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Prof. Alfons Weersink (agricultural policy)

September 12, 2019

[music] My research looks
at the effect of government policy
or new technology on what farmers
decide to do and the impacts
of those decisions on the structure
of agriculture. The most exciting
aspect of the research, aside from being
relevant, is that it changes all the time,
and for example we’ve been dealing
with issues surrounding high commodity prices
a few years ago, and now we’re
looking at low commodity prices,
and just in the space of a couple years
the issues, the economic
research questions, have changed
significantly. One example of
a research project that a student
is working on is looking at the
cost effective ways to reduce nitrates
into groundwater. And so we’re working
with a hydrologist and an agronomist
to look at the effects of alternative application rates
of fertilizer, the timing, on what happens to
the groundwater and what happens to
farmer profitability. [music]

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