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Rooftop Gardening in NYC

November 7, 2019

My research focused on rooftop gardens and how different types of plants have different effects on filtering pollutants out of rain water. I hope through my research it encourages others to have rooftop gardens. They’re very easy ways to create a more ecologically sound city. We focus on how roof top gardens have been shown to decrease the amount of rain water run off. As well as filter pollutants out of the rain water before it runs off into the sewage system. Well, I’ve been inspired to do most of the all this research from a PhD student here, Jason Aloisio, and I’ve been working with him since the summer after my freshman year, it’s been really cool, just taking me onto roof tops all around the city from Sunset Park to Chelsea to the Bronx. It keeps your enthusiasm up just knowing that the level of working you’re doing is this high. That even, you know, professors that have been working for years are interested in it.

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