OSU CASNR | Environmental Science Degree Program

September 18, 2019

(upbeat guitar music) – Environmental science is
an interdisciplinary science that incorporates a lot
of geological fields, so like soil science, plant soil science, natural resource ecology management, geology, even things like GIS. It’s not entirely set
on just one main field. It’s several different fields, and if you decide later that
you want to focus more on, let’s say hydrogeology, then you can take that route. You’re not limited, and that’s why environmental
science is so well-rounded is because you have that option to be able to put a
focus on something else within that same degree. I personally feel that
environmental science is important simply because it’s the environment. It’s what surrounds us. It’s the environment plus
the humans that live on it plus the animals that live on it. It’s being able to balance what we need with what we want. I really like to put an
emphasis on why we need to conserve and preserve
what resources we have, that way, not just for ourselves, but future generations will
have those available to them. Some of the hands-on activities
that we have in the classes involve a lot of lab field work. So, that could be soil pH testing. That could be soil core sampling or vegetation sampling, and we get to use some
of the different tools that a lot of organizations like the USDA or the NRCS will get to
use out in the field. So, it’s really nice to have
that hands-on experience just to get outside and do the things that are actually being
done in the real world. When I entered environmental
science, you know, it was not only just the lab experience or the in-class experience, it was also just the people, and my advisor, the instructors, and other students are
all incredible people, and you can clearly tell that
they’re extremely passionate about what it is they’re learning about because they know that eventually that it will affect what
goes on in the future. (upbeat guitar music)

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