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SDState Dairy and Food Science On ESPN College GameDay

November 7, 2019

College GameDay is built by the Home
Depot. More saving, more doing. And in part by Reese’s and Allstate – reminding you
that football season is mayhem. Hey let me tell you it’s never too cold for ice cream from the dairy bar. This is [cheering] This is cow to cone ice cream. The students
work it there. You know what you know what they’re famous for at the dairy bar Pollock?
>>What? They invented Cookies ‘N Cream. Oh, that’s Pollack, that’s right up his wheelhouse. You don’t really believe that it’s never too cold for ice cream.
>>I don’t believe, I mean I do believe that.
>>I don’t believe that you do believe that. [laughing] If they brought Cookies ‘N Cream right now, Desmond and I would crush it.>>I’m trying to tell you. Hey, it was delicious too. Did you try it yesterday? Not yet, but I’m looking forward to it. Well you need to make sure that you do that before you leave here.
>>Yes sir.

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