No Till or Mulch Gardening 2011

October 2, 2019

Some of you might remember from last year
that I had some horrible problems with weeds in my garden. This year I decided to try some
different things. I put some black plastic down and although I really don’t like usinf
plastic in the garden it did a really great job of stopping the weeds. If I would have
pulled the plastic up on a really hot, sunny day the sun would have fried any weeds that
were underneath. I didn’t do any tilling, but I did wait until the devil weeds came
up and then I mowed them down with a push mower. I used hay beds to lay potatoes onto
and then covered them with leaves to try and kill off more weeds. This worked out quite
well. the weeds could not get through the heavy mulch. I
got the bedding hay bales to try to encourage
worms to come in and this worked well also.

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