Next Generation Farming: Millennial Farmers | S2 Ep 2 | Real Farm Lives

October 12, 2019

I think the most important lesson that
my parents have taught me is it’s always gonna be stressful living on the farm. Sometimes it rains or sometimes when there’s a drought, when it comes to weather there’s absolutely nothing you can do. But for some things you just can’t help it so you just have to ride with the waves and not go against them. My name is Cassidy Sawyer, I’m a fifth generation farmer. This is my younger brother Quinn, my older brother Emmett. We live with my two parents Matt and Tara Sawyer northeast of Calgary. We grow canola, malt barley, barley and wheat. How many pancakes am I making, how hungry is everyone? I would like four, please. Four? On weekends we like to start our day off with the family. We talk about what we’re going to do during the day, how we’d like to spend it and what the plan is. When you’re free today right we wanted to go look at the canola and I wanted to show you bit about the sprayer then we can do you some work in the shop if we have time. All right. Here you go. Emmit grab the bacon. When I’m home on weekends as soon as the clock hits 8:00 a.m. on a Saturday morning dad puts me to work. Washing up all of our equipment, getting all the salt off, changing oil, making sure everything’s working and prepping for the next season so it’s a
lot of maintenance, that’s for sure. Let’s have a look at this canola and see
how it’s progressing and then we’ll get back and look at the sprayer. Alright. Now that I’m older like dad kind of realizes that I have the most interest in taking
over the farm. Here’s some holes here, right right in there we sprayed this a few days ago, that’s probably some flea beetles that are continuing to munch on that. It’s just so windy today, we just can’t go out and spray but we’ll keep an eye on it. The part that I most love about being in the field my dad is just
like, kind of the bonding hours that we get. He’s teaching me how things work and
I really like spending time with him. Nice to see the canola growing finally
with the moisture. It’s one of the the biggest steps to conservation we don’t have to do any tillage at all it’s a great system that we can see directly into the standing stubble. The beauty of this canola is is it’s herbicide tolerant. We are able to control the weeds. Without affecting the plants? -Without affecting the plants. So they will grow happy and healthy, and it doesn’t have competition from the weeds. Yeah. So we’re reducing our fuel consumption, we’re preserving organic matter and we’re preserving our soil which is better for the environment. It’s a win-win for everybody. It’s a better way to do it. I am studying Agricultural Enterprise
Management I’ll be learning a lot about how do we trade grain on a world market, how our price is affected and as well as how do we open up trade doors with
different countries and I feel as though like I have a great knowledge of farming, but I don’t know where I want to work just yet. Hello everyone my name is Emmett Sawyer and I will be your host for this podcast. I started getting into podcasts
because I thought it would be the best way to really show another side of
Agriculture. We’re gonna be talking about social media and Ag. It was the best way to produce content where people could really learn a bit more about agriculture straight from the source which is the farmer. It’s great to have a voice that’s promoting agriculture and educating people about agriculture in
the real world. I was thinking that I’d like to go to
UVA for agribusiness. I don’t want to take over the family farm but I still would like to promote agriculture as much as I can. Well this is it Quinn, you’re driving. Really? Yeah, state-of-the-art sprayer let’s roll. All right. This year we just got a brand
new sprayer and it has GPS technology with sectional control shut off on it. It automatically turns itself on and off depending on where you’ve been in the
field. Man, it’s just so windy today we just
can’t go out and run it, but I wanted to show you some of the
features. It’s really cool being the sprayer with my dad because he’s teaching me like, the GPS and the auto steering. We marked a point A and then we marked a
point B and now you’re on auto steer. It’s a way more sustainable way of farming. I think Quinn’s gonna do a great job he’s so passionate about agriculture and I
can’t wait to see what he does with the farm. Lift up the wings out of the cradle Okay you can lift them both up at the same time using both hands now you just have the hydraulics pull them out push them all the way out, watch it
automatically go down and adjust itself. But I think you’ve got it. Now let’s bring those home. Good job, Quinn. It’s crazy having two brothers, that’s
for sure. At the end of the day I love spending time with my brothers they’re a little weird but you know gotta love them, they’re family. Family is always gonna be number one that’s gonna be the people you fall back on if something happens. I think that’s why we enjoy a family walk so much. We’re always talking about well
if you kids ever want to do come back to the farm, but how do we use what we have now to diversify? We’re 45 minutes away from 1.3 million people, how can you capitalize on that opportunity? If you think if you want to bring another
business on to the farm, what does that look like? Maybe the kids want to dream up some idea and expand the farm that way. Whether it’s a distillery or a micro
brewery or even having weddings here because it is so picturesque, how do we
help create a way to have more than one person surviving on the farm? Hopefully one day we can actually put these plans into motion. We’ve always told our children, of course there’s a place for them to come back to the farm if they
like. We’ve always encouraged them to be involved. We’d like to see it keep going. I hope that one of our kids does come back with a burning passion to do wonderful things on our farm. Yeah, that would be great. The sky is the limit.

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