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September Gardening Checklist – 25 Organic Gardening Tips to Get You Through September

November 16, 2019

September is one of the best months in
the garden. I’m going to share some tips of what I’m gonna do in my garden in
September. It’s a great time to plant your fall cover crop and allow enough
time for it to get established before the cold weather arrives. Check out our
cover crop videos. Winter squash can be picked especially if the rain is in the
forecast and stored in a cool dark location. It’s a good time to plant
spring flowering bulbs like daffodils, tulips, hyacinth, crocus and iris. Surplus
produce can be preserved by canning, fermenting, drying or freezing. Please
check out all of our different preserving videos. Save space in your
garden for garlic. Cold zones can plant just after the first frost, or in mild
areas, plant in October. Donate excess produce to your local food bank. Shred or
grate those two large zucchinis. After squeezing all the excess liquid out, you
can freeze the shred to use later in the year.
Onion sets can be planted in the fall, in mild winter regions. Check out our onion
transplant and onion set video. Help pumpkins prep for the holidays by
removing leaves that shadow the fruits so that they’ll ripen. Place them onto
boards to protect them from damp soil. Continue to harvest your plants in the
garden. If frost is threatening, protect with
some floating row cover. Start saving some seed from some of your favorite
plants. I’m saving arugula. Monitor your cucurbits for powdery mildew. If you find any, it’s a good time to put on the fungicide.
I’m gonna use the safer garden fungicide on mine. Continue fertilizing your heavy
feeders such as corn cucumbers and squash. Continue pruning the tall
primocanes of your blackberries. This encourages lateral branches which is
where next year’s berries will be born. Flora canes can be cut back after the
berries have been harvested. Cut back any dead raspberry canes or canes that have
finished producing fruit. Examine your plants for spider mites. If
you find spider mites you can use a miticide that’s labeled for the plant and
for spider mites. Harvest your basil before the cold weather sets in. You can
dry it, freeze it, or make pesto. Prep your greenhouse and get it ready for the
winter. Order your agribon so that you’re ready
for the cold weather. Be sure and check out our early buy program for agribon.
Most important in September enjoy your harvest with friends family and have
some feasts and grow organic for life


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