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NAFCSuccess: September 6, 2019

September 11, 2019

(upbeat music) – Love this garden This garden is my happy place. The students named it last
year, Fairmont Children’s Garden and it is really an outdoor learning space where we can share our skills and love of food and
gardening with the kids. We do a farm-to-school
curriculum with the kids here and we have partnered with
the Purdue Master Gardeners. The reason it has been so
successful here is because Mrs. Gahan has just
said yes to everything. You know, everything that is
for her kids, she’s all for. So when we first started out here, we just had three boxes, and over the last 2 1/2 years we’ve been able to add
boxes that we have corn and we’ve got eggplant, we’ve got edible hibiscus
out here this year, we’ve got a big strawberry patch. – This garden is, we’ve found out, is a lot of the children’s happy place. When they come out here, you can just see the
smiles on their faces. They love digging in the dirt and harvesting is, I think,
is one of their favorites. And when we have our cooking demos, that is also one of the favorites. But I think the best is getting
their hands in the dirt, planting and a couple
weeks ago we dug potatoes and they really love that. And we have planted some more, so we’ll get to watch that all over again. That’s gonna be fun to watch. – There is so much that
they can learn here. They learn everything from, for instance, we did lesson
on to read a seed packet. So then they’re reading words that they may not have seen before, expanding their reading levels. There’s math in the garden. There’s science in the garden. But then there’s stuff like life skills, like sometimes things don’t
work out the way you think they’re going to, right? So being resilient and sometimes you have to start over. – Yeah, I like to smell the fresh air. And I like nature. I like hearing birds
chirp and stuff like that. I like enjoying animals. – My favorite thing, I don’t
really have a favorite thing. Cause I like everything in the garden, but my most favorite
thing is, like, tasting and learning about the stuff
that you can do in the garden. It takes a lot of
responsibility to garden. – Let Us Learn is, we are
a super small non-profit. We all all-volunteer run and we really do depend on
the community to help us grow and they have not let us down. We wanna thank everybody in
the community that has come and volunteered or donated. We just really appreciate all
the support that we’ve gotten. (upbeat music)

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