that, burst enemies with Yu Shin skill. Okay let’s DO THIS!!!! My Yu Shin Weapon Speed 27×2.
So he is the fastest on my team. Nah in Wave 1, use Dellon’s Silence 1st.
Then use Yu Shin 2nd skill *My grafic setting still medium and i change to high for better grafic* Yu Shin skill effect is making enemies skill into cooldown, so the enemy cannot use skill *Wave 2*
Use Xiao AOE skill for damage all of them and avoid Guan Yu/ Diao Chan Immune buff. I use 2nd skill of Xiao for keep making Lu Bu skill on Cooldown Okay that’s all about this video
Thanks for watching!!!

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  • Reply Aat December 31, 2016 at 4:48 am

    ini farming lu bu masih berlaku ampe skrng ?? masih bisa dpt lu bu lewat farming disini ??

  • Reply arian j.w. January 11, 2017 at 1:44 am

    Bang cara awaken item biar jdinya sama gmna ya? Misal tdinya max hp biar jd max hp lg. Ane awaken max hp jd block rate

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