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Prof. Rectenwald: “Social Justice” Threatens Everything

October 18, 2019

we’re here with Michael Rectenwald today he is the author of springtime for snowflakes oh what a brilliant name for
a book and he was also a professor at NYU Dr. Rectenwald thank you so much for being with us to start with would you tell us a little bit about spring
time for snowflakes why did you decide to write it and where did you come up
with such a provocative title I decided to write it after I had a run-in at NYU
with the social justice mob and I basically tell the story of how that run
in land and then also then I go back into it’s a memoir that the book goes
back into my education my PhD work and and my master’s work in order to see the
roots of this pernicious development social justice and I found that in in
postmodern theory so it’s uh the title somehow came to me
out of the blue I don’t know and I almost scratched it because there were a
couple people that thought it was too provocative in particular
um professor hate who runs the heterodox academy he thought it was too
provocative but uh I decided to go with it because I thought it wouldn’t catch
some attention and I obviously it’s based on a take-off of Mel Brooks’s
springtime for Hitler which was a song within the producers and so tell us a
little bit about what you discovered you know what when you looked into the
origins of this social justice movement what did you learn and is this a
dangerous movement is it just a curiosity I think it’s very day
it’s a dangerous movement in it’s uh it’s in generating an incredible amount
of problems specifically in high schools now and secondary and primary schools
even what I discovered was that it came from
various notions that are very popular in in the Academy in particular a
postmodern ideas of social constructionism you know that everything
in reality is a social construction that there is no real object world that we
interact with the world at that we make collectively socially rather than what
what is there it’s a very subjective and idealist epistemology and this is what
makes room for such things as the gender to jour you know whatever gender you
might come up with you can be I think there’s 72 now so basically I
found social and linguistic constructivism which is a postmodern
idea and several other things like the standpoint epistemology which comes out
of Soviet Theory before well before post-modernism but which is picked up by
postmodern theorists later standpoint at this Tamala to which I can talk about if
you wish but you know those some of the threads that I started pulling and
seeing how they connected to the current belief systems and practices one of the
things that I’ve run across more and more and I’m very curious about I wonder
if you have any thoughts on it is the infiltration of these ideas into the
churches that you even the conservative churches you know not just the Catholic
Church but also some of the evangelical churches you had a John MacArthur who’s
a very prominent kind of a Calvinistic even evangelical leader he described the
social justice movement as perhaps the most significant threat to the church
today and yet it seems like everywhere you go you have these social justice
ideas being preached from the pulpit that you know we need to be focused on
racial justice and economic justice rather than the preaching of the gospel
give any insight into how this made its way into the churches I mean how it is
it is it compatible with traditional Christian doctrines or is this an alien
idea that’s invaded what are your thoughts okay first of all there’s
nobody to money so many ideas have flown under the
banner of social justice since its inception in 1841 that it’s really hard
to tell all the things that are involved but let me just say this begin with the
contemporary social justice movement has nothing to do with the original social
justice movement which was a Catholic movement which came from Luigi Tapper
Elia Jesuit monk and had nothing to do with redistribution of wealth it had to
do with charity actually and he never said that anyone should be equal either
economically or even socially hierarchically that there was no
leveling of anything going on there but it got adopted and even within half a
church it was it was taken up by a pope and he already adulterated it and turned
it into this kind of redistribution scheme now it then got into the hands of
philosophers like Rawls and others booth who have you know turned it into this
sin qua non thing that without which nothing exists ethically according to
them such that it’s become pervasive as a belief that equality economic equality
and social equality is an absolute necessary goal and that it is absolutely
required of us to strive for it that’s the basis now then you add in in a
contemporary moment they picked up Stalinist and Maoist tactics and include
those within the social justice movement so for example in communist China during
the Cultural Revolution of 66 to 70 sick Mao instructed his red guards to
basically tear down everything in the society all tradition all historical
memory all cultural legacies everything should be razed to the ground
that’s Raz Edie then there were a couple techniques involved
one was called Auto critique or self-criticism and this is where the
subject denigrates themselves in front of a jury of their peers comrades
and basically tells how horrible they are and how wrong they’ve been and
they’re ideologically flawed and blah blah blah
then there’s this thing called struggle sessions where the people themselves the
comrades tear apart this person’s personality and their ideology for their
bushwa capitalist beliefs and self-worth and they just rip them to shreds so you
saw both of these things circulated into France
the moment that postmodern theory was being born they entered into feminism
first feminists picked up these techniques and they have been
dormant somewhat since the 70s but they started coming back and different forms
throughout seventies eighties 90s and into the 2000s and then they’ve pestered
and they then bloomed again into a blooming blister of disgusting ideas and idiocy such that
they now are part of this new social justice left yeah you mentioned the
Chinese Cultural Revolution Michael I’m curious to get your thoughts do you see
any parallels between what happened in the Cultural Revolution and some of what
we’re seeing today in the United States with the erasing of our history the
pulling down of monuments that silencing of criticism is there any parallel there
at all absolutely I see it as a complete parallel it’s a softer version but it’s
not it’s not any less pernicious in a sense because it’s actually happening
more subtly and you know it’s less catastrophist if you will more of a
gradualist campaign but this makes it more insidious almost because it’s not
so latent you know so it’s happening sort of surreptitiously under the
surface but it’s very very very very much like they’re ripping as you said
historical monuments historical memory legacies of culture all being gutted
from the curriculum from statuary statuaries and all forms of museums and
road times and names of schools and names of streets on and on and on they
just want to raise the whole cultural legacy to the ground the West is
horrible despite being back being that the West
is best and that’s the thing that they have this guilt complex about is the
idea that the West had a belief in itself at some point oh my what a
terrible thing well what happens if these social justice warriors win
Michael suppose that conservatives Christians traditional I suppose
everybody just raises the white flag and these social justice warriors are able
to Steamroller over us so where does it end what can we expect to see that’s a
frightening prospect I would say that first can I talk about
how to combat it before that was my next question what I’m do to stop it
so we avoid that right so good go ahead before I raise the surrender sign let’s
let’s try to see what we might do to counter it
first I think it needs to be understood that we’re dealing with a religious
movement and I have nothing against religions but I don’t like Scientology
either and its equivalent in its mass lunacy to Scientology yet it has much
broader grip on society so once it’s dubbed a religion in the
u.s. at least where it seems to be birthing most you know diem Italy we can
then say look this doctrine has to be excluded from public schools
it can’t be it can be taught but it can’t be the basis of the school system
which it is now it’s happening in New York I was just on pops this morning
talking about how the New York school system is being taken over by social
justice well I knew this was this is going on all around the country it’s not
just New York this is the this is the Creed that’s been adopted so we have to
declare it a religion get it marked clearly as a religion then we can use
the separation clause to exclude something real quick to people who
aren’t familiar with this idea explain real quick how could you call this a
religion what would the ways it having common
would say a different religion it has up rituals like like the ones I mentioned
for example struggle sessions Auto critique and there’s other rituals that
you know I could enumerate but they don’t come to me right the second but
also is a belief system that is not that it’s based strictly on belief and no
data it is not an evidence based system it is you know for example if somebody
declares their gender to be male or there’s no empirical data it’s necessary
they just merely state it right so it’s a belief that’s enunciated and that’s
the end of it and we have to believe that and go along with it and everybody
must play along I think you know Christianity has more data than it by a
longshot but it is nevertheless merely a belief system with no knowledge base at
all so it’s ritualistic and it’s a knowledge
it’s a belief system with no knowledge base at all it’s completely based on
read you the credulity of anyone who buys into it and it has no you know so
therefore I’d say you know we can dub this thing of religion if we have to go
into a treatise to do so I mean I talked about it a bit in the book but I could
develop it further fantastic and so what’s the best way to stop it and so we
declared a religion getting kicked out of the governor
school system to start with and then apples if I want to be a social justice
school go ahead be a social justice school but like like a Christian school
they would say this is a Christian Academy or something like that
what they don’t know in tax money I guess right right that’s fine
you have the freedom to do that here in this in this country but you should it
should be pretty big pretty Alyssa you know it should be rather specific and it
should be explicitly stated rather than implicitly insidiously undermining
everything without being acknowledged as such so I would say yeah get it out of
the public system through that through that class I think there has to be some
sort of a mass action taken some sort of a class action suit of some sort in
which you know numbers of parents and other people rise up and say look this
is crazy this is religion it’s being perpetrated against our will and we’re
supposed to have the separation of church and state in the United States
that doesn’t mean anti religion it just means that religion is an official we
don’t have an official Church like in England which they still do the Anglican
Church is the official state Church we don’t have that here and this is
basically taking that position without being declared as such then you know
you’ll have make make it explicit what your schools about you’ll have
universities that are gonna be private and they can do whatever they want and
you have public universities that should also have the same rules applied to them
and that would change things dramatically because I’m telling you
that it’s not just in the IV’s Harvard works really out of control
Penn yeah all these places are completely indoctrinating students this
way but it’s also in the middle states you know regional universities all over
the country you know you’ll see this just type in grammar is racist and
English and math is racist – apparently huh what’s that math is that is also
racist yeah if this polonius imperialist and racist and it’s also Andrew centric
it’s and it’s uh it’s uh what else it’s a
bunch of things it’s real bad math it’s horrible I mean this is crazy talk
obviously Michael day anybody with common sense but how would a parent
inoculate their child against this yeah obviously the educators have gotten
pretty good at this how would a parent prepare their child to confront this wow
that’s a great great question inoculation is the key well if the kid
is under seventeen I guess hold off on the Nietzsche but okay Nietzsche for all his flaws as a lunatic
is actually pretty good inoculation against this stuff because he doesn’t
buy in the yell at arianism as this you know absolute Creed and of course these
people aren’t egalitarian I want to say that they’re they’re really about
inverting the hierarchy they want to make the bottom the top you know it’s an
it’s a and he talks about this quite a bit
Nietzsche about how inversion ideologies work to slip the hierarchy by saying
that being poor and being the least being the lowest is best those are the
ones that are really the best and the greatest you know so I would say educate
them about what’s going on be explicit also to pick up cues from your from your
child like for example what are you doing tomorrow well we’re going to have
a transition party for Tommy well being Terry you know this is happening this
this happened in California already where kindergarteners were having a
transition party for one of the students and if the parents we also got to get
the laws change because right now in many states if a parent says if a parent
tries to object to the child’s gender they could actually lose the child yeah
in some states I’ll turn it into I saw that now Canada as well as some of the European
countries now yep incredible yeah yeah I mean so transgenderism it should
not be understood as anything but this a major piece of the social justice creed
and movement and there’s this huge push for everybody to change their genders
for some reason I mean personal what is the ultimate agenda Michael so I mean
obviously you know getting children to mutilate their genitals is not an end in
and of itself I wouldn’t think where are they going with this do they have a
master plan might be um I thought it might be a giant sausage factory but I’m
not sure about that but I’m thinking you know I okay that basically we want to
destabilize all social ontology x’ all right because this is the means by which
the state becomes all-powerful or the corporate state if you will if we’re
gonna be off putting all this work all this day power into Google and other
what I think our state apparatus is at this point I mean they were funded by
the CIA the first place right so the idea is for to dis to completely raise
the social ontology to the ground uh to upend all the family has to go the
reason so you have to have for a family typically you have a man and a wife or a
husband and a spouse where a man and a woman well if you get rid of those
you’re 90% way finished with the with the family was a nuclear family and
that’s definitely one of the objectives they want to get rid of the family
because the family is a popper it’s an ideological and your mental and ng-content barrier to
the all-powerful statism until you see a totalitarian movement then Michael these
people want totalitarian government in other words polit Aryans after that the
war they’re absolutely totalitarian they want total control and power and
they want it vested in the state and they want to be in the state themselves
and once they get it then what do they do with it and what do they do it
dissenters I mean what’s gonna happen to us well it’s already happening I mean
you see it going on at least digitally right you see all these digital
disappearances static technicalities and then you see that the restriction of
movement of people that are on the right or anything but left whack jobs for
example like Laura Laura Loomer can’t even go into the UK am i lonely
innopolis cannot go to the often go into Australia so they’re already putting
these digital fences up which is the next step and I talk about all this in
my next book which is out this month google archipelago they’re erecting
these digital do logs if you will and and then also digitally deleting people
in effect you know because once you have all the public sphere transferred on to
the digital realm and then the digital realm is controlled by people that are
actually status that are also corporates I mean this is just this crazy
amalgamation of state and corporate power that’s going on whereas you know
I’m all for free markets but this is not free markets at all this is this is
absolute status monopolies right so these monopolies want global state one
nation you know they want the grid of nationalism of course they hate Trump
because he’s nationalists they want to get rid of borders they want to get rid
of everything that stands in the way of one world ism or globalism to be blatant
about it wow this has been fascinating Michael and you know it sounds pretty
terrifying tell us have you got a website where people can learn more and
how do people get a copy of a springtime for snowflakes and where can people find
the gulag or the Google arch of pellicle I’m really looking forward to reading
that so where can people find these uh you
can go to Michael Repton wall comm that’s Michael mi CH AE l recktenwald re
SI te n wal decom sorry for the long name yes and that you pronounce it properly
do direct involve you can click on those book titles right there take you
straight to source to buy them I’m not going to mention the sources name but
yeah I know who you’re thinking right yeah and I hear they have a lot of
transgender policies too well done well oh thank you so much for for what you’re
doing thank you for blowing the whistle on this stuff best of luck to you on
your new books is there anything you want to conclude with something I didn’t
ask you about any final remarks you want to offer to the viewers there what
should they be thinking about what should they be doing they should be
thinking about how to get Michael record Walden and down professorship somewhere
I love it otherwise we have a completely tilted like there’s nobody else in
America that’s standing up to this in the professor area you have a number of
them in Canada you have Jordan Peterson you have Janice via mango that you have
got sad and you have others up there what’s the matter with the United States
professor and it’s completely gutted so yeah I mean just think about how we can
get back these institutions because they have taken the long march through
institutions as gronski their hero promised and they’ve won at this point
they have won at this point it’s not over till it’s over though yeah hey well
dr. Eckener ball thank you so much I keep fighting the good fight and
hopefully we will catch up with you again very soon


  • Reply Star Dust October 11, 2019 at 3:15 pm

    Do most of the people wanting to break up the family, are they from dysfunctional families .. Are they so jealous over a happy Family ?

  • Reply U.S. Patriot October 11, 2019 at 3:37 pm

    Professor Michael Rectenwald's latest two books examine this society ending threat in-depth:

  • Reply Fox Mulder October 11, 2019 at 5:16 pm

    truly rare to have a very well known and an established academic, NYU professor at that, who's self-identified as an actual Marxist for his entire former professional life, go completely 180 literally only a few yrs ago, when SJW-Talibanism truly hit the fan, and go full on voluntaryist. One of the rarest, but welcome phenomenon. Truly brave, in context of his world, and professional reputation. If Michael can wake up to the horrors of Communism, EVERY Marxist/Communist can: just requires sincere, honest reflection. But suppose it requires enlightened personalities to even get there. Still… he is PROOF positive it can be done.

  • Reply IslamExamined October 11, 2019 at 10:23 pm

    Another very useful interview by The New American, thank you. Teza from Sydney Australia

  • Reply dsaulw October 14, 2019 at 8:22 pm

    Regarding the idea of categorizing the social justice ideology as a religion and not allowing it to be taught in government schools…

    One could make the very same recommendation for the government's vaccine ideology. It is wholly faith-based at this point in time. And producing tremendous harm. I have made the case that we need a separation of vaccines and state.

    Instead, what we are seeing is the government kicking out non-believers from its indoctrination centers.

  • Reply No Rulers October 14, 2019 at 11:56 pm

    Interested viewers should check out the saga of the Evergreen State College debacle (profs. Bret Weinstein and Heather Heyer), and the saga of the hoaxers writing papers for 'grievance studies' journals (James Lindsay, Helen Pluckrose and Peter Boghossian). These are the Americans (and one brit) who are blowing the whistle on this insanity, but there should be plenty more (but there aren't).

    Really scary stuff, similar to what Michael Rectenwald discovered.

    A representative link:

  • Reply sgaia October 15, 2019 at 2:43 pm

    It is obvious that this is just the next step in breaking down Society, breaking down the family, so that people are easier to control. If we go back to Jekyll Island and the famous meeting that occurred there about how those families were going to take over the financial system, the health system, and the education system, then we see who is behind the entire process.

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