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Oyster Mushroom cultivation Jeevika Bihar

November 4, 2019

Ram Ram didi Namaskar I have come to know through
Jeevika ji that you are doing Mushroom Farming and
providing training also. Could you please train me? Sure, I will. Let’s go bhayyaji. Let’s go didi. Now, I will provide you information
about mushroom farming. My name is Brij kishor das
and I came from telama, kashugram organization.
Please tell me about you. My name is premlata kumara
and I am working for Deep Jyoti svayam sahayak
organizatoin, Village Telmar. I am a memeber of Gayatri
Vyuh Gram organizatin. Let’s go Brij kishorji and
learn about mushroom farming. Sure didi. Let’s go. Brij kishorji, these all the material
is required for mushroom farming. Didi, please tell me in details
about these materials. This is foramalin Container to measure 125 ML foramalin. It is bevestin And water This one is called mushroom spawn This is processed lime. Wheat straw These are polythene, rubber and pen. It is spray machine 45 litre bowl Brij kishorji, we have to
start with 1 litre of water. and add 4 drops of formalin then do proper wash of
container by this cloth. Didi, what are the benefits of formalin? It kills bacteria and germs. Now, clean entire container
and remove water. Now, you need to add 45 litre water in it. After adding water, we are
going to make mixture. What is this mixture for? For straw treatment Take 125 ML formalin add 4 Gram bevestin add 100 Gram processed lime And mix it well with stick Didi, what are the benefits of bevestin? it prevent from fungus add this mixture to the water and mix it well add 10 kg of straw in to 45 litre of water Didi, why are we adding straw in to water? We want to moist it. It
should be properly moist. now, cover this container with plastic. why have you covered this
container with plastic? Because gas should not be escaped out
and it will help mositurazing straw. Didi, how much time you need cover this? 24 hours atleast After 24 hours now, take this straw out in the basket And how long will be kept it in the basket? Leave it for 4 hours to gets out water after 4 hours Now, we have to dry it well Sure. let’s take it why are you cleaning this floor. i am cleaning this with 1 litre
of water with 4 drops of formalin so it will kills all the germs Didi, after spreading this how much
time we need to keep this in sunlight? till it gets Friable we nee to keep it here Brij kishorji, straw is ready now. How do we know that it is ready? When you push after taking in your
fist, if you found in the shape of pip then it is not ready but
if it is unpick then ready. here i have polythene with me. It is 1.5 kg bag and it is 40 micron bag. Now, fill it in to the
polythene and press well. Okay. so we have to press after filling it Yes, and after that spread
these seeds everywhere. all the sides? it should be done with shirividhi. Yes. In general way you
can add in to this straw. two inch layer should be
kept while doing this. Again, same process? Yes keep pressing it after filling starw same 2 inch process? Yes, it should be done similarly. We have mixed 100 gram of seeds
with this straw and pluck it’s top. now, create wholes in this bag. why is it necessary? to escape gas from the bag. Okay. so it is for air. Yes. Didi, what is this white
in this packed bag? It is because of moisture and this
meselium will produce mushroom. Okay. So it produce mushroom. Didi, when will you put this packed bag? It should be kept in the dark
room, away from sunlight. Didi, why it should be kept in dark room? Sunlight will demritorious it and so
it should be kept in the dark room. now it should be hang up here one by one. Didi, why have you hang this on top? Because it will help
grow from all the sides. Do we need to add water in it? No, we tear the bag after fruit grows.
After 2 to 3 days, we Spanking it. Do you add any king of drug in it? No, when bag is black we cut it from
there and remove straw. Then treat it with the mixture of 100 gram
water and 2 gram bleaching powder. Okay, so disease can be treated like this. Yes Didi, when can be expect
mushroom from this bag? After 20 days, it will growing like this. And between 20 to 23 days,
fruits can be cropped first crop can be done on
25th day and second crop can be done on 32nd day
and third on 45th day. Okay. It is divided in to
three cropping method. Yes. Didi, Can we put this fruit at any home? No, you can put it in to dark room.
And before putting this in to the room you need to spray or clean
the room before 2 to 3 days. You can clean it with the mixture of 2
litre of water and 100 gram formalin. after this process, keep the
door closed for 4 days. Four days? Yes, you should folow this for 4 days
and then you can hang the bag in it. Look at here. this is the
today’s bag and this one is 20 days bag and this
one is after 25th day. Didi, how to crop it? Just turn it and here it is. Brij kishorji, now we have fruits
so we need to tear the bag. Now after removing polythene, you need to
drench it in to the water after 2 days. after 2 days? Yes then keep it in to the
water for 10 minutes. For 10 minutes? yes, for 10 minutes. Now, what to do with this? Now, you have to take away
from water and hang up on top. Didi, any type of drung
is required to add in it? No, no need to add any drug. Only you need to take out
and hang up on the top. So we have to hang up on
the top for another fruit. Yes. Around 200 women do mushroom
farming in our village. i would like to request you
all to do mushroom farming. Good luck. Thank you


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