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Organic Slug & Snail Controls For Vegetable Gardens

November 6, 2019

how’s it going everyone so slugs and
snails are one of the biggest pests that you’re gonna have in the veggie garden I
know this from personal experience and I’m sure that you guys have as well at
some point and there are a lot of ways to control them out on the market
through different like nurseries and here Australia like Bunnings and stuff
like that but a lot of them rely on snail baits and other really nasty
chemicals that you don’t want to be having really using in your garden so
instead I’ve come up with a number of different ways organic ways in which you
can control your slugs and snails so some of these rely on raw materials
which I’m sure that most of you will have by themselves and then also some
some organic sort of sprays or saw lures or like baits and then the third one is
sort of some metals that you can actually use to help prevent damage from
snails and slugs so I’ll pretty much just be quickly
discussing how each one works and how you can just pretty much apply it or
make it up so I hope you guys can like this and I will catch you at the end
okay so the first one are crushed eggshells now this is a pretty popular
one so this stops slugs and snails because they’re very sharp and pointy
and really rough and the snails don’t like to crawl over that so you do grab
your crush eggshells and just form a ring around whichever plant you chew you
want to protect so in this case this young bean is going to be targeted by
slugs and snails in fact it already has so just by applying some egg shows
around the ring just like that and to be safe from getting eaten by any
slugs and snails okay so the next option is to use used coffee grounds so the way
this stops its local snails is they are extremely sensitive to caffeine so even
with your used coffee grounds if you sprinkle them around whichever whatever
you want to protect if the slugs and snails go over them
they’re gonna receive here caffeine and just die so you can also
make a spray out of this just any use coffee grounds or instant coffee and you
just mix that up with some water drain away the coffee grounds and then just
spray onto your plants pretty much daily or directly onto the slugs and snails
spray it on and that should kill them for you so I’m just gonna apply it
directly over some of these lettuces here so just again like the egg shows a
bit of a ring around your plants otherwise I know that some people also
say with strawberries they just sprinkle it over all of the plan that’s how you
use coffee grounds okay so the next method is to use copper tape so this I
just bought at a nursery for about $15 so it was 10 meters for $15 (**link for copper tape products in description**) and what
copper tape does is it actually produces a little electrical charge it pretty
much makes a galvanic cell so basically this is when you have a metal and a
metal solution and you mix them together and they produce a small electric charge
so basically copper is the metal and then with the snails and slugs whatever
sore mucus and slow and they have it reacts with the copper to create a
little electrical charge in this way it almost the copper acts is like an
electric fence around whatever savings you have so back home on the farm we’ve
won on the garden shed I produced a little sort of I put some copper tape
around there so I’ll show you a quick clip that I made just to show you what
that looks like okay so this is the little setup that I’ve got with the
copper foil so basically all around the outside of the shed all around the
border I’ve just put some copper tape or copper foil tape around the outside so
this has stopped the snails getting through to our seedlings here these are
some Tomatoes and yeah this has worked so far absolutely brilliantly I haven’t
seen any snails especially when we had things like the pumpkins and zucchinis
which I absolutely love as soon as like this was put up it
stopped it which is awesome okay so another way to control your slugs and
snails is by making a beer Trappe so basically it’s most commonly used with
beer as the name implies that’s where you have you get beer and put it into a
container like this and it’s best to have something like a lid on it so a lot
of people have containers in ground and they see and they sort of make a little
almost roof over it I just recycled a old milk carton and
cut out some holes on the side so basically what you do is then fill it up
we’d be digging into the ground with the soil at the level of these little holes
and the the snails and slugs love the yeast enos of the bee and so they’ll go
into it but if you don’t want to waste beer or you don’t want to buy it then
you can use something like some fruit juice especially orange juice because I
like citrus as well and then mix some yeast in with it so I’m gonna do just
open this up pour some of the orange juice in there and this is actually the
orange juice concentrate so pour some orange juice in there get a packet of
yeast probably only going to add about half a packet for this give it a bit of
a mix around now I’m just going to dig a little hole for it so I can sit in there
with the soil level now that’s done and especially because it’s in a in a warm
spot where it gets the Sun it’s actually gonna start fermenting and producing
alcohol as well so then the snails will be attracted to this and they’ll go in
there and drown so that’s basically how it works how it works is that snails Oh
snails and slugs are attracted to it they’re going in drown but just one
little note this can actually attract a few other things as well such as
millipedes and other insects sometimes even if you have them large enough rats
and rodents so that is just a caution as well that it does attract other things
but the slugs and snails fall for it every single time okay another way you
can use to control snails and slugs is to actually use
aluminium foil now this is again something that really everyone would
have and the way it works is that the snails and slugs so you don’t like
climbing on the aluminium foil it’s rule that crinkly it’s light it’s this metal
they don’t like to go across it so what you do is get a piece then I like to
just fold it in half adds a bit of strength now you want to crinkle it a
little bit you don’t want it to be real smooth otherwise they might and go over
it but definitely when it’s crinkled they hate that so then just to protect
this young volunteer nectarine or peach tree here you want to do fold it around sort of wrap it together so it forms so
wrap it together so it forms a full barrier and then push it down into the
soil now this is key you want to make sure that it has full contact with the
soil then even put some soil back around the top or a bit of mulch just to hold
it in place so this way the slugs and snails they can’t get up underneath it
and the only way they can get to it is through going through the aluminium foil
but they won’t like that so your plants are safe now the next way to kill and
control your slugs and snails is by making a chili and garlic spray so
basically all I did to do this we get a clove of garlic crush it and so I mince
it and put it in a little container and then also I got two chillies very hot
chilies and then roughly cut them up as well it’s better actually to cut it up a
lot finer and then put that in and then put over some boiling water I think it
was about five hundred mils or so then I let that seep overnight to extract all
the oils from it and then once I was done I put it in this container put this
in the spray bottle and add it a real little bit of detergent just any oil
washing detergent or you could use soap flakes so basically what this does is
one the chilli and the garlic once makes contact with the slugs and snails
it actually sort of burns it but then also the soap in it suffocates this the
slugs and snails so what you can do is either directly spray this onto any
slugs and snails or spray it onto the plants that you want to protect
now one caution though that you don’t want to do this on really warm like hot
days while today is sunny it is quite cool and so I’m going to put it on this
potato just to protect it now why you don’t want to spray this in hot weather
is because this will actually burn the plant the plant will wither back and die
but it works very effectively and it can also be used on a broad range of pests
and insects that cause damage to plants in the garden today yo everyone and
hopefully that’s giving you a few different ideas or some methods just to
help kill or control slugs and snails in your veggie garden so if you did like
that video then please give it a big thumbs up and if you want to see more
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comments box below and I’ll get back to as soon as I can or if you just want to
say g’day I’ll say g’day back as well but other than that I’ll leave it at
that and I hope that you guys are booming and
that you are happy and healthy and I will catch you all next time Cheers Oh oh that is concentrated oh my goodness


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