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SECRET: GROW CUTTINGS 500% FASTER | Gardening Ideas Hacks DIY

November 7, 2019

hello friends today I am so excited to
share this video on the easy DIY plant cloner device with guaranteed success in
growing plants from stem cuttings that is called CLONING. It’s an extremely easy
do-it-yourself project and costs no more than five dollars and most importantly
it speeds up the rooting process and can produce roots within seven days, ofcourse depending on the plant you choose. we will show you the shocking results at
the end of this episode all that’s coming up. If you’re interested in gardening ideas DIY and experiments please subscribe to my channel with the bill icon clicked. Well, in my previous video title the ten tips to cloning plants in water that is duplicating your plants from stem cuttings in water we learn many scientific concepts like Nitrogen draining concept and the
oxygenation concept. We use these simple concepts in building our simple plant cloner device. If you haven’t watched that video yet, please find the link to that video you’re at top right corner of this video and also in the video description. So let’s start building this device step-by-step: Firstly the things you need or the parts of this cloner device: First and foremost is the chamber:
that is the container holding water and the cuttings. The dimensions of this chamber depends on how many insertions or how many cuttings you want to insert
into this setup. You can choose any opaque container like a rectangular box
or even a bucket with a lid or even a small jar just anything. What I am using
here is a 12 x 6 inch glass aquarium. Actually roots develop faster in the
dark! and it also prevents algae growth in the
container. But I’m using this transparent container in this experiment for
recording purpose. Actually I will be covering this with on all sides with a
black cardboard paper like what you are seeing in the video. Well the next
component is the top platform which suspends cuttings into the chamber. You
can use a plastic sheet or any tray or simply a styrofoam or thermocol sheet. This platform can also be built in such
a way to accommodate net pots to plant seeds or even insert cuttings into it.
That will be a two in one plant cloning device Plus hydroponic chamber from
growing plants and seeds. If you want to build a sturdy or a more permanent
device you can use a container like this and make holes and accommodate net pots into it. Net pots of about the 1 inch diameter and then you can place your
cuttings into the net pot and add some pebbles or clay balls or anything just
to hold the cuttings in place properly. We will put dedicated hydroponic chamber and discuss on hydroponics aquaponics and aeroponics in another video some other time. These are actually interesting topics and not so difficult as they
sound. For now I’ll show you the simplest form
of this DIY plant cloner or the bubbler device and how to construct it easily
with various options. Well the next component we need is air pump, airline
tubes and air stone. Yes all these are aquarium stuff and this is based on the
oxygenation concept. The cuttings require oxygen for routing, so instead of daily
stirring the water by lifting the cuttings as we saw in our previous video,
we can make this hands-free process using this bubbler apparatus you can use
either air stones or even an air stone strip like this what you’re seeing here
as an air bubbler. If you use this strip, a single nozzle pump would be sufficient.
You can also use an aquarium sponge filter for a bubbling device. Then to
insert cuttings, you can use any hack and make a hole into the top platform. The
main idea is to hold the cuttings in place. If you’re just using thermocol you need take a sheet and insert cuttings through the hole otherwise it
may not fit snugly and depending on the top platform you can choose anything
like net pots or plastic foam plugs neoprene collars and even holders like
this I know what these are called I think they are table grommets. This is
just to hold the cuttings in place. If you have any more ideas on this please
share with us in the comment box below the video. Most of these things can be
purchased online and have provided links to purchase some of these in the video
description or The simplest one is just a piece of
styrofoam with holes into it to insert the cuttings that’s it.
Insert your cuttings then just drop the sheet into the chamber and switch on
the air bubbler. Now the time for results and the conclusions, but before that
please do not forget to watch my previous video on the ten golden tips of
cloning like, when and how to take proper cuttings and other hacks in my previous
video on this related topic. Also if you have any suggestions or improvisations
on this DIY project please let us know in the comment section below the video
Now it’s time for the results of this experiment and the inferences drawn
from it. Well the most surprising part to me was the result on day 5, as you can
see one of the cuttings that is actually a cutting from the rose plant
sucker growth it has so much potential for rooting and it started rooting in
five days whereas the other two neem cuttings did not start rooting till the
eighth day but this last eranthemum plant cutting has just
started rooting and one most important point is I have never changed the water
till the day 8. This is just the same water with the air bubbler continuously
switched on and no additional stuff like rooting hormone added, but i just dropped one aspirin tablet into the container on day 1 That’s it. So now the inferences
drawn from this experiment are: the rooting process is a complex one and depends on many factors like the plant age plant type genetics thickness and hardness of
the branch pathogens growing medium like the water or the soil and the oxygen
availability around the vicinity of the rooting zone and many other factors. So
there we have it folks, please give a thumbs up if you found the video helpful
Also comment below the video with your queries & feedback. Also please share this on social media with your friends. Consider subscribing if you are new to this channel. Happy gardening!


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